5 Feelings to Gift This Valentine's Day

When we’re thinking of ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts – whether it’s chocolate, flowers, a romantic night out, something sexy for the bedroom, or all of the above – we’re really trying to create a feeling for our lovers and ourselves.

Feelings of interconnectedness, excitement, care, fulfillment, closeness, or just creating a romantic mood with someone who really turns us on in body and mind. 

If you picture V-Day gifts as feelings in a special package, you can start to think outside the candy box and dream up the gift of their dreams, for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day – or any day.

Here at Foria, we can’t invoke every feeling. But feelings of deep connection and sizzling intimacy in the bedroom are right in our wheelhouse. So if you’re deciding which feelings to gift from our legendary Intimacy Collection, this guide is for you.

Awaken – that “can’t-keep-our-hands-off-each-other” feeling. 

We designed our unique, first-of-its-kind arousal oil with a sensual blend of all-natural & organic botanicals that work with the female body to enhance sensation, arousal, and toe-curling pleasure. Apply it during foreplay and take your sweet time, for feelings you both can feel.

Want to try our bestseller without the CBD? Awaken with Organic Botanicals features heart-opening double-steeped kava root in our signature, oral-friendly formula.

Sex Oil – that “smooth operator” feeling.

In a recent informal community poll on Reddit (where most of your favorite listicles come from), women reported that they love when their male partners have a good lube on hand – and not enough guys do. 

Lube is for everyone, every time. Our Sex Oil with CBD was designed for maximum relaxation, with just two simple ingredients that combine to create a long-lasting, glide that’s silky, never sticky – naturally. Use with oil-safe toys and protection.

Intimacy Melts – that “deep connection” feeling.

Go deeper” is such a sexy thing to hear in bed. Not only because deep penetration can feel so good physically, but because it’s such a great way to feel as close as you are – truly, madly, deeply.

Our Intimacy Melts were designed to enhance arousal and comfort with deep penetration, for next-level closeness from the inside out.

Wellness Bath Salts – that “romantic getaway” feeling.

Whether it’s a sexy soak a’ deux or giving her a little solo time to get away from it all and prepare for a night of rapturous lovemaking, our Wellnss Bath Salts were designed to seduce all the senses with a classic V-Day aroma profile of rose and cacao.

Quickie Kit – that “afternoon delight” feeling.

Sometimes it’s best not to plan – just grab your lover and an overnight bag and get away from it all. We bundled our travel-friendly Quickie Kit for those spontaneous moments, so you can enjoy great sex anytime, anywhere

Or are you committed to your partner’s pleasure, but not ready to make a commitment to full-sized bottles? Keep it casual with this bundle of our bestsellers in tantalizing deluxe sample sizes, and try everything – together.

Foria’s Intimacy Collection – better sex, bottled. 

When it comes to pleasure, nature knows best. All our most thrilling feelings are deeply-rooted in our connection with the natural world, and at Foria, we’ve always been driven to explore those roots, with a mission to support pleasure and connection for all. 

So go ahead and feel everything this Valentine’s Day, and whatever your pleasure, it’s our honor to help you two get there – over and over and over again.

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