Pegging 101

For the sexually adventurous, the term “pegging” seems like it’s been around forever. What else would you call a person without a penis anally penetrating someone with a...

Summer Solstice Sexstrology

Here comes the sun! In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the Summer Solstice – the longest day and shortest night of the year. (Are you in the Southern Hemisphere?...

Reintroducing our Intimacy Vape Pen with CBD

You asked for it, and we heard you! We’re so pleased to reintroduce our Intimacy Vape Pen with CBD, formerly known as Flow – back and better than...

Your First Time Using Intimacy Vape Pen with CBD

We designed our CBD vape pen to be easy to use as well as ultra-pure & tasty, with broad-spectrum hemp extract & organic botanicals delivered in all-ceramic & glass hardware

A consumer perception study of Foria's Intimacy products to improve sexual health

Wondering if our bestselling Intimacy products will work for you? 100% of users had an improved sexual experience after using Awaken Arousal Oil. Read our full consumer perception...

How to Talk To Your Mom About Sex (And Why)

“The Talk” about sex varies as much as relationships between parents and children. If we’re very lucky we had a maternal figure with an open, positive attitude towards...

How I Said ‘No’ to Expectations and Made Time for Romance

  By Liz Riden I’ve been a rule follower for most of my life. In fact, those closest to me would describe me as a recovering people pleaser....

Rediscovering My Body—Years after Children

  By Emma Potz After the birth of my daughter, exploring this new vessel I resided in was the last thing on my mind. Returning to myself and my...

Everything You Need To Know About Menopause and Your Pelvic Floor: a guest blog by Dr. Molly Weingart

Here at Foria, we believe in solving real challenges and delivering meaningful results, and that pleasure and connection are at the heart of wellbeing – from menstruation to...

Menopause and Partner Intimacy

As your body changes, your relationship with your body and identity may also change.

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