Myrcene & Proposition 65

What's This Scary Warning?

Proposition 65 — officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 — was intended to keep various chemicals out of California’s water supply, and requires businesses to notify customers about the presence of those chemicals in products, but the good intentions went a little bit overboard.

Natural vs Concentrated Chemicals

Californians are used to seeing the Prop65 warning text everywhere, from their local Starbucks to their local Cannabis dispensary, because it covers a lot of chemicals, including naturally-occurring substances that only caused problems when given to lab animals in massive quantities — situations you’d never encounter in real life.

Prop 65’s requirements are much more stringent than the FDA’s — triggering a warning for trace quantities that are hundreds of times lower than national and international safety standards.

Prop 65 also doesn’t draw a distinction between isolated, concentrated chemicals and the natural components found in ordinary edible and medicinal plants (which come with a host of substances that work together to create balance). The studies typically involve extreme conditions: giving very high quantities of the isolated chemical, day-in-and-day-out, to special rats who are genetically prone to developing tumors.

By this logic, Prop 65 should require a label on bottles of spring water and soda pop that says “WARNING: Risk of Death by Drowning!

Warning: Tasty Organic Aroma

In our case, the chemical we’re telling you about is something called beta-myrcene. It occurs naturally in a whole host of plants, such as hops, carrots, citrus fruits, pomegranates… and cannabis & hemp. Myrcene is also extracted from plants for use as a fragrance & flavoring agent, and for various industrial applications.

We add organic-certified myrcene to our Flow and Empower vape oils for flavor, natural aroma, and enhanced anti-inflammatory effects. Naturally synergistic with THC and CBD, myrcene allows cannabinoids to be more easily absorbed. It’s a natural element of our botanical ingredients, and isn’t present at high concentrations — it’s literally the last ingredient on the list.

There are strong arguments that it’s harmless, and shouldn’t be on the Prop 65 list at all… but as long as it’s there, we have to mention it. We encourage our community to do some reading and draw your own conclusions.

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