An Oral History of Foria

In 2014, Foria was born from the seed of a single, sexy idea.

 Fueled by our abiding love of the natural world and our core belief that pleasure and connection sit at the heart of true wellbeing, we realized that we were in a unique position to meet the needs of our emerging community in ways that no other brand ever had.

 In this day and age, companies are told to appear on the scene with a set strategy and a cynical eye on the bottom line. It’s good advice if you want to corner the market and turn a fast profit, but it’s not Foria’s style.  

 When we talk about “growth”, we don’t mean numbers on a spreadsheet. Foria grew bit by bit and branch by branch, as part of a dynamic natural ecosystem that includes people, plants and the planet alike.

 So how did the “weed lube people” come to define the all-natural sexual health and wellness space?

 It’s kind of a crazy story…

In The Beginning was Foria Pleasure

 The “weed lube” in the sexy black bottle scandalized and intrigued the world, even making appearances on late-night talk shows. Pleasure became a cult hit, but it wasn’t a new idea. In fact, it emerged from a “trend” that’s thousands of years old.

 Cannabis has always seen historical use as both an aphrodisiac and a pain reliever. We wondered whether this powerful plant ally – criminalized so long – could enhance pleasure when used topically.

 We gave the first batch to our community, our friends, lovers, even our moms - and it far surpassed everyone’s expectations.  

 You wanna put that where?

 To our delight, we found that our emerging community loved telling us about their experiences with Pleasure. Not only all the orgasms, but the new and different, innovative ways they were using our simple-but-life-changing formula.

 One of the more interesting things we heard was that unbeknownst to one another, many of our customers were freezing Pleasure to solidify the oil, and inserting it as suppositories.

 The next step was clear: saving our customers the hassle of freezing their weed lube, and making those life-changing inserts ourselves.

 So our first insertable melt was born. And its descendants, Relief Melts and Intimacy Melts, are still available for anyone who wants sexual pleasure and period support from within.

 Melt into pleasure… and period care.

 We envisioned our all-natural vaginal and rectal inserts as primarily a pleasure product, but more and more people told us they were using them for menstrual support as well. 

 And the results were frequently life-changing. So much so that people were paying their friends and family in CA and CO to buy our products at dispensaries and ship them across the country, frequently at significant legal risk.

 In fact, since cannabis sales were still so restricted, all our products were hard for most people to get their hands on.

 That’s when we knew we had to look into other all-natural plants and botanicals to help us along.

 Awakening the World

 Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD was our first multi botanical formula – reverse-engineered to work similarly to Pleasure, with broad-spectrum CBD and extracts from other sexually activating plants that interact beneficially with the endocannabinoid system. 

 We formulated Awaken with Marysia Miernowska, a world-renowned herbalist known for her deep relationship with the plants. Each ingredient had a role to play, and as the first arousal oil of its kind, Awaken became an instant hit – helping people around the world experience more pleasure, even if they didn’t have a dispensary nearby.

 In this video Marysia discusses the origins of Awaken, and the synergy of its 8 all-natural ingredients.

The original Awaken is still our all-time bestseller, for good reason. And now we’ve also launched CBD-free Awaken Arousal Oil with Organic Botanicals, to spread the love even more.

Why are there so few options for menstrual support?

Today, our Relief line is one of our proudest achievements. We went there when nobody else would. In fact, when we launched our THC melts, the last all-new product for period care to come on the scene was Midol – a rebranded hiccup cure that launched in 1911. 

Not much had been done since then, strangely, even though a massive percentage of the world’s population menstruates regularly! 

And we learned from community feedback that our products weren’t only providing earth-shaking orgasms. Our customers were using our formulas for period support as well, and reported sometimes life-changing results.

Our next step was obvious. After many rounds of testing and feedback that helped us figure out the perfect formulation, we launched our all-CBD Relief Melts inserts in 2018. 

We could tell you how invaluable they’ve been to the people who love them – but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Guided by nature, made for you.

Ever since, we’ve thoughtfully and consciously expanded our offerings based on what you have to say about what you want, need, and desire. 

From our silky-never-slippery all-natural lube to a whole bathtub full of mood-setting aphrodisiacs to our cult CBD tonic, and new all-botanical formulations like our Breast Oil, we’ve doubled down on our commitment to pleasure and wellbeing across the lifespan.

And our commitment to sustainability is always the bedrock of our values. Our formulas have always been sustainably made from seed to shelf, with an unwavering commitment to organic and regeneratively farmed ingredients and low-impact packaging.

Our environmental practices have evolved and progressed over time, even when it wasn’t cheap, easy or convenient – because being committed to people, pleasure and plants means being committed to the planet as well.

We’re all holistically interlinked, parts of the same magnificent entity. And our commitment to the natural world is one and the same as our commitment to you.

We’re proud to say that our formulas solve real needs and deliver meaningful results, supporting the most intimate moments of your life – for unforgettable pleasure and vibrant wellbeing.

And to think, it all started with a crazy idea, a sexy black bottle… and you.

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