Meet Melts

Meet Melts

Start your journey to deeper pleasure and increased relaxation with our small - but mighty - suppositories.

New Sexy Name. Same Great Formula.

We may have changed the name of our Intimacy & Relief Suppositories, but we kept the formula you know and love.

Small and easy-to-insert, both Intimacy & Relief Melts were designed for vaginal and anal use, where they'll melt and absorb to enhance pleasure and ease discomfort.

Intimacy Melts vs
Relief Melts

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Melts FAQ

What's the difference between Suppositories and Melts?

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There's no difference! We recently changed the name of our Relief Suppositories & Intimacy Suppositories to Relief Melts and Intimacy Melts. We may have changed the name, but the formula has stayed exactly the same.

How are Intimacy Melts different from Relief Melts?

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Our Relief Melts are formulated primarily for menstrual relief, with a stronger dose of 100mg CBD and 8 suppositories per box, while Intimacy Melts are designed to enhance arousal and come in packs of 4, with 50mg CBD each.

Can I use Melts with Sex Toys?

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Yes! We recommend that you choose non-latex toys, since Intimacy Suppositories are oil-based and oils can degrade latex. Examples of safe toys would include silicone, glass, elastomer, and stainless steel.

Can I use Melts with condoms?

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Because Melts are oil-based and can degrade latex and poly-isoprene, we recommend choosing oil-safe barriers like polyurethane or nitrile condoms for protection from STIs and pregnancy (or lambskin for prevention of pregnancy but not STIs).

Several major condom brands offer polyurethane condoms. Just be sure they're "poly-urethane" NOT "poly-isoprene."

Some couples enjoy the FC2 "female condom" or "internal condom" since it is less constricting, with more sensation for him and less friction for her.

Will Melts get me high?

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Intimacy Suppositories are made with non-psychoactive CBD. Although you may experience relaxation and mood enhancement, they will not get you “high”.

Will using Melts cause me to fail a drug test?

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No – unlike psychoactive THC, the broad-spectrum CBD in Intimacy Suppositories will not cause you to fail a drug test.

Can I use Melts if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

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Melts contain broad-spectrum CBD. Owing to limited research, the effects of CBD on breastfeeding and pregnancy are not definitively known. Check with your healthcare practitioner to learn your options.

What ingredients are used in Melts?

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Both Relief & Intimacy Melts are made with organic, fair trade cocoa butter and broad-spectrum extract from USDA organic-certified, regeneratively-grown hemp (THC-free, <300ppm).

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