9 Sexual Wellness Trends To Watch in 2023

What’s hot in sexual wellness is a constantly evolving topic — that’s why we end up with so many unique and beneficial products. Here are 10 sexual wellness trends to watch for in 2023 and why we think they will make such a big splash. 

What Is Sexual Wellness?

Before we dive in, let’s have a quick word about what sexual wellness means in the first place. 

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has learned about the importance of human sexuality in keeping our overall wellness in check, calling sexual health “fundamental.” When you’re in a place of optimal sexual wellness, you feel connected to your body in every aspect — physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. 

There are a few different models for what that means and how you can get there. Sexual wellness means that you feel safe and secure when you have sex and that you have self-respect and self-esteem in the bedroom. 

It also means that you’re staying free from disease and healing from any past sexual traumas you may have experienced. Essentially, sexual wellness embraces the whole sexual being that you are and wants every aspect of your sex life to be as safe, fun, and — perhaps most importantly — as pleasurable as possible. 

What 10 Sexual Wellness Trends Should You Know for 2023?

Okay, with that in mind, let’s look forward to 2023 and see what sexual wellness trends are on the horizon!

1. Sexual Wellness as Self-Care

Let’s start by getting real. Using the National Alliance on Mental Illness’s self-care inventory, how often are you setting time aside to take care of yourself? Notice that one of their physical self-care action items is that you should “take time to be sexual.” 

While this test won’t be graded, it can help you see how well you’re doing in fairly black-and-white terms (although we’re willing to bet that you already know that).

Focusing on sexual wellness as a form of self-care is crucial to improving your life as a whole (if you’re into that, of course. This doesn’t pertain to aces or other people who aren’t into getting sexual). Adding it to your list of self-care action items is a great way to ensure you give it — and you — the attention it deserves.

But how can you incorporate sexual wellness into your self-care practices? It’s not just about having sex; we want you to have satisfying, fulfilling, pleasurable sex. Try to be more outspoken with your partner about what works and doesn’t work for you. 

Set aside more time to pleasure yourself, too! After all, getting yourself off releases a ton of feel-good hormones and helps you learn more about your sexual preferences. Now, go buy that new sex toy in the name of self-care — you deserve it.

2. Cyclical Living

If you’ve been feeling a little more “witchy” lately, you’re not alone. Being forced to spend more time in solitude during the pandemic has made many of us feel more connected with our core selves, not the masks we often need to put on to get through life.

That’s why we believe cyclical living will be a big sexual wellness trend in 2023. What is cyclical living? It’s a way of life that takes us back to the basics, where we live in harmony with nature and the cycles that everything in the world naturally passes through. 

Think about it. The year happens in seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. The moon cycles, too, going from the nearly invisible new moon to the big, bright, beautiful full moon and back again. 

Even those of us that have menstrual cycles are naturally impacted by the ebb and flow of life. Cycles are all around us and inside of us too. 

While a lot of cyclical living focuses on staying attuned to your menstrual cycle, you don’t need to have one (or even have the parts to have one) to participate in this sexual wellness trend. Focusing on how your body feels throughout the month and how the moon cycles impact everything in your life — from how aroused you are to when you just want to be left alone — can help you live more mindfully with nature.

3. Natural Aphrodisiacs

People are increasingly moving away from putting artificial things in their bodies in favor of focusing on more natural ingredients and products. Why let your sex life be any different? You deserve the best, and natural aphrodisiacs are one way you can treat yourself without having to worry about the lasting consequences of chemicals.

Natural aphrodisiacs have been around for centuries. Have you ever heard that oysters or chocolate can get you in the mood? There have been whispers, especially in specific cultures, of how natural products can help increase your arousal and sexual prowess since we’ve been recording history. 

Now, and moving forward, companies are embracing that same line of thinking. We’re saying no to ingredients like alcohol, parabens, and phthalates in favor of more natural aphrodisiacs like CBD and kava. 

You watch what you eat; why wouldn’t you also want to watch what you’re putting on and inside your body in any other way? We’re wholeheartedly leaning into this sexual wellness trend not just for 2023 but for the foreseeable future.

4. Starting Outside the Bedroom

Have you found yourself in a sexual rut? Are you approaching sex like it’s one more thing you need to check off your to-do list? Sex may be fun, but it can easily become routine if you don’t mix it up occasionally. 

This year, try to jump-start your sex life by taking it outside the bedroom (at least, for starters). No, we’re not saying you have to fully lean into exhibitionism or join a swinger’s club — unless that’s something you’ve always wanted to try) — but learning to be a little freer and extending your foreplay can make a huge difference. 

Try sexting your partner (with their consent, of course) during the day to build anticipation, or start a make-out session on the couch out of nowhere. You’ll breathe new life into your sex life, guaranteed. 

5. Post-Sex Relief

Sex shouldn’t hurt (unless it’s consensual). However, just because sex should always be slippery, pleasurable, and fun doesn’t mean that your body always cooperates. Some people struggle with making enough natural lubrication, while others enjoy the intimacy that leaves you feeling it the next day. 

Just because your body hurts after sex doesn’t mean you have to stop having sex entirely. All it takes is a little forethought and adjustment to keep everything feeling good while reducing your downtime. 

A great way to do that is with intimacy melts, another sexual wellness trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Using natural ingredients like fair trade cocoa butter and broad-spectrum CBD, intimacy melts are designed to be inserted either vaginally or anally to enhance penetration and soothe discomfort, creating a more pleasurable sexual experience.

6. At-Home STI Testing

We all know how important it is to get regularly tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), especially after leaving and entering a new sexual relationship. Unfortunately, we don’t always have time to make it to those appointments, and most clinic hours are exactly the same as the hours many of us work. 

Enter at-home STI testing, another sexual wellness trend we hope sticks around far past 2023. More and more companies are entering the game, which gives us plenty of options (and price points) to choose from. Some of them will even take your insurance, leaving you with little to nothing to pay out of pocket! 

At-home STI testing puts the power back in your hands, allowing you to be tested for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis C, and trichomoniasis. In most cases, all you have to do is a quick swab of your throat, vagina, or rectum, a urine sample, and a finger stick (depending on what tests you want to have run), and mail it back in. 

Easy, safe, and one less thing you have to worry about!

7. Ramping Up the Romance

Intimacy can be about the act of sex, but it shouldn’t be completely divorced from the idea of keeping that romantic spark alive. Especially if you’re in a long-term relationship, ramping up the romance is an excellent way to ensure that your sex life doesn’t slip quietly into bed-death territory. 

When was the last time you and your partner went on a date? Try to focus more on ways you can reconnect with your partner outside of just having sex — a closer connection is only going to make your sex life better.

8. Multi-Purpose Lubricant

If you’re not already using lube, why not? Lubrication is one of the quickest, easiest, and most inexpensive ways to improve your sexual wellness, and anyone can use it! 

The right multi-purpose lube can be mind-blowing because you don’t have to worry about performance or longevity! Lube keeps everything sliding around in the right way, reduces the potential for discomfort during intercourse significantly, and is just fun. 

Plus, if you’re exploring anal play, it’s non-negotiable (your butt can’t make its own, so you’ve got to help it out).

9. Embracing the Adventure

For the last few years, we’ve been super limited in what we’ve been able to do safely. Now that everything is opening back up and we can get back out there, it’s time to embrace the adventure! 

Many of us learned a lot about ourselves through quarantine. Some people came out of the closet, while others became aware of their kinks and hidden sexual desires. If you’re one of those people — we’re so proud of you! 

Being your authentic self is always worthwhile. Now, don’t just sit with that information, do something about it! Embrace the adventure, take steps towards making your fantasy a reality, and be who you are without fear.

The Bottom Line

Each of the 10 sexual wellness trends we discussed embraces a different side of sexuality. From leaning into the adventure to doing something as simple (and game-changing) as using more lube when you get intimate, incorporating any of them will help you approach your sex life more mindfully. 

And, as always, stick with us at Foria for all the tips and tricks you need to create just the sex life you’ve always wanted.


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