Vibrance Melts with Organic Botanicals $36.98 $48
Feel Hydrated and Soothed All Day

Feel lush, hydrated, and soothed from the inside out with our all-natural Melts designed to promote internal moisture.

Spark Joy & Playfulness

When you feel your best on the inside, you feel more radiant and confident on the outside. Vibrance Melts support your internal comfort, so you can enjoy all the feel-good moments your life has to offer.

Ancient Plant Wisdom

Plants have long been used to support women's health and hormonal changes. Raspberry leaf has been used in western herbalism as an herb to support female sexual wellbeing for centuries. Chamomile has a long history in traditional medicine for its ability to soothe, calm, and restore. Together with organic fair-trade cocoa butter and MCT Oil, Foria’s Melts with Organic Botanicals deliver clean, soothing botanicals right where you need extra moisture and hydration.


Our love affair with plants

We don’t just ‘use’ plants, we love plants. Each consciously crafted Foria formula is our love letter to nature, sharing wisdom from the plants we work with to help you feel your best in your ever-evolving body.


Who are Melts with Organic Botanicals made for?

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Melts with Organic Botanicals are specially formulated to support the hydration concerns and needs of people experiencing hormonal changes due to perimenopause, menopause, and other life changes.

What are the differences between Melts with Organic Botanicals and Relief Melts?

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While all of our melts are cocoa butter-based, Melts with Organic Botanicals are CBD-free and contain the soothing power of chamomile and the hydrating benefits of raspberry leaf.

How do I use Melts with Organic Botanicals?

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To open the package, separate one shell from the rest, then peel apart the flat plastic tabs. Insert vaginally. When possible, lie down for at least 20 minutes to support absorption. Night-time use is suggested.

How should Melts with Organic Botanicals be stored?

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Our Melts remain solid below 76°F, so keep them cool to prevent melting. Many of our community members store their melts in the refrigerator. Our products remain effective and usable for two years after opening.

Can I use Foria Melts with Organic Botanicals with a dilator?

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Since these melts contain cocoa butter and oils degrade latex, we recommend checking with the manufacturer of your dilator to ensure that it is made with non-latex materials that are safe for use with oil-based products.

Can I use Foria Melts with Organic Botanicals if pregnant or breastfeeding?

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We recommend checking with your healthcare provider before use to ensure no contraindications.

Do Foria Melts with Organic Botanicals contain allergens?

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Cocoa butter is generally safe for vaginal use, but use caution if you are allergic to chocolate. Please check the ingredient list for this product before using it to ensure that you don't have any sensitivities.