Sex Magic for the Signs

Sex is one of the primary driving forces of human existence. So is spirituality – which is why sex magic has been part of human spiritual practices for as long as there have been humans.

From Paleolithic goddess statuettes with prominent vulvas to the Kama Sutra to Thelemite orgies, people all over the world have always interwoven sex and Spirit. 

So get into some witchy pleasure, and know that you’re part of a grand, celebratory human tradition.

A note: we wrote this article with couples in mind, but our spells and scenarios can easily be adapted to fly solo. Use your imagination! And visit our Sex & Intimacy Collection for all the potions a witch could want.

What can sex magic do?

Historically speaking, people have used sex magic for many purposes – honoring the gods, ensuring a fertile harvest, bewitching potential lovers and so forth.

Honoring the gods and ensuring fertile harvests is great by us! However, we do not advocate bewitching anyone without their explicit, enthusiastic consent. (And most witches – at least the ones you’d want to meet at a Halloween party – agree with us.)

Besides, sex witchery is much more fun with an “ohhhh, yessss”.

Sex magic 101.

Before we jump in (and we know the Scorpios are probably scrolling past this part already), here’s a quick Q&A about what sex magic means to us.

  • On setting intention – what are we trying to accomplish? From our perspective, mindblowing sex – creating a magical space where you learn new, wild things about yourselves and each other – is a powerful intention all on its own. Our bodies and minds are capable of pleasure on a Level Beyond, so open the doors and see what comes in.

  • On scene and setting – what are the first steps? Any ritual space must be carefully prepared and dedicated in an out-of-the-norm way. How you do that is up to you – with candles, incense, music, special props or talismans, or all of the above if you’re a Taurus or Libra with zero chill.The important part is that the set and setting are specific to the goal. So don’t leave your sex-magic setup in place for folding laundry. Keep it special! And certain potions can always help.

  • On subject and object – who are these spells for? Are you the Leo in the equation, for example, or is your partner? Maybe you’re both Leos (heaven help us all), in which case the Leo spell may be the obvious choice – but maybe not. Whatever your sign(s), choose your ritual approach via communication before you start. You could determine which of you needs the spell more, or plan two rituals in one night, or look up your charts and pick a sign neither of you have planets in – the sky’s the limit here, and words are the most powerful magical tool we have.
  • Sex magic for the signs!

    It’s what you’re here for, so let’s dive in! Since astrology is only a prism through which to view unique individuals, the below descriptions won’t apply to every Cancer or Aquarius (Aquarius will even insist they don’t). 

    Try your rising sign or moon sign if the spell for your sun sign doesn’t resonate, or throw the rules out the window and pick whatever tickles your fancy! 


    Aries is the “youngest” sign of the zodiac, and Aries people are known for youthful stubbornness, determination, and a sense of play. Aries is also a fire sign, and the element of fire governs transformation.

    So ritual roleplay is a great way for Aries to engage with that playfulness – and also break out of their comfort zone a bit. Erotic charades, channelling fictional characters you crush on, even playing a traditional game with an improvised sexy twist – anything that involves becoming something or someone else can be a magical gateway. 

    To invoke: Spirits associated with creativity.

    To set the scene: Candlelight or firelight, arranged so you don’t look like yourselves.

    To have on hand: Props and costumes, crafted or decorated by you.

    Fave formula to accompany: Sex Oil


    Taurus lives in the body and the material world; pleasure is second nature to them. Taurus also, famously, loves to eat. Aphrodisiac recipes have been around as long as sex magic has, which is to say forever – and creating a magical meal is a natural pick for this earth sign. 

    To disrupt the famous Taurean craving for consistency, find recipes from unfamiliar sources or cultures. Formally declare the kitchen to be a ritual space, eat your creation somewhere out-of-the-usual – and if you can’t cook, shop together for some wild things.

    To invoke: Spirits associated with home and hearth.

    To set the scene: Take your time choosing the most unusual, luxurious ingredients you can.

    To have on hand: The “special” plates, glasses and cutlery you never use.

    Fave formula to accompany: Awaken Arousal Oil


    Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac. Geminis use language, written or spoken, to shape their world; they’re also known to play mind games, for good or ill. And when it comes to sex magic, mind games are some of the best games there are.

    Try taking turns writing a fantasy journal, or an erotic-letter scavenger hunt, or collaborating on writing a sacred-and-profane story; to nudge Gemini out of their zone of expertise, consider having them take dictation. The key here is the power of words, the mind, and getting it twisted in the best way.

    To invoke: Spirits associated with communication.

    To set the scene: Remove all distractions no matter how minor, especially electronics.

    To have on hand: Beautiful paper and writing tools, never to be used for another purpose.

    Fave formula to accompany: Intimacy Melts


    Introverted and intuitive, Cancer has Big Feelings. The fast-paced, results-oriented modern world is not especially safe for people with Big Feelings, so instead of nudging Cancer out of their comfort zone, consider completely immersing them in it. Remarkable things can happen when a Moon-ruled being comes all the way out of their shell.

    So draw a ritual bath to share, and don’t forget the sea salt. If there’s a non-Cancer in the picture, their magical task is to maintain complete silence while Cancer allows those emotions to surface, lead, and guide the physical experience.

    To invoke: Moon spirits.

    To set the scene: Ritually cleanse the bathing space of harmful energies with a vigorous salt-and-vinegar scrub.

    To have on hand: Instrumental music, water-themed.

    Fave formula to accompany: Wellness Bath Salts


    Leo loves attention. Leo loves being seen. Leo is an extrovert’s extrovert. Is Leo ready to put their money where their mouth is? Exhibitionism is risky. It can be hot, but it’s NOT hot to involve unconsenting parties in your sex life – even for magical purposes. 

    So find a situation where consent is a given, and see and be seen – in a sex-magic social circle, at a swingers’ party, or if the Leo in question isn’t that extroverted, script your ritual and conduct it on video. (Burn after viewing if necessary. The internet has instructions on how to ritually destroy videos so they can’t be recovered.)

    To invoke: Sun spirits.

    To set the scene: Really, really, really flattering lighting and an NDA.

    To have on hand: A magical verbal code meaning “let’s get out of here”.

    Fave formula to accompany: Booty Melts


    Something about the combination of Virgo’s embodied, earth-sign nature and hyper-cerebral, Very Particular way of doing things can result in an extremely kinky human animal. But since they are Very Particular, not to mention tidy, organized and controlled, it may take sorcery to lure the freak out of a Virgo.

    Reading weird, unfamiliar, possibly vintage written erotica – together, out loud, in physical print – can be a magical way to bridge the gap. Get Virgo to do the research; the process is right in their wheelhouse, and their other half may find their discoveries deliciously disturbing. 

    To invoke: Spirits associated with protection.

    To set the scene: Clean. Thoroughly. Satisfying Virgo’s penchant for neatness is part of the ritual.

    To have on hand: Backup reading material in case their first choice is too… well.

    Fave formula to accompany: The Quickie Kit


    Venus-ruled Libra is romantic, sociable, and loves being the center of attention, albeit in a much different way than Leo. The consummate host, their great joy comes from conducting social activity – and taking credit for it.

    You know where this is going – a friendly threesome, foursome, or moresome. Auditioning the perfect ritual partner or partners is part of the magical process. And if a real-life, human addition doesn’t make sense for you, consider inventing one and conjuring them up with a magical sigil, a formal invitation, and copious shared fantasy.

    To invoke: Spirits associated with romance.

    To set the scene: Libra will have lots of ideas about this; we suggest doing what you’re told.

    To have on hand: Thematic decor, aphrodisiac snacks, and excellent advice on sex etiquette.

    Fave formula to accompany: Sex Oil


    Look. There’s no way we can come up with anything stranger, kinkier, or more provocative than what’s already seething in Scorpio’s weird, dark imagination. You know it, we know it, so we’re not even going to try.

    But we will timidly venture one small suggestion: what would happen, magically speaking, if Scorpio went vanilla for once? If they put that imagination to work exploring the ritual potential of the totally conventional? Boring, you say? Not with Scorpio on the scene it won’t be. Also… it wouldn’t kill them to sub once in a while. Just saying. (Cue us running for our lives.)

    To invoke: Spirits of the Underworld.

    To set the scene: Rose petals, candlelight, emotional intimacy and Sade (the singer, not the other one).

    To have on hand: Garlic, a sun lamp and a silver crucifix, just in case.

    Fave formula to accompany: Booty Melts


    Sagittarius is a funny pony. They’re fiercely philosophical in a way that’s usually associated with air signs; they’re also capable of tremendous devotion as well as being... people-about-town, let’s say. They’re in perpetual motion – which may be the key to unlocking their sex-magic potential.

    It’s a good bet that Sag will welcome a change of scenery. The first step in constructing a ritual for them might be planning a dirty weekend in an entirely new location, chosen using divination, dream interpretation, and/or random chance. Let go of all preconceived notions, consult the Beyond, and hit the road. 

    To invoke: Spirits of travel.

    To set the scene: An atlas and a dartboard.

    To have on hand: International data plan, travel insurance, mosquito repellent.

    Fave formula to accompany: Awaken Arousal Oil


    They can seem stoic and conservative, but Caps are definitely earth signs, and if you’ve been to bed with one, they may have surprised you. The element of earth rules the body, and Caps often have the body part of sex down to a science (or an art). 

    The trick is getting them to talk. For someone to whom intimate communication doesn’t come easily, talking can open mystical doors. And if you’re on the same page, sex magic with Cap can be an opportunity for consensual non-consent. With their wholehearted permission, research old love charms intended to make a quiet lover speak up – and get your mojo working.

    To invoke: Trickster spirits. 

    To set the scene: Footprint dirt, small possessions, stolen bodily fluids, etc.

    To have on hand: Safeword.

    Fave formula to accompany: Intimacy Melts


    Aquarius may have a skeptical attitude towards mysticism, even though their perspective is so advanced and unusual that they can appear to be next-level mystics themselves. To them, they don’t need rituals, spells, or superstitions; their minds are more than enough.

    But they can have trouble getting out of their heads and into their bodies. They might need to be forced – with enthusiastic consent, of course – to experience sensation and not overthink it. If you’re thinking “bondage and blindfold”, you could be on the right track – but skip the ornate BDSM theater. Make it a formal learning experience and set the sexy sorcerer in Aquarius free.

    To invoke: Spirits of science and innovation.

    To set the scene: The right restraints; it’s more complicated than you might think, and given the chance, Aquarius will tell you all about it.

    To have on hand: All the textures and toys in the toolkit. (Also, safeword.)

    Fave formula to accompany: The Quickie Kit


    At the end of the zodiac we have Pisces the watery dreamer: sensitive as a jellyfish, wise as a whale, with abundant psychic powers and maybe not so much in the way of boundaries. To Pisces, magic is a way of life; there may not be much you can do to surprise them in the ritual realm.

    But Pisces is crazy about psychedelia and altered states, and it’s possible to invoke both without illicit substances. Practices like breathwork, creative tricks with set and setting, and even smartphone apps that use sound and light patterns to tweak consciousness can put you in the place Pisces lives all the time – and it could be a sexy one indeed.

    To invoke: Guides between the worlds.

    To set the scene: Blacklights at the very least.

    To have on hand: An easy way to conjure reality in a hurry if you need to.

    Fave formula to accompany: Sex Oil

    And remember the magic is you!


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