Honeymoon Sex: Now & Forever

Oh, your honeymoon. Even the word itself couldn’t be more romantic. Especially after the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, the two of you are probably thirsting for a sweet time alone with your honey – even if most of us don’t have the luxury of a full month.

And of course you’ll want that sweet time to be spicy, too. 

Honeymoons are certainly a wonderful time for cozy canoodling and soft-focus moments of pure romance, but let’s be real: you’re gonna be having sex a lot. That’s a big part of the whole point. 

In times gone by, honeymooning couples were more likely to be new to each other – sexually, and sometimes even personally. This may have been the first time they were alone together at all for more than a few hours, so the purpose of a nuptial trip was getting to know each other better, on a practical as well as a primal level.

Good news: even if you’ve lived together for years, you can still discover new things about each other. Sexual intimacy thrives on novelty, adventure, vulnerability, and open communication, so for unforgettable honeymoon sex, we recommend approaching your “maiden voyage” with discovery in mind.

Marriage is always a new world, so why not be explorers?

In the spirit of adventure, we’re here to help you make sure your honeymoon is hot as can be.

Setting Forth: Drawing a Map to Really Hot Sex

First and foremost, if you’re traveling together, it can be easy to get frazzled before you even have a chance to hit the sheets. A million things can go wrong on any trip, from lost luggage to flight delays to third-party websites making your hotel reservations disappear.

Especially if you’re not experienced travelers, or one of you is more experienced than the other, it’s important to plan on plenty of time to rest, recharge, and deal with whatever last-minute hassles came up on your voyage before you get down to gettin’ down. 

Before your honeymoon, reassure each other about any anxieties you may have. Align on how you’ll cope with any snafus, and make sure you’re on the same page about your expectations.

That way, you’ll start off on the right foot – and ready to sweep each other off all your feet all over again.

Some tips for making sure those juices are flowing when you arrive at your honeymoon destination:

  • Eat well and hydrate. The ambient humidity on airplanes is like the Sahara Desert, and the food situation in the air is dire. If you’re driving any distance, you’re likely to be eating “road food” that isn’t great for you, and if you’ve booked romantic restaurant dinners, even delicious meals out can be heavy, salty, and bad for the digestion. Make sure you drink tons of water, and have fortifying, nutritious snacks on hand as well as indulgent treats, to fuel your bodies for good lovin’.
  • Make sure your expectations align. Is one of you counting on sightseeing, shopping, and exploring the local color, while the other craves spending your whole trip between the sheets with occasional meal breaks? Does one of you thrive on spontaneity, while the other gets anxious without a solid plan? Discuss how to reconcile those incompatibilities well before you leave, and communicate openly about your secret and not-so-secret hopes for a hot honeymoon. Communication is always sexy.
  • Stock the room. Wherever your honeymoon home base may be, it will always be a thrilling memory if you have access to everything you need for a sexy time. Make sure you have ample food and drink easily to hand, right where you’re staying, so you won’t have to leave at all if the sex is that good. Don’t want to risk airport security finding your sex toys? Ship them ahead. And, of course, don’t leave home without your Honeymoon Set from Foria – with full sizes of our complete Intimacy line at a price you’ll adore.

  • Couple Goals: Getting Down To the Rest Of Your Lives

    So you’ve arrived in one piece! You’re in a special place, picked especially to celebrate your love. You’re fed, rested, and ready. 

    Well, now what?

    Sex, of course, and lots of it. But again, it’s very unlikely that the two of you are new to having sex with each other. So why not honor this new adventure by trying new things in your honeymoon bed (or out of it)?

    If you discover some new landmarks and local secrets in the landscape of your erotic lives together, we think that makes for a true, old-school honeymoon in our modern, liberated, sex-positive times. 

    It’s the best of all possible worlds. Need some ideas for where to start? We were hoping you’d ask.

  • Simultaneous orgasm. Never managed to pull this one off? It’s the kind of thing that couples sometimes strive for at the beginning, but since most of us need different stimulation at different times to climax, we can often fall into a routine where someone always comes first, usually the same someone. And that’s great, of course, but if you can manage it, coming together can be a very worthwhile honeymoon goal. Understand the different types of orgasms and what’s happening in your body when you come, explore positions that can get you both to the Promised Land – and as it happens, we also have a whole blog on this subject. Three, two, one… blastoff! 
  • Sex in the car. Don’t be gentle, it’s a rental! We’re all grownups here, and the last time you fooled around in a car may have been in high school. But it was fun, wasn’t it? A little awkward, a little fumbling, but you were young and eager, and the possibility of getting caught was at least a little bit hot. You have a bed back home, and no need to park in Lover’s Lane. But you’re not at home… and we have a whole blog about this one too.
  • Mutual masturbation. Even if we’ve had many very sexual years together, our solo sex lives still remain entirely private for many couples. But masturbating together can open the door to an entirely new level of intimacy – you’re really seeing someone clearly when you watch them pleasure themselves, and they’re seeing you. It’s open, it’s vulnerable, it takes a lot of trust, and it’s really, really hot. If you’re thinking “I could never,” well, it’s your honeymoon, so maybe you could.
  • Get it on in the great outdoors. You’ve chosen a beautiful spot for your honeymoon. (Hey, Vegas is beautiful if you two think it is!) So why not take advantage of it by really enjoying yourself under the sun, or in the snow, or just in the open air? Super-hot sex in nature (or just outdoors) can make the kind of memories you’ll get a little flushed about for years. Of course you do need to be mindful of your environment and take a few precautions, and we have you covered there too. 

  • Bringing The Hot Stuff Home 

    A red-hot honeymoon trip, like any voyage, can be truly transformative. If you’ve learned about each other, feel stronger together, and have all kinds of new ideas about what you love to do as a couple – in bed and out of it – then you don’t need to be blushing virgins to enjoy a real-deal old-school honeymoon for the ages.

    In fact, the blushing virgins of the past would envy you. 

    So even if you’re spending your honeymoon in your own backyard, it can still be the start of a truly sexy new adventure.

    Bon voyage! And don’t forget the lube.

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