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Talk Pleasure to Me

An Honest Intimacy Conversation with Catherine Drysdale, Sex & Relationship Coach

Talk Pleasure to Me is our series where we talk to experts on sex, relationships, and caring for your body (& mind) so you can get inspired on your pleasure journey and learn from the best.

Catherine Drysdale is a prominent sex and relationship coach and a catalyst for change in pleasure-focused sex education. With over 250k TikTok followers and a viral Multi-Orgasmic Course, Catherine's focus is on healing trauma, improving communication, exploring desires, and enhancing relationships. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, VICE, Allure, and Elite Daily. Catherine's mission is to empower individuals to rewrite their stories to experience the relationship and sex life of their dreams.

What was your inspiration for following this career path?

My inspiration for embarking on the path of a sex and relationship coach is deeply rooted in my own journey of healing and self-discovery. Growing up in a sex-negative household, I was inundated with shame and misinformation surrounding sexuality. When I began exploring intimacy and relationships in college, I faced the all-too-common experience of sexual assault, which left me feeling shattered and lost.

It was during a pivotal moment, amidst the surge of the #MeToo movement, while working in publicity for film, that I reached a breaking point. I realized that I couldn't continue to ignore my own pain and trauma. It was time to prioritize my healing journey.

I sought therapy, returned to school, and delved into personal growth with a newfound determination. A serendipitous moment in a personal branding class, originally intended to boost my dog's Instagram presence, shifted my perspective. The teacher's words about the difference between influence and impact resonated deeply within me. It was then that I knew I needed to channel my experiences into something meaningful.

Within a week, I enrolled in my first coaching certification program. Over the past five years, I've become a board-certified practitioner in NLP, EFT Tapping, and Hypnosis. My mission became clear: to support women in healing from trauma and reclaiming the pleasure and empowerment they deserve.

What issues and topics are you most passionate about?

When it comes to women's health and sexual wellbeing, my passion stems from my deeply personal journey of healing and self-discovery. Last year, my course "Multi-Orgasmic" gained viral attention on TikTok and was featured in publications like Cosmopolitan and SheKnows. But what truly makes its message resonate is its deeply personal narrative—a story of overcoming the orgasm gap between men and women, even in the face of past trauma.

As a survivor of sexual trauma myself, I openly share my own evolution from struggling to experience even one orgasm with a partner to now regularly experiencing 30 or more. It's a journey I never imagined I'd embark on, one that required courage, self-discovery, and a deep commitment to healing.

I've also lived in a bigger body, and part of my mission is to normalize the idea that all women, regardless of size, deserve love, pleasure, and fulfillment. Through my work, I strive to create a safe and inclusive space where women of all body types feel seen, heard, and celebrated.

In addition to teaching techniques for pleasure and intimacy, I'm deeply committed to supporting women in feeling confident and empowered in their sexuality. I believe that embracing our bodies and our desires is a radical act of self-love and defiance against societal norms that seek to dictate our worth based on appearance.

My mission is deeply personal: to empower women to heal from trauma, reclaim their bodies, and celebrate their sexuality without shame or fear.

What are some themes that you see with your patients/ clients that you wish would be talked about more openly?

Firstly, there's the struggle to experience pleasure. Whether alone or with a partner, many clients find themselves feeling frustrated and uncertain about how to navigate this aspect of their lives.

Then, there's the difficulty in openly exploring desires and communicating them with partners. This often leads to feelings of isolation and confusion, as clients grapple with societal expectations and taboos.

Body image issues are also a common concern. Many clients struggle with feeling confident and comfortable in their own skin, which can impact their overall sense of well-being and sexuality.

Additionally, there's a fear of speaking up in relationships. Whether it's expressing needs or asserting boundaries, clients often find themselves hesitant to advocate for themselves.

And what are some misconceptions that you want to debunk?

One common misconception is the belief that women should reach orgasm solely through penetrative sex. This idea can create unnecessary pressure and feelings of inadequacy. From my experience, I've learned that many women, myself included, require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. It's crucial to recognize that pleasure comes in many forms, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach to intimacy.

Another misconception I often encounter is the idea that there's a "normal" way for women to experience desire and arousal. This couldn't be further from the truth. Every woman is unique, and our desires can vary greatly from person to person and even from day to day. Embracing this diversity is essential for fostering a healthy and inclusive understanding of female sexuality.

Additionally, there's a harmful myth that women's sexual pleasure is primarily for the benefit of their partner. I've seen firsthand how this belief can undermine a woman's sense of agency and autonomy in her own sexual experiences. Pleasure should always be a two-way street, with both partners actively prioritizing each other's satisfaction and enjoyment.

There's often an assumption that women's bodies are inherently mysterious or difficult to understand. While there's certainly beauty in our complexity, I believe it's essential to demystify the female body and promote a deeper understanding of women's sexual experiences. Through open communication, education, and exploration, we can empower women to embrace and celebrate their bodies and desires fully.

Do you have any favorite products you regularly recommend to your clients that might help them with specific concerns?

One product that I often find myself recommending to my clients, especially those who struggle with experiencing regular orgasms, is The Quickie Kit.

This kit has been a game-changer for many of my clients, and I often share it with them because it's something I genuinely believe in. I've seen firsthand how incorporating these products into their routine can make a real difference for my clients. It's not just about the physical benefits; it's also about feeling more confident and connected in their intimate moments -- whether solo or with a partner.

What's YOUR favorite Foria product and why?

My favorite product hands down has to be the Relief Melts with CBD. I've been using these gems long before I even started working in sexual wellness.

Living with conditions like painful periods, PCOS, and ovarian cysts can be tough, but these Relief Melts have been a lifesaver for me. What I love most is that they provide quick relief in just 20 minutes, which is great because I'm able to go on with my busy day saving the world one orgasm at a time.

If you were to suggest a small creative/useful thing people can do tonight to improve their intimate life, what would it be?

Tonight, why not try something new called pleasure mapping. It's great because you can do this both solo or with a partner (or two). Find a quiet space, dim the lights, and create a cozy atmosphere. Slowly explore your body with different textures like your fingertips, a hairbrush, pen, feather, or ice cube. Take note of what feels good and where. This practice helps you discover new erogenous zones beyond your usual focus. Adding a blindfold can intensify the experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the sensations and unlock new levels of pleasure.

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