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How to Breast Massage
A celebrated wellness practice that is simple and easy to follow, the steps below are based on traditional breast massage, but simply touching your body in a way that feels loving and pleasurable is just as beneficial. 

Step 1: Apply a dropper or more directly onto chest or hand.

Step 2: Start at the shoulders using light sweeping motions, and move towards the center of your chest.

Step 3: Using light, gentle pressure, massage breast or chest area in circular motion working towards the nipples.

Step 4: Massage gently underneath the breasts, working from the sides of your body towards the center. 

Step 5: Lift arm above your head. Use light sweeping motions from the elbow, down your arm, across your armpit, and towards your heart. Repeat on both sides.

Ingredients & Sustainability

We take “clean” to a whole new level. Not only does Breast Oil use 100% all-natural and organic botanicals carefully selected to support breast health, but there are no fragrances, additives, or synthetic anything.

In addition, our MCT is exclusively from sustainably-farmed organic coconuts.

We use only low-impact, eco-conscious, recyclable packaging with minimal plastic.


What’s the benefit of a breast massage routine and how to do it?

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Toxins from food, environment, beauty and body care products, can get stuck in the fatty tissue of our breasts and lymph system.  

A daily breast massage with herbal oil helps stimulate the lymphatic system and improve circulation to move these toxins out of our body, and can be particularly helpful for breast congestion and pain, and other breast imbalances or stagnation. 

How to give yourself a breast massage using Intimacy Breast Oil with Organic Botanicals:  Rub your hands together to warm them, apply oil to your hands, inhale the calming and uplifting olfactory notes of these plants. Then begin gently massaging your breasts in a circular motion, 10 times in each direction with the soft intent of moving the lymph toward the armpit. Then, cupping the breast in two hands, gently pulling away from the body, and then pushing back in. Repeat this pumping motion several times on each breast when possible.

Along with the physical benefits, this self-care ritual invites the opportunity to tune into our breasts, connect with our body, and notice changes through the months and years. 

Cautions:  We do not recommend using Breast Oil while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can I use Breast Oil if I'm breastfeeding or pregnant?

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We do not recommend using Breast Oil while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can I use Intimacy Breast Oil with Organic Botanicals if I have surgical scars & chest scars?

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Absolutely!   Calendula and yarrow are most prized for their use for nourishing and healing of skin wounds, rashes, and burns, while Castor oil is hydrating and soothing to the skin, and helpful for scar tissue.   Massage techniques are also often used to minimize scar tissue and promote healing.   Please refer to our tips on breast massage with Intimacy Breast Oil with Organic Botanicals.

I am in cancer treatment, have hormone sensitivity, and/or other health concerns, can I still use Intimacy Breast Oil with Organic Botanicals?

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Maybe.  If you have any health concerns, please always consult with your physician if using Breast Oil is right for you. 

Is Breast Oil with Organic Botanicals safe for use with mastectomy?

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Yes. Calendula, yarrow, and castor oil are nourishing plants post-surgery. Combined with gentle touch/massage for blood flow, this product can be a supportive ally for healing. For people with active hormone-sensitive cancer, it is always advised to consult with your physician before applying any product or massage.

What countries does Breast Oil ship to?

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Breast Oil ships to all countries worldwide, but note that our CBD products have shipping restrictions. Learn more here.