Natural Relief from Menstrual Pain — Is Cannabis the Key?

The time is long past due for an effective, natural & safe alternative for the countless women who suffer silently for decades of their lives.

Want to be a part of history?

The world’s first medical study on the benefits of cannabis-infused vaginal suppositories is seeking volunteers.

In collaboration with Staci Gruber, PhD — an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and director of a cannabis research program at McLean Hospital  — the study will look at the effectiveness of Foria Relief to address pain and other symptoms of menstruation.

Join the movement to address women’s pain with cannabis.

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Period Got You Down? There’s a Plant for That...

See what these women have to say about their experience with cannabis-infused menstrual suppositories...

Cannabis suppositories provide menstrual relief without the side-effects typical of ibuprofen or opioids.

And unlike other cannabis products, vaginal suppositories provide direct, localized relief — typically without any psychoactive effects.

Now, there's a chance to prove to the world that there's a better way to help women thrive during their period...

Pain? Side-Effects? Big Pharma Doesn't Care...

Doctors regularly dismiss women's complaints about pain, and Big Pharma continues to treat painful menstruation and related conditions (like PCOS and endometriosis) with hormonal birth control, ibuprofen and opioids — all of which can have unpleasant and even dangerous side-effects throughout your body.

Women's pain and discomfort have been ignored by the mainstream medical establishment for too long.

Let’s change that. Now.

How a Medical Study Could Change Everything...

In 2019, Staci Gruber, PhD will track the results of 400 women using Foria Relief for the first time.

This observational study will be the first in the world to follow women using a medical cannabis product that is already available in stores — and the first to track the efficacy of that product in treating women’s menstrual pain & discomfort.

While this study is not an end in itself — whatever the results are, they will open the door to greater awareness, innovation, and relief for people everywhere by:

- Demonstrating the benefits of localized, all-natural cannabinoid therapies.

- Providing women and their doctors a valuable set of data on efficacy and safety of this increasingly popular natural product.

- Raising awareness of the room for innovation in treating women’s unique health challenges.

- Paving the way for further studies nationwide, and more specific studies on dosage and CBD-only suppositories.

- Informing and inspiring the cannabis industry to continue innovating new and improved remedies for women and men everywhere.

How It Will Work...

The study will rely on self-reported results via automated, secure medical questionnaire administered by Dr. Gruber and her staff.

All information shared with her research team will be anonymous and private.

The only other commitment for participants will be to receive delivery of the product and make sure to use it during their periods.

Who's Involved?

Staci Gruber, PhD

— Dr Gruber is a Harvard Medical School Associate Professor of Psychiatry, and Director of Marijuana Investigations for Neuroscientific Discovery (MIND) Program and the Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Core (CCNC) at McLean Hospital.


— FlowKana grows, processes, and distributes California's finest quality cannabis to retailers throughout the state. FlowKana will supply Foria Relief to study participants — at no charge — through its local delivery service or with vouchers for purchase at participating retailers.

Sign Up To Participate...

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You'll be updated with ongoing study results, as well as info about Foria's upcoming CBD-only menstrual suppositories. NO SPAM! We promise!

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Menstruation is Life...

For several days every month — for decades of their lives — countless people who have periods suffer through the pain and discomfort of menstrual cramps.

It says a lot about our culture's concern for menstruation that — for such a common experience — there are few, if any, treatments that are not potentially harmful for the female body.

Menstruation is something that could be valued for its vital capacity to bring life into the world. Offering solutions to this widespread pain with compassion would be one way to show our care, and that nobody should be suffering in silence.

Ancient taboos rooted in oppression, fear, and alienation of the feminine have stymied much-needed research into this essential life process. It’s hard to believe, but it’s 2018 and the options we still offer are hot water bottles and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories or prescription opioids and hormones — all with unpleasant side-effects and potential long-term health consequences.

It’s time for another alternative, an all natural one — not designed in the lab,  but grown in the garden.

Women have known and reported for thousands of years that cannabis can be used effectively to alleviate many of the discomforts associated with menstruation — along with a host of other health challenges.

Now, with the help of the cannabis plant, Foria is working to change that. After far too long in the shadows of history, the cannabis plant and the biology of menstruation are being examined in a modern, scientific research study that could lead to widespread relief and healing for women across the country and around the world.

Healing History

An Ancient Remedy, Hiding in Plain Sight

For thousands of years, women were the keepers of herbal medicine & plant wisdom  — including the many uses of cannabis sativa.

Countless healers treated women's unique medical conditions & life experiences with cannabis concoctions & salves, and in the 19th-century, doctors regularly prescribed cannabis for menstrual pain.

As a topical and an oral tincture, cannabis worked incredibly well to soothe pain and spasm, and without unpleasant side effects — all because most animal life on earth is uniquely wired to respond to cannabinoids.

But starting about 100 years ago, cannabis was demonized and eventually banned, removing this valuable herbal medicine from our national pharmacopeia.

Fortunately, decades of scientific research on cannabis have inspired winds of change across the US and around the world, as the benefits of cannabinoids —especially CBD — become widely known.

Today, companies are able to produce ultra-pure, tested and traceable cannabis products for use on your skin — even on the uniquely absorptive mucosal skin of the vagina and vulva...

What Is Foria Relief?

You may have seen new reports about cannabis lube and suppositories providing women relief and even enhanced pleasure.

Foria developed these products — Relief and Pleasure — in response to the lack of natural, effective options for women who struggle with menstrual cramps or sexual pain conditions.

Relief is the world’s first cannabis-infused vaginal suppository for menstrual cramps — delivering soothing plant magic directly where it’s needed, with minimal systemic side-effects.

Unlike vaporizing or eating cannabis, Foria Relief typically works without the intoxication associated with cannabis or marijuana.

What Women Are Saying...

“Since I was 15 years old, I’ve had severe menstrual cramps. I’ve been put on birth control and have taken naproxen / ibuprofen for years to try to lessen the pain. On the first day of my cycle I usually do not sleep much because of the pain, and I have to get up to take ibuprofen in the middle of the night (often more than once) and it can take up to an hour for the pain to dull.

This last cycle, I tried Relief right before I laid down to sleep and slept through the entire night without any painful disturbance! I was shocked! Every month for the past decade I spend a day or two suffering from these symptoms and Relief provided me just that — total relief — for the first time. Now, I refuse to be without it during my time of the month.”


"My period is the most dreaded week out of the month. My cramps are so painful that I'm doubled in pain and can't move. I have taken ibuprofen, percocet, used heating pads, and taken hot baths and NOTHING seems to help reduce my pain. I started reading the testimonials on Foria Relief and knew I had to try.

There are no words to describe how happy I am to have found this product. My severe cramps don't even exist anymore when I use Foria Relief. I am ever so grateful that this product is in my life. If I could give this product 100 stars, I would.

Thank you Foria for helping relieve my pain. I'm one happy customer."


“All I could do was be thankful for the abdominal pain that was fading into the background and my lower back muscles loosening up—saying see ya later to the previous two days’ discomfort.

It is important to note that this product doesn't come with a psychoactive high — however, I couldn’t help but feel my mood altered in positive ways.

—Dope Magazine

"When I discovered Foria's Relief suppositories I was thrilled not only for myself, but for the countless women who come to me with mild to severe period pain each month.

I've personally witnessed women go from absolutely dreading their period, to actually embracing their monthly flow with the use of the Foria Relief suppositories.

Foria's new study on the effect of cannabis-infused vaginal suppositories is going to be an absolute game-changer for the millions of women who suffer with severe or disruptive period pain." 

Nicole Jardim, "The Period Girl," Certified Women's Health Coach

Why All-Natural Matters

Many  products for sex and feminine hygiene are made with synthetic petrochemical ingredients known to mimic estrogen and exacerbate various conditions. 

That's why Relief’s ingredients — as with all Foria products — are all-natural and 100% organic or else grown without chemical pesticides. Relief is made with sun-grown cannabis from pristine farms in California and Colorado that use innovative sustainable practices to enhance soil & protect local watersheds.

The final product is independently tested for purity, ensuring it's free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbes and other toxins.


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