5 Orgasmic Oral Sex Positions

Here at Foria, we love oral sex. (That’s one reason why we made our whole Intimacy collection delicious.) Oral pleasure has so much mindblowing orgasmic potential – giving AND receiving – that we don’t even put it in the “foreplay” category. Consider making it the main event, especially since most people with clitorises can’t climax from penetration alone.

For people who love oral, the best oral sex positions may seem pretty obvious. There are a few tried-and-true classics that work just fine, whether you have a penis or a vulva – receiver lying on their back, receiver standing while the giver kneels, and so forth.

We’re not knocking them! But exploring different oral sex positions isn’t necessarily a matter of reinventing the wheel, or training with the Cirque du Soleil for six months. Very often, you can reveal new worlds of sensation by modifying the positions you already know and love.

Minor variations improve access for penetration with fingers and toys, manual stimulation of non-genital erogenous zones, and rimming if that’s your thing. And since the arrangement of nerves in the human genitalia varies so much from person to person, you might find that one or both of you has oral-hungry hotspots you didn’t even know about.

It doesn’t take much. For him, for her, for them, or for anyone – the most erotic oral sex positions may be just a few inches and a slight adjustment away.

Sideways 69

Classic 69 involves one partner on their back and the other positioned over them on hands or elbows and knees, mouths aligned to genitals. And it’s great! However, it has its drawbacks. 

It can be hard on the jaw, and tricky to maneuver. If there’s a major height or size difference between you and your partner, getting aligned may be a bit of a chore. And paying attention to where your body is for maximum pleasure can distract you from your partner’s body, and vice versa.

Sideways 69 is a great hack for all these potential pleasure obstructions. It’s just what it sounds like – 69 with both partners lying on their sides. Balance isn’t an issue, and it’s easier on the neck and jaw – which means you can go as long as you desire.

Licking on the edge.

This position is a hybrid of two true-blue classics: receiver lying on their back, and giver on their knees. The receiver lies down so their butt is scooted to the very edge of a bed or other comfy surface, and the giver kneels in front of them – on the floor, a low stool, or a comfy pillow.

This allows the giver a lot of room to play with manual stimulation – including anal or vaginal penetration. It takes pressure off the neck and jaw. And the receiver can put their feet on the giver’s shoulders to adjust the angle.

It’s also a spicy way to explore dominance/submission roles, so… what are you waiting for?

(Almost) sit on my face.

Face-sitting may be hotter in theory than in practice. Being pinned by your partner’s weight and having no choice but to lick like your life depended on it – great! 

But humans can’t breathe out our ears, and if the receiving partner doesn’t have reliable balance or core strength, things can go south fast (and not in a good way).

Instead, have the receiving partner lean forward so they’re balanced on their hands or elbows, or brace against a wall or headboard. That way they can grind, tease, and apply as much or as little pressure as you both desire, without the need for iron quadriceps. 

Upside down and all around

It’s traditional for the party receiving oral sex to recline and enjoy. But what if the giver does instead? This configuration has a number of advantages you won’t find in any other sex positions for oral.

Have the giver lie on their back on a bed or other flat surface, and drop their head back over the edge for access to the receiver’s genitals. Height can be easily adjusted with cushions. 

This position allows for easy nipple access and a great view of the receiver’s body. And if the receiver has a penis – and you two are into it – the angle expands the esophagus and makes deep-throating much easier. 

Get behind me.

Doggystyle can be a great position for oral – especially if the receiver wants anal penetration. Grab a buttplug and some high-quality lube and attack from the front AND the back! 

The giver can be on their hands and knees behind the receiver, or, if the receiver is on an elevated surface, kneel or sit in a comfy chair. (The comfy chair option is great for an oral session that lasts and lasts and…)

This position makes it easy for the giver to masturbate at the same time, which – we can’t say this often enough – is a fantastic addition to the partner sex repertoire.

It’s also a natural for rimming. However, keep in mind that if the receiver has a vagina, going from anal to vaginal stimulation risks causing a nasty infection. If you love the butt, stay there!

Make it talk.

We could talk about the best positions for oral sex all day, but we can’t end this article without a word on communication and consent. Oral sex is very intimate and involves a great deal of mutual vulnerability, so no matter where you put your bodies, make sure your hearts and minds are in the same place – beginning, middle and end.

Then go ahead and get down, and let the orgasms roll. There’s nothing like oral – as appetizer, main dish or dessert.

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