Purity: Foria's Foundation

We're Rooted in Purity

Foria is committed to purity — for you & for the planet.

Due to our products’ uniquely intimate uses, from day one we’ve led the industry with a commitment to pure, natural products that are sourced, manufactured, and packaged responsibly.

We live up to this commitment by:

  • only using plant-based ingredients (no synthetic additives ever)
  • only using organic ingredients (unless there’s no alternative on the market)
  • seeking out beyond-organic farms (ideally practicing regenerative agriculture)
  • using rigorous independent lab testing (ensuring our products are free of contaminants & toxins)
  • designing low-impact packaging (to minimize waste & pollution)

Now, we’re proud to announce our latest project to expand on these commitments, with a shift to a truly revolutionary Hemp source, and the forthcoming launch of our newest packaging, designed bottom-up for sustainability.

These practices include:

  • sourcing CBD from an organic-certified regenerative farm & extraction facility
  • using 100% post-consumer, FSC-certified paper and eco-inks for boxes and inserts
  • using amber bottles that are more easily recycled than our classic white bottles
  • abandoning non-recyclable plastic spraytops for lower-plastic dropper tops

These changes have been years in the making, the result of countless months of hard work and prioritizing a lighter footprint over bigger profits. But it’s worth it.

From the beginning, we believed that the only path worth following was the one where we made highest quality products, with care and respect for all beings.

We will continue to walk this path and to share our process as we improve our offerings — for you and for our world.

Keep scrolling to learn more about our farm and our process. (You can also check out our CBD products here, or review their 3rd party lab tests here.)

Beyond Organic Hemp

We’ve always sought out the purest, most responsibly-grown hemp being grown in the USA. For years we were able to source hemp grown on organic farms without chemical pesticides or fertilizers — but the USDA was not certifying hemp farms...until now.

We are thrilled to be working with Hudson Hemp — an exemplary farm that maintains organic & regenerative practices from seed to oil. Their hemp has already received USDA Organic certification — a rarity in the industry.

But Hudson Hemp goes above and beyond organic standards — using regenerative agriculture techniques to restore and expand wildlife habitat, enrich soil health, and protect local watersheds, all while removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the rich web of life below the ground — and ensuring a rich source of organic nutrients for these vibrant hemp plants.

Plant Alchemy

Beyond their role as stewards of the planet, Hudson Hemp is also focused on next-level human health. Their plants are custom-bred and selected for specific benefits. This enables their partners — including Foria — to develop varietals with targeted levels of cannabinoids and other phytochemicals, fine-tuning their formulas from soil to seed to shelf.

Community Care

Building community is an essential step in the process of regeneration, so Hudson Hemp’s growing family of affiliate farms and allied organizations is working together to create a resilient local agricultural economy, united around principles of biodiversity and human empowerment.

Extraction Artistry

Hudson Hemp’s plants are processed and extracted on-site, allowing for unparalleled quality control while reducing energy waste. Hudson Hemp’s on-farm, state-of-the-art extraction facility is FDA-certified, Kosher-certified, ISO certified, and GMP compliant.

Although CO2 extraction is popular as a clean alternative to toxic processes using butane or hexane, it’s still a dangerous and expensive process. Instead, the master extractors at Hudson Hemp have chosen cryo-ethanol extraction, powered exclusively by certified-organic food-grade ethanol.

This ultra-low-temperature process preserves the hemp’s full spectrum of precious phytochemicals and terpenes. After extraction, a final “short-path distillation” step removes plant waxes and all traces of THC. (Upcoming full-spectrum products will skip this step, ensuring the full complement of cannabinoids is available to enhance the entourage effect.)

As with all our suppliers, every batch of hemp extract is independently tested for purity and potency, ensuring the broad spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids necessary for CBD’s famous “entourage effect.”

Other Organic & Sustainable Ingredients

In addition to our Organic botanical extracts and essential oils, we're delighted to be one of the first wellness companies incorporating 100% Organic MCT oil into our products.

Not only is our MCT Organic, it's made entirely from coconuts, with zero palm oil. Why?

Palm oil farming is one of the most destructive industries in the tropics, burning virgin rain forest and orangutan habitat. Coconut trees, on the other hand, are among the most sustainable crops in the tropics, preserving jungle habitats while providing a long-term income for small farmers.