Sexual Self-Care

“Self-care” has become a potent buzzword in the wellness community and the world at large, and it’s come to be associated with escapist fantasies like luxury vacation experiences broadcast on social media.

But before the commercial hype, self-care originated as a powerful concept — one rooted in the lifesaving impulse that spurs us, sometimes against all odds, to take action on our own behalf.

Choosing to take care of ourselves is an act of self-love, a declaration of worth that can — if we follow the breadcrumbs — connect us to the vital experience of deeply trusting ourselves. By practicing self-care, that trust begins to show up more and more in the vital moments of connection, creation and reflection that truly define our lives.

We’ve seen this self-care in action in the personal stories of women in our community who use Foria for relief from the symptoms of endometriosis or debilitating menstrual pain. We’ve also seen it in the stories of women who’ve transformed their painful sexual experiences with the help of Foria.

In connecting with our community — in emailed questions, product feedback, online discussions, and at workshops and events — we’ve encountered many common themes in women’s lives:

  • stories of women who are just beginning to understand their bodies and their true potential for pleasure
  • tales of the raw reality of hormonal imbalance in its many forms
  • the honest and rarely-discussed truth about what happens to the sexual body in pregnancy, in birth, and postpartum
  • examples of how our sexual education may have utterly failed us (even in the most progressive parts of the world) and what it has taken to discover our own way to sexual empowerment
  • healing stories of embracing one’s body & sexuality again after traumatic experiences
  • too many examples of the incredible prevalence of body shame and — especially — genital shame.

And that’s to name just a few.

None of us are alone in these experiences.  No matter how isolating they may seem, these are concerns we all share.

In the spirit of self-care, we feel it’s time to use our platform (and our unique connection to women’s most intimate experiences) to share with you the most fascinating and useful practices for sexual healing that we’ve encountered.

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing information on a wide spectrum of tools and perspectives on sexual health, covering everything from discovering your erotic blueprint to recovering from a vaginal injury or working with fertility challengesWe’ll explore internal massage & the use of jade eggs for rebuilding vaginal tone & flexibility. We’ll take a closer look at orgasmic meditation, hormonal health, squirting, how to take control at the gynecologist’s office, and much, much more.

Human existence is physical, and it is erotic. No matter who you are or what your experience is, your body is unique, essential, miraculous, and inescapable. No matter how busy you are, it cannot be ignored. And knowledge is power.

We are delighted to offer you these tools for learning about your body, claiming your sovereignty, and exploring with full freedom, permission, and curiosity. We hope very much that your journey with us will be one of radiant health, radical empowerment, and deep, nourishing pleasure.

If you have a particular challenge or question you would like for us to address, we would love to hear it! Feel free to email us at

Written by: Pamela Samuelson

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