Interactive Sex Stories: What Are We All Dirty Daydreaming About?

Do you remember choose-your-own-adventure novels? Interactive sex stories are the dirtier version of those books, where you can pick and choose what fantasies you want to daydream about. 

With branching paths and multiple ways the story can end, it’s up to the reader to decide which way they want the story to go. Want to know more? Let’s dig in and explore!

What Is an Interactive Sex Story?

An interactive sex story is a type of erotic fiction in which the reader gets to decide where the story will go. Think of it like written sexy role-playing! But through studying interactive sex stories, we’ve learned a lot about what people are fantasizing about and what they may be afraid to admit that they want in the bedroom. 

To stop fantasy from being taboo so that you can embrace your consensual (or consensual non-consensual) kinks, let’s look at some of the more common themes found in interactive sex stories.

Dirty Sex

While an interactive sex story can be anything you want, one of the most common themes is dirty sex. Dirty sex is one of the broadest categories of kink because the definition can be anything that people want. 

For one person, dirty sex can be having their hair pulled and hearing that they’re a bad girl. For another, it can be sneaking into an alley and getting it on with the possibility of getting caught. There’s no right or wrong way to have dirty sex, as long as it's satisfying or consensual. 

But a common theme in plenty of the interactive sex stories we’ve seen is that people are tired of having dull, vanilla sex. Think about how you want to have dirty sex, and don’t judge yourself for what comes up. 

Many people into dirty sex fantasize about a dominant/submissive relationship, which doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be painful or problematic à laFifty Shades of Grey. Even something as simple as temporary orgasm deprivation (or edging) can be dirty if done right. 

Plus, if you add Awaken Arousal Oil, you’ll have even more sensation while trying to keep yourself from going over the edge too soon. 

Multipartner Sex

Multipartner sex is like dirty sex in that it can be anything you want. From threesomes to full-on group sex, multi-partner sex is essentially sexy fun with at least two other partners. 

While we can’t say precisely what makes this so attractive to people, we’d guess it's the feeling of being the center of attention that people crave. In most people’s everyday lives, they have to fade into the background, put their heads down and work to survive. 

There’s not a lot of time to be the star of the show in daily life; if it does happen, it can come with fear and discomfort. In an interactive sex story, being the star is a good thing! 

People are focused on you because, to them, you’re the sexiest person alive. It’s a way to let go, admit when you feel sexy, and own that without feeling guilty or self-centered.

Rough Play

Listen, we know that asking for what you want can be a tricky proposition. Depending on what you’re into and how good your communication with your partner is, bringing something up like an interest in rough play can feel nearly impossible. 

But, when you’re reading an interactive sex story, you can fantasize about anything you want without feeling bad about it. Rough play, like dirty sex, can mean a multitude of things. Think of it as various degrees of roughness, with no judgment. 

It can be as small as a bit of light spanking or as significant as engaging in consensual non-consent fantasies.

Remember, even though rough sex is a common fantasy, that doesn’t mean you should go without lube. Use plenty of supportive lubricant to keep things nice and slippery, even when using a toy or your hand. 


If we were left to our own devices and allowed to fantasize about whatever we wanted, at least a small percentage of people would let their thoughts drift to more taboo places. A perfect example is the prevalence of specific porn like step-brother or step-mother. 

While it’s nothing that (most) people would do in real life, there’s something taboo about thinking about it when you’re enjoying some self-love. Other forms of taboo sex include furries, period sex (not taboo, if you ask us!), anal, pegging, or BDSM. 

Exploring these in the guise of an interactive sex story can help you find out what you’re really into so that you can decide if it's something you want to start incorporating into your actual sex life. Just remember, even in your fantasy world, consent is critical.

Open Relationships

Have you thought about having a partner other than your current one? Polyamory (which is different from polygamy, where you’re married to more than one person) is the practice of being involved with more than one romantic partner. It can be a difficult practice in real life, where there are real-life feelings, but fantasy land is open season. 

Interactive sex stories can help you fantasize about open relationships without the awkward conversation with your partner. Just lube up, switch out your usual dildo for something a little bit different (maybe bigger?), and become the casting director for your own fantasy fun! 

If it’s something you don’t think you can live without, it can give you the confidence you need to talk to your partner and find out if it's a possibility for your real relationship. 

Same-Sex, Erotic Flexibility

A lot of fantasizing subconsciously revolves around set gender roles and heteronormativity. However, for some people, exploring their sexuality starts with reading an interactive sex story based on erotic flexibility. 

What is erotic flexibility, you ask? Essentially, the idea of erotic flexibility is the idea that people are more open about who they would sleep with than they think. Often, the concept of the gender and sexual binary boxes people in and makes them feel like they can’t have any “wiggle room.” 

If we removed all labels, most people would fall somewhere in the middle of the Kinsey Scale

But don’t go thinking fantasizing about same-sex play makes you “gay.” Many heterosexual people (especially women) think about what it would be like to mess around with someone of the same gender, but that doesn’t typically play into who they are interested in or want to date in real life. 

Think of it more as hetero-flexible. That’s not to say that fantasizing about same-sex playtime won’t lead to considering your sexuality, and that’s alright too! Sometimes that’s all it takes to realize your true sexual preferences, and you can do it in the best, low-stakes way.


With an interactive sex story, you can take your dreams, kinks, and fantasies in any direction you want. If you’ve thought about having dirtier sex, rougher sex, sex with multiple partners, or anything else, these stories allow you to dip your toes in without worrying about being shot down. 

Stick with Foria for more advice on molding your love life into the sex life of your (literal) dreams. We’ve got your back, front, and everywhere in between. Just don’t forget the lube!


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