Reintroducing our Intimacy Vape Pen with CBD

You asked for it, and we heard you! We’re so pleased to reintroduce our Intimacy Vape Pen with CBD, formerly known as Flow – back and better than ever, with CBD oil from USDA organic-certified, regeneratively-grown hemp, all-natural and organic botanicals for a delicious sensory experience, and the highest-quality hardware on the market. We’ve worked long and hard to bring this vape from good to great.

If you haven’t experienced our CBD vape kit yet, you might be wondering a few things: how does it work, and is it safe? What can you use it for? And what does vaping CBD have to do with intimacy?

Fortunately, we have answers.

Vaping CBD, Stress and Sex

Why did we put our vape pen in the Intimacy category?

We created our Intimacy line to address the multiple ways that arousal and desire can be supported. And our brains are, of course, our largest sex organs, coordinating the nervous system responses that can help get us in the mood – or get us out of it. 

Many people feel like we have trouble “getting out of our heads” – a vivid metaphor for the numbing cognitive effects of stress and anxiety. It’s hard to be in the moment sometimes; our minds wander and our bodies carry our mental tension, all of which can add up to a challenging time in bed, whether we’re alone or with a partner. 

Sexual anxiety contributes to many issues, from erectile dysfunction to anorgasmia to relationship problems to physical pain. In our heavily-medicated society, we may resort to pharmaceutical drugs to address these concerns – some of which are addictive or even dangerous.  

But if we look instead to the ancient wisdom of plants, more tools reveal themselves. Even if you don’t suffer from sexual anxiety, being more relaxed will support anyone’s intimate experiences.

And it’s not just the CBD. Our all-natural and organic botanicals combine to create a beautiful mood, with vanilla, cacao, peppermint, and subtle, earthy notes of ginger and cardamom. It’s a similar flavor profile to Awaken, and if you think that sounds like a great combination… we certainly won’t argue. 

How Vaping CBD Works

Vaporizers work by electronically heating a liquid, or “juice”, on a coil, creating a smokeless vapor. When the vapor is inhaled, the CBD hits your bloodstream within seconds and crosses the blood-brain barrier shortly after that. Vaping is by far the fastest way to access CBD’s anxiety-soothing, pain-relieving and ECS-modulating effects, so if you’re looking to ease stress and set a mood quickly, there’s nothing that works better than a high-quality vape. And since ours is THC-free, you won’t lose mental clarity. 

Vaping can be seen as a safer, modern version of a timeless ritual; humans have used gently mood-enhancing inhalants for millennia, to aid in accessing heightened states of consciousness. In our view, it’s a good idea to approach vaping CBD – or vaping anything – as a special-occasion activity, or a mindfully-used assist when anxiety threatens to overwhelm. 

We’ve designed our Intimacy Vape with that in mind. Especially since the jury’s still out on whether vaping is always 100% safe, we don’t recommend puffing on it all day. Create a moment for it, and document how you feel. And for longer-lasting effects, try supplementing with a tonic or a topical

Ingredients, hardware and safety

We loved our original vape pen, and our community did too – but we thought we could make it even better, and we promise it’s worth the wait. So what’s changed?

We’ve given Intimacy Vape a head-to-toe makeover. It’s not an all-new product, but the same one with dramatic improvements – Flow 2.0, if you will. Here’s what we’ve been working on!

  • Adding more organic botanical inputs, including USDA organic-certified hemp
  • A total hardware upgrade, with extensive stress-testing – no worries about leaks
  • Improved, eco-conscious and low-impact packaging – read all about it here 

It bears mentioning that vaping illnesses were in the news for a good chunk of 2019. (Which seems like a million years ago now!) You can read more about it here, but to sum up, our vape pen has none of the toxic additives implicated in vaping-associated health issues – not then, not now, not ever. And our hardware is made of the safest, highest-quality glass and ceramic on the market. 

What it means to “get in the mood”

We might think that feeling enthusiastic about intimacy – solo or with a partner – is a matter of timing, a lack of distractions, how we’re feeling physically, whether we’re stressed (from work, caring for the home and children, the state of the world, or all of the above), the direction the wind is blowing, the position of the stars… and we wouldn’t necessarily be wrong.

And very often, all those factors boil down to one: anxiety. (Maybe not the stars, but who knows?) 

Especially considering recent events in the world at large, we may feel like stress and anxiety have permeated every aspect of our lives. It can also feel like our sexual urges are the first thing to be shoved aside when life gets overwhelming. But human beings need intimacy, even if we’re alone; it’s such an important way to foster essential connections between our bodies and minds, between our partners and ourselves, and just to be mindfully present in the moment. 

The promise of that moment is why we designed this vape. So you can take a moment and drop in together – or even with yourself.

You don’t have to take our word for it!

Our community has spoken, and the reviews are in!

“I love Intimacy Vape for what I call the ‘chill effect.’ I use it for relaxation and stress relief and it does just that in 1-2 puffs. The method of delivery is efficient and reusable, which I also like. I love the flavor and I keep it bedside for whenever I want to take the edge off.” – Djuna

“This really is an excellent, well-designed and thought-out product. I felt calm, present and focused and it increased my orgasmic experience.” – Marsha

“It is the best CBD product I have tried. The taste is amazing and I love the transparency about ingredients. I recommend it for anyone who struggles with anxiety.” – Emily

“The Intimacy vape was so instantly effective, I really couldn’t believe it. I almost felt high - but I wasn’t! I was just so clear headed and present in my surroundings for what felt like the first time.” – Katie

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