How To Take Good Nudes

There’s an old saying that perfect is the enemy of good. While this applies to many different areas of our lives, it couldn’t be more accurate than when you’re trying to take a good nude photo. 

Instead of focusing on perfection (spoiler alert: none of us are perfect), learn how to take sexy photos of yourself that you can feel confident sharing with your sexual partner. Charge your phone, and let’s get ready to do this. 

Understand Why You’re Taking a Nude Pic

Before you start taking your clothes off and getting into position, take a second and think about why you’re taking that nude pic. We’re big believers in mindfulness, and staying present with your thoughts can help you stay physically and emotionally in tune with yourself. 

Nude pics are super fun to take and can make you feel empowered and sexy, but make sure you’re not just sending them because you feel pressured. You’re a beautiful, sexy work of art, and you get to decide who deserves to see that in the flesh. 

In the right situation, nudes can be an excellent part of your sexual wellness.

Prep Yourself To Feel Good Naked

Learning to take good nudes starts with prep work to get in the right head space. The best nudes happen when it's evident that a person is genuinely feeling themselves, because that sense of self-confidence can easily translate into a photo. 

Pick up a sexy piece of lingerie, put on makeup (if that’s your thing), have a glass of wine or a shot of whiskey, and even consider running your hands over yourself to get yourself aroused before picking up your camera. Try our Awaken Arousal Oil to heighten your sensation and really get you in the mood. 

Set the Scene

Setting the scene for your nudes doesn’t have to be elaborate. A chaotic background can take away from all of your natural beauty, so simple is often better. 

Put a new set of sheets on your bed, clear away clutter from your full-length bathroom mirror, or even light a few candles and hop in the bath. You want to be the focal point, so try to remove anything that might take away from that.

Also, a little lube can go a long way toward a good nude. If you’re looking to up the erotic factor, drip a little on your body before taking the shot. You’ll look sexy, wet, and shiny in the best ways possible. Plus, you’ll really get them thinking about what they could be doing to you.

Don’t Overthink Yourself

Learning how to take good nudes is supposed to be fun! Don’t get caught up in doubt and negative self-talk. Stay open-minded, don’t overthink, and don’t judge yourself! Not every picture will be a winner, and we all have bad angles (we’ll talk more about that in a minute), so just send the photos you don’t like to the trash and move on.

Here’s a trade secret — that perfect selfie you see on social media? It probably took that person a solid 15 minutes to capture it, and there is likely a lot of editing and filtering happening behind the scenes. Even professional models aren’t a one-and-done, so don’t expect to get the perfect shot the first time.

Use Good Lighting

Of all of the things that can make or break a photo shoot, lighting is at the top. Good lighting is worth its weight in gold; bad lighting can tank your self-esteem. 

If possible, avoid artificial lighting (especially fluorescent lightbulbs — the worst offenders!). Try to take your nudes in the daylight, with the windows open and plenty of natural light flowing in. Just make sure not to give your neighbors an unintended boudoir shoot (unless exhibitionism is your thing)!

If you want to make the most of natural lighting, try to take your photos during the “golden hour.” The first hour after sunrise and the hour of light right before sunset produces the most beautiful, warm, natural sunlight. If you can take your photos during this time, you’ll be amazed at how glowy you can look. 

Know Your Angles

Learning how to take good nudes requires experimentation. Knowing your angles is one of the best ways to get quality nudes. However, this is also part of the process that tends to turn people off from continuing to try to take photos. 

We’ll be honest; you’ll probably get at least an unflattering picture or two. The key is to move through that and try something else, not to dwell on a single bad shot. Anything that shows off your curves is usually a winner, and you can use your hands, arms, or even a well-placed sheet in bed to cover anything that makes you self-conscious.

To help experiment with angles, it’s a good idea to invest in a few pieces of equipment. An inexpensive tripod (bonus points if it has a ring light), a PopSocket, or even a selfie stick can help you move your body into different positions that aren’t possible with the usual phone’s camera.

It’s OK To Be Half Nude

Yes, we’re talking about sending nudes, but that doesn’t mean you have to be fully nude. If you’re new to this or just uncomfortable showing your full body, partially nude selfies can be just as hot. 

Wearing sexy lingerie or even one of your partner’s t-shirts is super hot, especially with a little peek of some side boob or a cute pair of panties. You can always work up to sending full nudes or save the real thing for in-person intimacy. It’s all about your comfort level, so never feel pressured to do something you’re not comfortable with doing. 

Set Your Phone To Record and Take Screenshots From the Recording

If the idea of snapping pics stresses you out, try setting your phone to record while you’re posing. Most phones, like the iPhone, allow you to take screenshots from live recordings, giving you a whole wealth of photos and angles to choose from that you’ll love. 

There are also editing apps available to help you make the most of these stills; no one will ever know they came from a live recording. Or, if you want, you can share the entire experience with your partner — nothing like a home movie!

Send With Confidence

We’ve all gotten an unwanted dick pic before, so never send an unsolicited pic without first obtaining their digital consent. This is crucial even in long-term relationships; you never know if they’re flipping through photos with their grandmother or have their phone projected onto the screen during a big business meeting. 

Some people may not feel comfortable getting nudes, too, which isn’t a dig on you! Everyone has different comfort levels, so make sure you’re sending those excellent nudes to someone who consents. Consent is always sexy.

Remember That Selfies Are Forever

We’ve been having fun talking about nudes, but we don’t want to leave you without a quick word of warning. Sending nude photos of yourself, even to a trusted partner, isn’t without risk. Your digital footprint is forever, so only send nudes you feel confident about sending to people you know you can trust. Sexting is forever, for better or worse.


Learning how to send good nudes can increase your self-confidence while boosting your intimacy with your lover or partner. Knowing your angles, getting the lighting right, and being willing to experiment can lead to the best nudes yet. Just make sure you’re gifting them to the right people, and always with consent. 


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