Foria Awaken Natural Arousal Oil Testimonials

Foria Awaken was inspired by the phenomenal success of our first product, Foria Pleasure, which earned rave reviews for its revolutionary results. But since Pleasure contains THC, it’s only available for purchase in CA & CO.

We received countless inquiries from women about how they could experience the benefits of Foria locally and legally, so after extensive R&D we developed an entirely new, natural & organic formula with CBD, Kava, and synergistic botanicals. Foria Awaken is available online and ships worldwide.

Foria’s been formulating cannabis-based sexual health and wellness products since 2012, so we know the terrain well -- and we’re still delighted by the new and exciting ways our community puts our products to work for them.

You don’t have to take our word for it…

Increased Orgasmic Release & Pleasure

“I was skeptical at first. But I’m a believer and so is my partner! I don’t really have issues with arousal or lubrication, but this stuff intensifies *everything*. I will be purchasing again and hopefully get to a state that sells Pleasure so I can try that too.” -- Cathy B.

"Definitely increased my libido. I love the sensation it gives me: super tingly — I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is jealous about that! LOVE Awaken!!! Thanks, Foria!” -- Jill P.

"I didn't think my orgasms could be stronger - but what a huge surprise! I am no stranger to the pleasures from my own body - but the Awaken seemed to relax me further and the heightened arousal gave way to shuddering waves of pleasure.  It was a wonderful experience for myself and my partner.” - Susan

“I never review products. Never. Ever. Ever. This one deserves to be the exception to the rule: amazing! I don’t know how you came up with the formula. All I can say is, it works. Congratulations.” -- Bethany C.

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Decrease Pain, Enhance Pleasure

"I suffer from endometriosis and MS, so in the rare chance my partner and I engage in anything it can be pretty painful for me. But since using Foria Awaken, it's actually made it enjoyable for me well as increased my libido. Love Awaken!”  -- Mary B.

"This product definitely brought my sex to the next level...especially because sex can be painful sometimes. When I first opened Awaken, the sweet fragrances of cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla made me feel feminine and relaxed. When I put on the smooth oil, my lady parts felt an immediate warm and light sensation that helped to put me ‘in the mood.’ The best part? The moments leading up to the orgasm!! The final bliss is like standing under a warm waterfall.” -- Gretchen D.

"With so much going on, it can be hard to relax these days. You might want to be intimate, but your body feels differently. There's aches, pains, tenseness, stress, what have you. Foria created Awaken. A Plant Based product, with amazing ingredients. I mean, there's Cacao in this. AMAZING! Why is it so hard to relax these days and not feel tense? Pain that sometimes occurs was all gone with the help of a few sprays. IT'S A MUST-HAVE PRODUCT!" -- Tiffany H

Menopause Relief

"My wife and I had the pleasure of trying this product as soon as it arrived last week. We both thought it lived up to our expectations and then some. It is not only an enhancement for her but I too experienced increased pleasure using it...and as an added bonus it is also flavorful. She has gone through menopause and as a result the natural lubrication is not always there, and this stuff not only provides that but it is a true delight to experience. Thank you!” -- Gordon K.

“Bought it for my wife. She's in her late 50's and was having more dryness. Tried it and wow! She could not believe what was happening. She thanked me endlessly. You've woken a sleeping beauty, and can't wait to use it again soon. Thank you, Foria.” -- Leisa M.

"I am a 50-year-old post-menopausal woman. I have been married for 30 years and about 6 years ago my libido died. I have tried everything. Hormones, creams, pills, etc etc etc. My hubby was in California and he bought me some Foria. This is the first thing that has worked for me!!!! I regained about 50% sensation after the first try. I feel like it is healing the problem even within my brain. Women need to know about this product NOW." -- Gena

Revived Romance

“Without hesitation, I say to every woman I know: please try this elixir of love at least one time. It might just change your life. Foria completely overrides my stress and anxiety about the kids and house. It awakens me to my desperate need for intimate connection. And it relaxes me enough to receive the love that I need. Foria has given me and my husband a “date-night” again, and changed our lives for the better. This is a product that could save the mental health of so many mamas out there. It could save a marriage. It can save your sanity, and restore your sexuality. -- Cassie C.

"Your product was referred by a friend. I was doubtful but gave it a shot...Wow! It’s fantastic! It’s stimulating to both women *and* men, increasing pleasure & intimacy. I’ve purchased bottles for 5 friends who all love it! Great product. Thanks! -- Katie L.

"Love it. Wife loves it. Amazing product. So awesome. Can’t wait till the THC version is legal in Maryland, as I would love to see the difference. The fact that it’s for women and enhancing pleasure etc is extremely exciting for me as I want her to experience max results.” -- Mathew C.

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