5 Best Car Sex Positions To Try When On The Road

For many of us, our planned “hot girl summer 2021” (or guy, or person in general) got derailed halfway through by the arrival of the Delta variant. Big gatherings and resort getaways may have become a lot less appealing, but we still want to get out in the world and spend quality time with our nearest and dearest (safely, of course).

What’s the answer? Road trip! Exploring the scenic highways and byways in your area can be a real adventure, especially if you’re also aiming to bond with that sexy copilot of yours. Fresh air, nature, nobody around – sounds hot as heck to us.

Car sex has a lot to recommend it. Nostalgia, for one; often our first introduction to getting hot and heavy took place in a vehicle, when we were young and horny and lacked access to privacy. And grownup sex is much better than awkward teen sex as a rule, so as fun as it was post-prom, having sex in a car is likely to be even more fun when we’re grown. 

There’s also the exhibitionist factor. Involving nonconsenting bystanders in your sex life is a jerk move, but if you make a good-faith effort to be discreet, just the possibility of getting caught can be super-spicy.

And last, there’s the spontaneity. “I don’t care if this is cramped, uncomfortable and risky. Pull over, I want you right now.” Zzzzzing, especially if your intimate life at home is getting a little routine.

But if you’ve never done it – or if it’s been years – you might be wondering exactly how to have sex in a car. There are lots of considerations: locations, legality, and, of course, the best car sex positions. So here are some of our fave tips for getting that ride a-rockin’.

Is it illegal to have sex in a car?

The short answer is “maybe, depending on where you are”. Certain areas have local statutes that specifically forbid car sex. However, nearly all areas have statutes that forbid any kind of sex in public, and if you get caught, anywhere can count as “public”.

So be discreet regardless! Hang fabric of some kind over the windows if they don’t have a deep tint, and pick a spot without a lot of traffic. You don’t want to come back from your red-hot road trip with a court summons.

Should I have sex while driving?

Relevant to the above: absolutely do not have sex of any kind while driving. Ever. Ever! It’s the most distracted form of driving there is, it’s highly dangerous to yourselves and others, and it’s VERY unlikely that the Law will look favorably on you. So just don’t. Build anticipation by finding the perfect spot to pull over, and always turn the engine off.

The best places to have car sex

“Remote, but not too remote” is the idea here. A deserted big-box parking lot in the dead of night, a scenic turnout a good distance from the highway, a sparsely-attended campground, something along those lines. Wandering too far afield incurs its own risks, including getting lost, losing cell service, and unexpectedly meeting locals who aren’t fond of strangers. Be mindful, and seek a happy medium.

Car sex tips and tricks

A few things to keep in mind before you embark on that roadside romp, to help guarantee a good time for all.

  • Easy-access clothing. Loose and maneuverable! Dresses and skirts are good, belts can be a pain in the neck. Basically, you'll want to be wearing your best quickie outfits. Staying mostly-clothed is both hot and less likely to arouse suspicion.
  • Situational awareness. When picking your location, consider possible safety hazards. Stay well away from train tracks, and flooding-prone areas if it looks like rain. And if an area is posted for hunting and it’s hunting season where you are, consider the parking lot option. 
  • Don’t stress the O. Many of us need time, comfort, and a lotta foreplay to climax. All these things are less likely to be achievable in the back seat (or front seat) of a car, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast anyway. It’s about the journey, not the destination. 
  • Communicate. Make sure expectations are clear, boundaries are respected, and it’s understood that if anyone wants to stop – for any reason, including “I think I heard a bear” – it’s time to press pause and consider getting a motel.

The best car sex positions

Now it’s time for the fun part! You’ve found your ideal locale, you’ve made sure the parking brake is engaged, and you can’t stand it another second. Welcome to the world of car sex contortionism!

A note: we wrote this with a standard sedan in mind. If you’re in an RV or a big ol’ panel van, we’re sure you don’t need us (and lucky you).

Seated rear-entry. This is a classic – it’s easy, discreet, and can be slow and snuggly or fast and pounding. The partner doing the penetrating sits in the passenger seat, pushing it back if they wish; the partner being penetrated sits in their lap, facing the front of the car, leaning forward on the dashboard for support if they like. This position can also be accomplished in the driver’s seat, but the steering wheel might limit mobility (and introduce the possibility of an unexpected blast of the horn).

Cargirl (or boy). It’s cowgirl, but in the car. Same as above, except face-to-face, with the penetrating partner on the bottom. Great for clitoral stimulation and a slow grind, and suits any seat.

Backseat doggy. Just what it sounds like. Unlike with doggystyle in a bed, you’ll have to be a little more careful about hitting your heads on things, and limited space may require a different angle – but different is good!

Backseat spoon. Great for staying out of sight, since you’re both lying down, with the penetrating partner as the “big spoon”. Limited range of movement means you might be able to go a lonnnnng time. 

Cross and grind. Another one for the backseat (and for the flexible), the penetrating partner sits cross-legged and the penetrated partner sits facing them, legs wrapped around their waist. Similar slow-burn intimacy to the backseat spoon, but face-to-face – and clitoral stimulation is a breeze.

Hit the road, Jack!

Or Jill, or Jordan, or anyone. Sometimes all we need is a change of scenery to get those pent-up juices flowing. Imagine making love with a spectacular desert sunset pouring in through the sunroof – or being the subject of a hilarious party anecdote about the time those cows found you in what you thought was a deserted field.

Variety, curiosity, and good humor are so important to any kind of sexual intimacy – and you can find them all on the road. Grab your favorite person, check your fluid levels, pack a road atlas in case your phones die, and go make some unforgettable road-trip memories.

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