Redefining Menopause: A Conversation With Wile Women

Foria is thrilled to announce our partnership with Wile, a woman-owned-and-founded brand that crafts herbal supplements for body, mind and mood, all made specially to support women over...

My Intimate Life Is Better after Becoming a Mom

  By Madison Perez I had heard all the horror stories before. “After I had my baby, we weren’t intimate again for a year!” “I just stopped craving it....

Beyond Organic

“...It starts with self-compassion… and with acknowledging that we were born into an extractive system, and that extractive system lives inside of us. And we can only heal...

Hemp and Kava: How Do They Work & How Do They Compare?

Every culture around the world has a relationship with plants and the natural world that spans thousands of years. This wisdom and connection with the plants is often...

An Oral History of Foria

In 2014, Foria was born from the seed of a single, sexy idea.  Fueled by our abiding love of the natural world and our core belief that pleasure...

Real-Life Love Potions – Rasa x Foria

People have sought love potions for all of history. Consuming something that supercharges our libido so we can feel totally satisfied and stirred from within? Sign us up!...

How To Get Turned On: A Conversation With Shadeen Francis, LMFT

It's all in your head.

How to Plan a Sexy Valentine's Date Night In

Bring it on home to me.

History of the Female Orgasm

Female pleasure runs deep. It’s varied, complex and as individual as a fingerprint, and understanding your unique anatomy is key to unlocking your pleasure for life.  And you...

Platonic Intimacy

You know your friends are essential, whether you’re a social butterfly with a wide circle or an introvert with one or two besties. But often it seems like...

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