Intimacy Vape Pen with CBD – Replacement Cartridge 3-Pack 99 reviews $ 163.00

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I have severe anxiety & multiple health issues causing chronic pain. Using the vape pen has helped me stop overthinking, be more in the moment & have less pain.


Soothing and calming. Helps relax my nerves before sex too.


From the moment I tried [Intimacy Vape Pen] I felt more calm. It has given me freedom from what has plagued me for years.


Foria Purity & Sustainability

We take “clean” to a whole new level. Not only do all of our Intimacy formulas use 100% all-natural and organic botanicals, they have no fragrances, additives, or synthetic anything – ever.

Our hemp is USDA organic-certified and cultivated employing regenerative and biodynamic practices to enhance soil, water, and biodiversity.

We use only low-impact, eco-conscious, recyclable packaging with minimal plastic.

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Arnold P.
United States United States
  • Age 55-64
  • Gender Man
Excellent Product

Slow. Mellow onset of warmth and wellbeing without any impairment. Best if taken when initiating a relaxed state. Really helps with any anxiety you may have. Relieved tension and back pain subtly.

Debra L.
United States United States
Intimacy Vape pen

Absolutely love! This vape pen, To be honest this is the first vape pen I own. The pen is very well designed, Easy to use, a quick and convenient way, to relax before you start your day, or end your day!

Debra L.
United States United States
Intimacy Vape pen

Absolutely love! This vape pen, To be honest this is the first vape pen I own. The pen is very well designed, Easy to use, a quick and convenient way, to relax before you start your day, or end your day!

Marcella J.
I cannot do without

I love my flow vape pen❤️❤️ I'm waiting anxiously to get another one you guys have been out for awhile now. Anyway, I work nights, when I come in in the morning all I want to do is have a nice relaxing sleep and my flow pen helps me to do that. I only have a little more to go and I need to buy my third flow pen. I have never smoked anything a day in my life, but this right here, helps to calm me. It helps with my pain in my knees which allows me to be able to work out every single day I'm feening for my flow pen.. Best product ever I love I love it.


Loved the vape! The flavor is fabulous! The pen is easy to use, battery has such a long life! Perfect! Ordering another

Brian W.
Vaped to sleep

I purchased awaken for my wife and flow to enhance her medical cannabis use. I tried the flow and found that it kept my ptsd insomnia at bay all night. I get 3 good puffs and lay down and i stay asleep all night.


The product itself is great but the cartridge leaked in shipping and was about half-full. The product images look like it should be about three quarters full, and there’s obviously oil left on the packaging that’s stained. I’m hesitant to order another cartridge because I’m worried it will arrive leaky/broken.

Love it

I have anxiety that is terrible. I was skeptical that this could help but it pretty much instantly rids those feelings of anxiety and I just feel a sense of calm. I love that I don't have to worry about the purity and cleanliness of what I am inhaling. I will be using this product for a very long time...Thank you Foria for all of your hard work in creating this product!

Mallory H.
Broke halfway through the oil

Love love love their vape pen and the flavor and just the overall effects of CBD. I love having a dedicated vape pen to CBD that doesn't have any THC (I live in Colorado and frequently get CBD + THC, but I like the effects of just CBD). And it's frequent that you'll find CBD oil that has a lot of substitutes, which Fiora does not. My only issue is that the cartridge was half full when it broke. I don't think the pen itself is broken, but I'm not sure it's worth purchasing another cartridge to find out. Basically the screw off part was disconnected from the cartridge. It wasn't dropped, pulled on or anything. I loved everything about the pen, but can't afford having the cartridge break half way through each time. Maybe they're still figuring out the kinks.

Alice R.
Pain relief + Anxiety relief

I know this product isn’t magic, but I find that it is the word I want to use. I’m a little way along in my CBD journey, and have already (through the guidance of my doctor) reduce both my medicine for panic attacks, and totally eliminate my pain medication. I’m not totally off my meds, but I have been able to cut my dose in half, which is huge for me. I have a delicate stomach, so being able to drop my need for ibuprofen has been a game changer. Your mileage may vary of course. Always talk to your doctor. This is simply my story, and I want to share it. I used to use a different CBD brand. I decided on a change of pace and flavor, so I tried Foria. I had thought I was getting the best CBD. I was wrong. Foria IS the best CBD. Accept no substitutes, folks. This is realness. Thank you, Foria!! May your THC products soon be legal across the USA. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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