Deep Sex: The Best Sex Positions For Deep Penetration

“Deeper.” That’s such a sexy thing to hear – or say – when we’re in bed with someone we want badly. “Deep sex” has two meanings that can coexist deliciously: the literal, when we want our partner to penetrate our body to the fullest extent, and the metaphorical, when we want the profound intimacy that comes with burying them in our most secret places. 

In a purely physical sense, deep penetration during sex can feel really good. Some very sensitive parts of our bodies can only be accessed that way, whether by a penis, fingers or toys.

The G-spot is the most widely-known example – but there’s also the A-spot, or anterior fornix erogenous zone, located in front of the cervix, and, for some people, the cervix itself. (Check out our guide to different kinds of orgasms and how to have them for more info on interior anatomy.) And if you have a prostate, there’s a hole new world to explore!

Even though our souls might crave deep penetration, sometimes our bodies have other ideas. Deep, hard thrusting can hurt – especially if we’re not fully aroused. Make sure you’ve had all the foreplay you need to be ready, go slowly if you need to, and remember that you can go deep without necessarily going hard. Even minimal movement can feel fabulous.

This should go without saying, but a good, clean lube can be your best friend for any sex you have, at any depth. And for extra relaxation from within, try a CBD suppository – our community swears by them for deep, transformative pleasure and comfort.

Now you’ve got your lube, you’ve taken your time to get really ready, and you’re dying to invite your partner in. So what are the best sex positions for deep penetration?

We’ve written this article to address the receptive partner – the one being penetrated. But if you plan to do the penetrating, stay with us! You just might learn a trick or two.

The prone bone.

This doggy variant is great if you want to go deep without too much vigorous thrusting. If you have a clitoris, you can grind your hips for extra friction – while your partner enjoys a great back view. (It’s also fantastic for lazy morning sex, before you’ve had a chance to brush your teeth.)

How to do it: lie on your stomach, either with your legs straight or one knee tucked up to the side. Put a pillow under your hips if you need to; you’ll probably want a little arch in your lower back. Have your partner penetrate you from behind.

Cowgirl (or boy).

A classic for a reason, this position allows you perfect control over the depth and speed of penetration. You can grind on their pelvis if you want the extra stimulation, or swivel your hips to feel them everywhere inside. 

How to do it: have them lie on their back and hop on, facing them. Ask them to thrust up if you don’t want to do all the work! Reverse cowgirl (or boy), where you face their feet, is also popular with many. It doesn’t allow for extra-deep penetration, though, unless your partner has a penis that points down when erect – in that case, it may be a godsend.

Sitting, face-to-face.

One for the yogis (and aspiring yogis), this position allows for deep penetration and also deep intimacy as you gaze into each other’s eyes, match your breath together, and feel as much of their body as you can hold.  

How to do it: Have them sit cross-legged, then sit in their lap with your legs around their hips. The motion here is more like rocking back and forth than thrusting; it’s a great opportunity to slowly savor the different sensations that arise from subtle movements. If your partner has a hard time supporting you while sitting cross-legged, try having them sit on the edge of a bed or other flat surface.

Lying down, you on top.

If you have a vulva, this position allows for a great angle on your G-spot. It also provides easy manual access to your clitoris – for either of you. It’s the best of both worlds! You won’t be able to see each other’s faces, but it’s ideal for dirty talk right in your ear. 

How to do it: have them lie on their back, and lie on top of them with your back against their chest. Have them thrust up and into you. You can either open your legs and brace your feet outside their legs, or hold your legs together for a tight squeeze.

You on your back, them kneeling.

We think the missionary position’s “boring” reputation is undeserved. If you try enough porno acrobatics that require Olympian core strength and superhuman coordination, coming back to regular ol’ missionary can feel like a well-deserved vacation. However, there’s a tweak that can take it much deeper. Add clitoral stimulation (very easy in this position) and you’re in business.

How to do it: have them kneel in front of you. Lie on your back and scoot your butt up the slope of their knees, with your weight on your shoulders and them holding up your hips. Wrap your legs around them for stability.

Your legs over their shoulders/knees pulled back.

Another missionary variant that requires a little flexibility, but if you can manage it – and if you want it – it’s the last word in deep and hard. Your partner will have maximum control here, which might be a real turn-on. And this position can go anywhere in the house – from bed to the kitchen counter.

How to do it: lie on your back and have them enter you face-to-face, kneeling or standing. Throw your legs over their shoulders – they’ll control the depth by how far they lean forward. If you’re not comfortable with letting them use your legs as a lever, open your own legs wide and hook under your thighs with your hands – or let them press you open themselves. Whew!

Once you start exploring deep sex, we’re sure you’ll form your own opinions about what the best sex positions for deep penetration are and aren’t – and we’re also sure you’ll have a great time getting there. And who knows, maybe you’ll even invent some of your own! Go deep or go home.

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