How To Give an Amazing Butt Massage

What do you think of when we say the word “massage”? If the first thing that pops into your head involves a luxury day spa, soft music, and a super-fit masseuse with exotic-smelling massage oil, you’re in the majority.

But what if we told you that massage could be so much sexier than that? Take butt massage, for example. Focusing those magic hands specifically on your lover’s bottom can help release mental and physical tension while also acting as foreplay. After all, this area is a playing field just yearning to be explored, if you choose.

Want to learn how to give the most amazing butt massage and take your sexual encounters up a notch? We’ve got all the tips you need to make that fantasy a reality.

What Are the Benefits of Butt Massage?

As an often-overlooked erogenous zone, the butt is made up of three of the largest muscles in the body. They do so much more than just look great in pants (although they do that very well). 

Glutes are crucial in supporting our movements, posture, and overall stability – and they keep working hard even when we’re not paying attention to them. When they’re functioning normally, you probably won’t notice them (unless you’re deservedly checking yourself out in a mirror). But when there’s a problem, you can develop an aching pain in the glutes, lower back, and hips. 

In this case, the two cheeks are almost begging to be caressed, kneaded, pinched, spanked, and so muchmore

That’s where a sensual butt massage comes in! A proper butt massage promotes increased circulation to the glutes, helping to improve your range of movement and physical performance. 

A sensual massage can help your lover open up to its pleasures. Massaging the butt area is also an excellent way to help loosen up the glutes and anal sphincter – allowing fresh blood to flow through the pelvis and enhance arousal before sex.

Improved Range of Movement

Tight glute muscles are uncomfortable because they can significantly limit how far you can move other parts of your lower body. Butt massage relieves that tightness and tension, and helps your body slowly regain its normal range of motion.

Want to dig deeper? Here’s what you need to know about your behind:

  • The gluteus maximus (the largest of the three gluteal muscles) is responsible for lower-body movements like stepping, climbing, and running.
  • The gluteus medius helps control and rotate the hip, like walking or standing on one leg.
  • The gluteus minimus stabilizes the hips and pelvis while walking.

Experiencing any issue with these gluteal muscles can affect your ability to do basic daily activities, so if you’re aching in your behind, don’t be shy to ask your partner for a little backdoor TLC!

Improved Physical Performance

In addition to being a pain in the butt, injured glute muscles can also put a damper on your physical performance… both inside and outside the bedroom. 

Using massage to help loosen up tight butt muscles can help give you back the strength and flexibility you need to perform your best. Plus, the increased blood flow to your glutes and hips can help improve your stamina to last even longer when the situation calls for it. Massaging these areas may also lead to newfound backdoor pleasures, too!

Enhanced Physical Affection

For most couples, a stronger connection with their partner can equate to better sex! Research shows that massage can trigger a release of hormones known as endorphins into the body. One of those endorphins, oxytocin, has gained the nickname of the “love hormone” because of how touchy-feely it can make us feel. 

Our bodies naturally produce oxytocin when we’re physically close to people we love or are sexually aroused by. We can stimulate even higher oxytocin levels in the body through massage, so giving and receiving before intimacy can make you feel even more connected to your partner.

Techniques on How To Give an Amazing Butt Massage

When giving a sensual butt massage, make sure to set the mood for your lover to help them relax. Dim the lights, light a few candles, and prepare the massage tools you plan to use.

Aromatherapy is also a wonderful touch to help your lover relax. Scents like sandalwood have an age-old reputation as an aphrodisiac. Lastly, don’t forget to use a generous amount of massage oil to reduce any potentially uncomfortable friction on the skin.

We recommend our Intimacy Massage Oil or our Intimacy Sex Oil, which can double as an all-natural lubricant if things start to get steamy mid-massage.

There’s no right or wrong way to give a booty massage. However, a few techniques can help make it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite techniques to help you up your butt massage game.

Blushing Cheeks

The blushing cheeks technique is an excellent way to help loosen up tight glute muscles. 

Place the palms of your hands in a cup shape over each buttock. Then, using slow, circular motions, firmly massage both buttocks until you feel the skin under your hands getting warmer. 

If the friction is too much for your partner, apply more massage oil or take a break from the rubbing to use kneading or squeezing motions instead.

Once you start to feel the muscle tension in their butt release, switch from using cupped hands to softly closed fists. Press your fists gently but firmly into the center of each buttock and use a slow, twisting motion.

Surfboard Straddle

The surfboard straddle technique is another great way to relax tense, tight butt muscles. With your partner lying on their stomach on the floor (or any firm, sturdy surface), straddle their lower back, facing their toes.

To help you find the right spot, some people have dimples in this area – affectionately known as the Dimples of Venus (aka the ever-envied back dimples). 

Look for a slight indentation, making sure not to put pressure directly on the spine. Once you’ve found it, slide the heels of your palms slowly down over the buttocks and towards the thigh using firm pressure.

Praying Position

Try the praying position, especially if you’re prepping for anal sex. This technique helps to loosen up the inner buttocks, and also stimulates better circulation to the area, helping to warm your partner up for fun to come.

With your hands in a praying position (with the palms touching each other), place your pinky fingers at the top of the intergluteal cleft (AKA the “butt crack”). Using moderate pressure, slide your hands and dig your pinkies as deep into the butt crack as possible – making sure your partner is comfortable.

Come all the way down the length of the cleft, then slide your hands back up. Take your time when massaging your partner. Make it as sensual as possible, and reapply lube as needed. Try a rocking motion for additional stimulation!

Taint Treat

The taint treat is another technique to help your partner relax and be ready for anal play. Have your partner spread their legs as far as they're comfortable with, then place a finger or two — we recommend the index and middle finger on your dominant hand — on their perineum (the area of skin between their anus and their genitals). Move your fingertips in small circles to massage the perineum with gentle pressure.

Thumb Roller

The thumb roller butt massage technique is the most overtly sexual, allowing you to directly stimulate your partner’s anus to get them even more aroused and prepared for anal play. 

Use both of your thumbs on the external sphincter – the area of the anus you can see – and move them in a “twiddling” motion. This technique helps relax the anus for more pleasurable penetration.

Many of our techniques involve direct contact with sensitive areas of the skin and genitals. Taking the time to trim and file your fingernails before giving a butt massage also helps reduce the risk of accidentally poking or scratching your partner. 

And, as always, make sure to wash your hands before and after any type of anal play.

Make Booty Massage Part of Your Sex Play

We’re so excited that people are branching out and exploring new ways to be sexually intimate with their partners! People of all sexualities are letting go of preconceived gender roles and embracing what feels good

After all, what you do in the bedroom is your power. No matter how you choose to massage your lover’s booty, one thing’s for sure: it’s a great way to open your lover up to backdoor pleasures.

Take prostate massage, for example. For far too long prostate play has faced unnecessary stigma because of social stigmas around who should enjoy anal play and why.

The truth is that anyone with a prostate can enjoy prostate massage. They may even find that their orgasms are more powerful with prostate stimulation.

To find your P-spot, insert a well-lubricated finger about two inches into the rectum. You’re feeling for a walnut-sized gland toward the front side of the body. 

If you’re nervous but interested in trying these techniques, consider combining the necessary lube with our Booty Melts for anal sex to help ease discomfort, increase relaxation, and make for more comfortable penetration if and when you’re ready.


Butt massage is so much more than physical therapy. When done correctly, it can loosen up tight muscles and act as foreplay and make you feel closer to your partner. 

Whether you are the giver or the receiver (or a little bit of both), stick with Foria for everything you need to get your sex life exactly where you want it.

Take your time with your partner and listen to their cues of pleasure. Before you know it, their booty will be yearning for more… whether that’s more of your hands or a little more of something else!


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