Oral Sex Tips: How To Give Your Partner Amazing Head (Part 3)

You didn’t think we could contain all of the oral sex tips in just one or two articles, did you? Truly learning the basics of giving amazing head to your partner is a multifaceted process, and not every suggestion works for every person. 

We’ve got a few more tricks to help make your next oral sex sesh the best yet. Your partner will thank you, and you’ll build your self-confidence so you can be even more fantastic next time.

Incorporate Sex Toys

Oral sex is about your mouth, right? Well, yes — but that doesn’t mean you can’t also incorporate sex toys into your technique. If you are pleasuring a partner with a vulva, one of the best ways to do this is to grab a toy that can help stimulate the G-spot while your mouth is doing its thing. 

G-spot stimulators are similar to dildos but have a unique curve that allows them to put the right kind of pressure on that little spot about two inches inside the vagina. If your partner isn’t into G-spot stimulation, or if they don’t have a G-spot, you can also use sex toys anally. 

Pop in a butt plug or a dildo to stimulate the P-spot if your partner has one or to provide overall anal pleasure if they don’t. 

No matter where you’re putting sex toys, use plenty of lube (stay away from artificially flavored lube, though). And be careful when using a vibrator, as too high of a setting can be uncomfortable for both of you (plus, it can totally throw you off your game). You can throw in a little manual stimulation or hand job for good measure. 

Masturbate While Going Down on Your Partner

Oral sex is about focusing on your partner but if your partner is uncomfortable being the sole focus or has a bit of a voyeur kink, consider touching yourself while pleasuring them. This can also help people who feel too on display while giving oral sex, as it can be distracting enough to allow the self-confidence to blow their partner’s mind. 

The goal of masturbation during oral sex doesn’t have to be to get yourself off, but you may perform better when aroused. A sex act doesn’t have to be one-sided to be fun, especially if your partner is into watching you pleasure yourself. That’s a win-win!

Encourage Longer, Deeper Foreplay

Stop thinking of oral sex as just a way to get your partner “in the mood.” Foreplay doesn’t have to come before penetrative sex; it can and should be used as the main event too! 

Instead of just giving a quick blow job or a few minutes of cunnilingus, take your time! Explore your partner with your mouth, slowly work them into a frenzy, and give them the best oral sex of their life. If you want to move on to other forms of sex after that, go for it.

Part of better foreplay is extended eye contact. Making long, lingering eye contact when getting your partner off seriously heightens the sense of shared vulnerability. Your body language speaks volumes about how excited you are to be there with them. 

Enjoy the build-up and earn that explosion. If you really want to up the ante, spread some Awaken Arousal Oil on their labia before going to town.

Let Your Partner Play With Your Body

If your partner wants to touch you, why stop them? There’s a reason that the infamous 69 position is so popular; it’s hot as hell to be able to touch your partner while they’re touching you.

 If their hands want to roam and you’re down, let them! While you’re practicing your best oral sex techniques, take the time to moan and show them that you like what they’re doing, which will also increase their pleasure.

Don’t Stress on Deep-Throating

Porn is great, especially when you watch it with your partner as a form of foreplay. But some aspects of porn have infiltrated our lives as a “given,” and deep-throating is one of them. 

That’s all fine and good if you’re into it, but don’t put pressure on yourself (or let your partner put pressure on you). Deep-throating certainly isn’t mandatory, and you should be enjoying yourself just as much as your partner when going down on them. 

Invite Rimming to Your Session

Have you tried rimming with your partner before? There’s some unfair stigma around all things anal, especially for people who were assigned male at birth. The anus has a massive concentration of nerve endings, so stimulating it with the tip of your tongue can be a revelation. Treat it like a clitoris, and explore what feels good to your partner. But don’t just dive in without a little conversation. Even with a long-term partner, consent is sexy (and non-negotiable). 

Don’t forget the perineum, either! For people with prostates, a little pressure on the area between the base of the penis and the anus can stimulate the P-spot and help them ejaculate stronger and longer. Just ensure that your nails have been trimmed and filed so you don’t accidentally scratch them in a sensitive area.

Change Up Your Oral Sex Positions

If you tend to always fall into the same oral sex positions, change it up and try something new! There are plenty of ways to get creative, so here are a few oral sex tips on new positions to experiment with:

  • 69 - Is there any position more classic than the 69? When you “69” with your partner, you both position yourselves with your mouths near each other's genitals. This position is about mutual oral sex, where you both get stimulated at the same time. However, it can also be tricky for people with significant height differences.
  • On Your Stomach - Most oral sex is done with both partners on their backs, but try flipping it over for even more pleasure. Try putting a pillow under your hips to help arch them up further, and have your partner go to town. Lying on your stomach during oral sex is also perfect for rimming because it gives your partner access to your most sensitive parts. 
  • Face-sitting - We can never say enough good things about face-sitting. If you’ve been holding out because you’re worried that you’re too big, we assure you you’re not. If your partner wants you to sit on their face, do it! It’s an excellent position for clitoral stimulation, and we promise your inner thighs won’t suffocate them (and if they do, they’ll die doing something they love). 
  • On Your Knees - Whether your partner is standing up or sitting down, getting on your knees to explore their erogenous zones is sure to do them right. There’s something about having someone pleasuring you on their knees that triggers dormant (or maybe not so dormant) dominant/submissive impulses, so harness that sexual experience and make it work for you. 


Trying out a few oral sex tips can take you out of your routine and show your partner that you care about them enough to make sure they’re getting off as much as possible. Plus, it’s a huge turn-on (and super empowering) to make your partner feel good using just your mouth. 

If you’re ready to make your partner scream, give these tips a shot today! It’s never too late to have a mind-blowing sex life with your partner. 



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