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Great-tasting and fast-acting, Foria's Wellness Tonic with CBD has become a vital component of daily self-care for many in our growing community. The CBD market can be a jungle of confusing marketing and competing claims (and less-effective ingredients, like CBD isolate). We’ve been crafting all-natural and organic cannabis-based products since 2012, and we’re committed to formulating pristine, reliable, all-natural products. We’re pleased to offer a balanced, broad-spectrum CBD tonic for daily wellness, featuring a synergy of cannabinoids and terpenes in 100% organic MCT oil.

What They’re Saying...

Outstanding. Definitely the best performing CBD oil I've had so far — and also the best tasting. My favorite thing about it is how quickly it starts working for moderate pain relief and overall effectiveness. 10/10 would use again.” - Daniel

“I first started using Tonic for my cramps and discomfort during my period. After experiencing amazing relief I started using it for EVERYTHING – headaches, stomachaches, and stress!” - Maryann

“Basics has done wonders for any post-workout muscle soreness. I really notice that my yoga practice is elevated as I can sustain a more intense or more frequent practice during the week with less recovery time.” - Katrina

“I had the best sleep of my life last night! 10 hours straight and I only got up once! I couldn’t believe it, it was like magic and I’m so grateful. I’m sending one to my sister in Michigan.” - Rose

"The onset was much faster than any other tincture I have ever taken. Typically it takes me an hour to feel any effects but I could feel it working within half an hour.  I will definitely be making Foria Basics part of my daily regimen!” - Bryan

"The ingredients are so simple and kind, and it feels like it really soothes aches and pains instead of just temporarily covering them up.” - Maryann

“As a psychotherapist and sex therapist, I can’t gush enough about the Basics Tonic for my PMDD symptoms. Even healers need support, and I think this is one of the best supplements for self-care. I can’t thank you enough!" - Kayna

“Just 0.5ml of Foria would give me an even more pronounced relaxing effect than 1ml of my other brands. The onset was also much quicker: 15 mins or less vs 30-45 mins with the other brand. Kudos to you and your team for bringing such amazing products to the market." - Nyree

“I live with anxiety and in order to give myself the time and space I need to be healthy, it's sometimes difficult to commit to things far in advance because it's hard to predict how I'll be feeling on any given day. For having a little more predictability in mood, Basics was really nice.” - Misha


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