Awaken Your Deepest Pleasures

Awaken Your Deepest Pleasures

Experience life-changing sexual pleasure and connection with Awaken, our award-winning & bestselling arousal oil - now available without CBD.

Want to feel juicy, turned on, and full of desire?

Our best-selling arousal oils intensify every touch with a blend of aphrodisiac botanicals that wake up sensation, leaving you feeling tingly, warm, and fully aroused. Designed for females to use solo or with a partner.

Not All Arousal Oils are Created Equal...

What formula is right for me?


Who is Awaken for?

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Although Awaken with CBD was specifically designed for people with vulvas, some people with penises (generally, uncircumcised) have reported feeling both stimulating and relaxing effects.

What's the difference between Awaken w/ CBD and Awaken with Organic Botanicals?

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Awaken Oil with Organic Botanicals is formulated without CBD and does not contain Hemp Oil. 

You may want to choose Awaken Arousal Oil with Organic Botanicals instead of the CBD version if you are allergic to hemp, take any medications that may interfere with CBD (speak with your doctor), live in or are traveling to a country in which import of CBD is regulated, or if you are not ready to try CBD just yet for any other reason.

When should I choose Awaken Intimacy Oil with Organic Botanicals instead of Awaken Intimacy Oil with CBD?

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Awaken Intimacy Oil with Organic Botanicals is a CBD version of our bestselling Awaken Intimacy oil with CBD. 

You may want to choose the CBD free version, Awaken Intimacy Oil with Organic Botanicals if:

You are allergic to CBD or Hemp oil.

You are not ready to try CBD just yet.

You are ordering from (or traveling to) a country in which CBD import is regulated.

You have received medical advice to refrain from CBD because of a medication contraindication, or any other medical reason.

You are subject to a drug test that includes testing for CBD.

Can I use a condom with Foria Sex & Intimacy Products?

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Our products are oil-based and we recommend choosing oil-safe barriers for protection from STIs and pregnancy, like condoms made of polyurethane.  

All oils can break down latex and poly-isoprene.   While lambskin is oil-safe and protects against pregnancy, it does not offer protection against STI's.  

Several major condom brands offer oil-safe polyurethane condoms. Just be sure they're "poly-urethane" NOT "poly-isoprene."

Some couples enjoy the "internal condom" since it is less constricting, with more sensation for the penis and less friction for the vagina.

Can I use Foria Sex & Intimacy products with sex toys?

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Yes! We recommend that you choose non-latex toys since our products are oil-based and oils can degrade latex. Examples of safe toys would include silicone, glass, elastomer, and stainless steel.

For more information, check out our blog on Coconut oil and Sex toys.

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