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“Never put on your body something you wouldn’t put in your body.”

That piece of wisdom may sound a little odd, but it's based in biology: your skin absorbs so much of what you put on it that scientists can actually measure the effect on your blood within minutes of applying a lotion or massage oil.

But we should update that old saying to include “Never put in the soil something you wouldn’t put in your body.”

Soil Health, Human Health

In our modern food system, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and nastier waste products all build up in soil and leech into streams, groundwater, and oceans; getting into our food, our fish, our water and air. What goes around, comes around...so why not treat our planet with the same care we treat our own bodies?

We're all in the same boat — together.

CBD: Why Sourcing Matters

FDA spot-testing of various "CBD" products last year revealed that many contain little or no actual CBD. In a few cases, there was little or no CBD, while others actually contained THC.

Some products use a synthetic "CBD isolate" that lacks the natural co-factors found in hemp & cannabis. Other sources sell "natural CBD" from questionable-quality hemp grown in eastern Europe or China. Hemp is a bio-accumulator, meaning that heavy metals and other toxins in the soil can build up in the plant and wind up in the final CBD product after extraction.

In this market, consumers are advised to be cautious & informed — to educate themselves about where their CBD comes from, what form it's in, and how it interacts with any medications they're already taking.

FORIA's Commitment to Purity

Due to the uniquely intimate nature of our first products (FORIA Pleasure and FORIA Relief) we've always been committed to using pure ingredients, free from pesticides and other toxins.

This commitment continues with our line of CBD Wellness formulas, which are made with Organic-certified ingredients — whenever available. If one of our botanical extracts or essential oils isn't certified organic, that's because it simply doesn't exist. 

If you know of an organic source for any of our non-organic ingredients, reach out and tell us about it, via hello@foriapleasure.com.

FORIA Farming: Hemp

Our commitment to purity & sustainability led us to seek out the purest, most responsibly-sourced hemp available — sun-grown in the USA, on a farm that follows Colorado Department of Agriculture's Organic Standards.

Our farming partners use the highest standards of purity and sustainability, with a special eye toward soil & water enhancement, earning them a Conservationist of the Year award from the USDA's National Resources Conservation Service.

Drip irrigation is used throughout to minimize waste, while the soil is enriched with organic matter from cover cropping. Soil & water are further preserved with no-till / low-till farming methods, ensuring a rich source of organic nutrients for our vibrant hemp plants.

Careful application of organic fertilizers ensures that any water returning to the nearby river is actually cleaner. In collaboration with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, water samples are taken at multiple locations upstream and downstream, as well as all along the farm's own irrigation system — helping to track water quality both for the health of the environment, and for the purity of our hemp.

The final harvest & CBD-rich extract are lab-tested for purity from pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, and other contaminants.

Other Organic & Sustainable Ingredients

In addition to our Organic botanical extracts and essential oils, we're delighted to be one of the first wellness companies incorporating 100% Organic MCT oil into our products.

Not only is our MCT Organic, it's made entirely from coconuts, with zero palm oil. Why?

Palm oil farming is one of the most destructive industries in the tropics, burning virgin rainforest and orangutang habitat. Coconut trees, on the other hand, are among the most sustainable crops in the tropics, preserving jungle habitats while providing a long-term income for small farmers.

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