Prostate Stimulation: Methods for Massaging the Male G-Spot

At Foria, we believe that pleasure is for everyone who consents. Unfortunately, with so much misinformation and unnecessary stigma surrounding the idea of prostate stimulation, the male G-spot can be tricky to find.

We’re here to help break through the stigma by sharing some of our favorite tips and tricks on finding and stimulating the P-spot. You need an open mind and a good lube (like our CBD Sex Oil!) for extra slippery fun!

What Is the P-Spot?

The P-spot is a nickname used to describe the prostate gland, which exists solely in people who were assigned male at birth (AMAB). It’s a play on the term “G-spot,” one of the most commonly sought-after erogenous zones on the AFAB (assigned female at birth) body. 

The prostate is about the size of a walnut or a ping-pong ball (we’ll get into where it’s located in a minute). Its main job is to function as part of the reproductive system, as it makes a portion of the seminal fluid that carries sperm cells. 

But you’re not here to learn all about the anatomical functions of the prostate; we’re talking about prostate stimulation

When pressed and rubbed the right way, the P-spot can make orgasms feel even better. For some people, prostate stimulation alone can give them a faster release than penetrative sex! In fact, prostate orgasms may be even stronger than penile orgasms.

Where Is Your P-Spot?

The P-spot is located between the bladder, the base of the penis, and the rectum. If you’re interested in exploring your body (and are just a little flexible), grab some lube, and we’ll walk you through it. 

Start by washing your hands and generously lubing up your index finger. Then, slowly and gently insert (never force) it into your anus. Once you’re in, rotate your hand so that the palm side faces the front of your body. Then, take your time feeling around in there! 

You’re looking for something about two inches deep and located closer to the front side of the body that feels smooth and firm. Get a feel for your prostate during masturbation, especially the first time, as this gland swells even bigger when aroused. 

Why Does It Feel Good?

We believe that if it’s consensual and feels good, do it! But why exactly does prostate stimulation feel so good? 

One of the best parts about an orgasm brought on by prostate stimulation is that it requires less recovery time before you’re ready to go again.

P-spot orgasms can also mean you’re more likely to achieve multiple orgasms, which really would be living the dream! 

Plus, research has tied high ejaculation frequency with a lower risk of prostate cancer.

Those orgasms may literally save your life and improve your sexual health! Amazing. 

Prostate stimulation can look good on paper, but it's absolutely okay if you don’t feel comfortable with anal stimulation (even externally) in your sex life. 

What feels good comes down to your personal preference. Your body, your choice — end of story.

How To Stimulate the P-Spot

There are two techniques for prostate stimulation — one internal and one external. When attempting either (or any anal play, in general), you should always start with trimmed, neatly filed fingernails and clean hands. 

If you or your partner feel weird about anal play, you can always use gloves or toys! It’s all about your comfort level.

Let’s start with internal prostate stimulation. Use a well-lubed finger or two to find the prostate. Once you’ve found it, slowly move your finger in a “come hither” motion. We’ve also heard of people performing prostate stimulation like ringing a doorbell. 

Experiment with what feels best for you! If you’re not ready to try internal prostate stimulation, you can give external stimulation a shot. Instead of using a finger inside the anus, apply firm but gentle pressure with a fingertip or two to the perineum (the area between the testicles and the anus). 

Not only does the perineum have its own nerve endings that can turn up the heat, but pressing it also puts pressure on the P-spot!

Positions To Try

You can also try experimenting with different positions once you’ve gotten comfortable with prostate stimulation! Each has its own advantages, so try a few until you find the most pleasurable positions that feel good for you.

Here are a few positions we recommend:

  • Doggy 
  • On your side
  • On your back 

You can also stimulate the prostate during anal sex, especially if you’re in a position that puts pressure on the front wall of the anus.

Sex Toys To Use for Prostate Massage

Ready to make prostate stimulation even more fun? Up the ante by adding sex toys into the mix. Instead of using just a finger or two, you can use anal toys like beans or a small butt plug. You can also try dildos if you’re ready for anal penetration. 

If you’ve tried prostate stimulation before but find it challenging, try our Intimacy Melts

Our all-natural CBD suppositories are small and easy to insert. As they melt and absorb, it helps to ease discomfort and promote relaxation. Use one about 30 to 60 minutes before prostate stimulation, allowing the suppository at least 15 minutes to absorb fully. You can also use them again afterward if you experience any soreness.

Risks and Precautions

Any time you’re inserting any object into the body, potential risks are involved. The main dangers of prostate stimulation come when you do it too vigorously. 

Injuries like cellulitis (a bacterial skin infection), hemorrhoid flare-ups, and rectal fissures (tears) are all possible. Much of this risk can be minimized by following simple hygiene precautions like washing your hands paired with taking things slow and gently when you’re first getting started. 

What If Nothing Happens?

Everyone is different, and prostate stimulation isn’t for everyone! If you’ve tried prostate stimulation and it didn’t work for you, don’t put any pressure on yourself to “learn to love it.” 

If you want to try again, change your technique, add more lube, or use a different toy or position and see if that works better for your body. You may also need a little more foreplay to get you in the mood — it’s easy to find your prostate when you’re already aroused!

Other Pleasure Spots To Try

The body truly is one big erogenous zone with the right kind of touch, with plenty of areas to explore! If you have male genitals, we have a few other suggestions for you to try.

  • The Glans Penis: Most often referred to as the “head” of the penis, the glans penis is jam-packed with nerve endings. Combine some prostate play with oral sex that focuses on the head and brings your sexual pleasure to new heights!
  • The Frenulum: Try running your tongue up and down the underside of the penis (known as the frenulum). 
  • The Perineum: Yes, you can externally stimulate the P-spot through the perineum, but the area between the anus and the scrotum can be its own erogenous zone!
  • The Scrotum: More specifically, the scrotal raphe, which runs down the middle of the sac. Focus some tongue action here to blow your (partner’s) top. 

The Bottom Line

With a few tips, an open mind, and the willingness to self-explore, you can experience stronger, more intense orgasms with the prostate. 

If you’re lucky, you may even be able to have multiple orgasms. You won’t know unless you try!



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