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People have sought love potions for all of history. Consuming something that supercharges our libido so we can feel totally satisfied and stirred from within? Sign us up! And slipping our intended lover a magical elixir that will guarantee they want us is an eternally potent, sexy and exciting idea. 

That second part can also be morally questionable. A real-life love potion doesn’t manipulate, it enchants – and allows powerful feelings and desires that are already present to run free.

Nowadays, we may not be able to slip off to the village soothsayer and ask them to mix a charm to beguile our lover. But here at Foria, we’ve always taken inspiration from the natural world and the herbalist tradition to create our own “love potions” – that really work, naturally.

More Real-Life Aphrodisiacs – Do They Work?

The human sexual response is so complex that a true, universal aphrodisiac – one that turns everyone on all the time – probably doesn’t exist, and we believe that’s actually a good thing. 

Fulfilling sexual intimacy is all about individual people – our tastes, appetites, quirks, turn-offs and turn-ons. And the best way to charm yourself into anyone’s heart (or pants) is to know them. Communicate clearly, explore with a spirit of curiosity, and discover what’s already inside, together.

That being said, there are some aphrodisiac herbs that do appear to support the physiological functions that contribute to a powerful libido.

And there are still more delicious foods and drinks that have symbolic as well as physical value for encouraging intimacy. Don’t discount symbolism when planning a Valentine’s feast, or a hot date night on any night – roses are just nice-smelling flowers after all, but centuries of human storytelling have imbued them with intense sexual potency.

Here are some of our favorite real-life sips and nibbles, with the best of both worlds.


Chocolate has been used as a tonic to lift spirits and get the blood pumping – if you know what we mean – since at least the 11th century BC. It also contains tryptophan and phenylethylamine, two substances that are essential to feeling good all over. 

And it’s also delicious. If you haven’t really savored good chocolate recently, give it a try – and just try to unpack the complexity of that unique combo of sweet, bitter, and mouthwatering umami. 

Cacao is the complete package, which is why it’s an essential ingredient in our Awaken and Intimacy Bath Salts – and why Rasa uses it to such spicy effect in this month’s gift with purchase.

Woman-founded and herbalist-formulated, Rasa creates adaptogen-packed coffee alternatives for sustained, nourishing energy, decreased stress, and better sleep… and they also know that sexual intimacy and wellness go hand-in-hand.

Rasa’s Spicy Rose blend (AKA Sex Tonic) contains relaxing and stimulating aphrodisiacs to help you get in the mood and into your body, and it tastes like spicy chocolate got in bed with a rose – what more could you want for Valentine’s Day?

We recommend starting your day with this uniquely sensual libation, then using your Awaken or Intimacy Melt before sex to enjoy the power of deep relaxation, heartfelt connection, and real all-natural magic.


“Casanova” is a slang term for an accomplished sexy seducer. Giacamo Casanova was also a real person – a 17th-century Italian author – who ate huge quantities of raw oysters for breakfast every day to fuel his erotic exploits.

But are oysters really an aphrodisiac? The slippery shellfish contain lots of bioavailable zinc, which helps maintain a healthy libido, and omega-3 fatty acids, to support whole-body wellness. And they bear a resemblance to female genitalia – that potent symbolic value again. 

Oysters are also one of the few seafoods that actually improve the health of our oceans where they’re grown. They’re an acquired taste that we recommend acquiring.

Kava Kava.

In the Pacific Island regions where it’s grown, Kava root is so revered (and frequently consumed) that there are more Kava bars than coffee or liquor bars. For those that like to have a cocktail or glass of wine in the evening, it’s shown to be an effective alternative to alcohol, with a similar wind-down and euphoric effect – a true tingly heart-opener.

Kava seduces our senses, activates libido and enhances pleasure, which is why it’s a star of our bestselling Awaken Arousal Oil. And if you want to try Awaken without the CBD, our new Awaken with Organic Botanicals has double-steeped noble Kava at its warm (and hot) heart.

The natural scent and taste of the human body.

This one’s a biggie. Scent is a powerful attractor, even if we’re not consciously aware of it, and studies have shown that the aroma of concentrated human pheromones really does help get people in the mood – launching an array of synthesized human-pheromone perfumes. 

The less said about those the better. We encourage getting back to basics and savoring a real body – yours, or one belonging to someone you find delicious. That’s one reason why we never use artificial flavors or fragrances in our formulas; our natural botanicals smell and taste great, and enhance the natural experience of the human body without obscuring it with chemicals.

Warming spices. 

Cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove, chili peppers… they taste hot because they are hot. Whether they’re gently warming or powerful enough to turn your tongue inside-out, the aromatic compounds in spicy foods all get the blood moving, produce endorphins and make you sweat – just like good sex.

Even if you don’t order your curry a 10 at your local Thai place, pay attention to that sensual tingle in your pumpkin pie spice sometime. It’s both warming and cozy, like a good cuddle session – and many people find it wildly arousing.

That same sensation also enhances the heat of natural arousal when used as a topical, which is why we include cinnamon, cardamom and ginger in Awaken’s bouquet of botanical aphrodisiacs – it tastes sexy because it is. 

Mix it up, fall in love.

The first ingredient of a real-life love potion is a person who enchants you, and who is enchanted by you. Know yourselves and each other! Try writing a recipe for your own love potions by starting with a question: “what taste turns you on?” 

You might end up hearing that they’ve always had a thing for guacamole, or bananas, or that one fiery microbrew ginger ale… and now you’ve learned something. (We don’t recommend mixing all three of those ingredients, but if it ends up being your thing, we sure won’t judge.)

Your mutual chemistry, imagination, emotional and physical intimacy and shared turn-ons will get you most of the way there – Foria is thrilled to help you get the rest of the way.

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