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Looking for THC Sex Oil, THC Intimate Oil, Foria Pleasure or your other favorite Foria THC products?

After four years of providing our hemp-derived formulas to people worldwide, and listening to feedback from our amazing community, we have made the difficult decision to pause production of our cannabis-derived THC line for the time being.

And in the interest of ensuring that people across the country and around the world have access to our formulas, we’ve shifted our focus to the hemp-derived (CBD) product lines that we can make and sell everywhere – both in stores and online.

If you're searching for our famous THC intimate oil (AKA "weed lube"), check out Awaken Arousal Oil with CBDFormulated to have the same pleasure-enhancing benefits, made with all-natural ingredients minus the THC, and available for purchase globally. 

Explore the rest of our Intimacy, Relief and Wellness formulas here 

The Backstory:

Sadly, cannabis laws are behind the times. Even though popular support for decriminalization and legalization of cannabis is at an all-time high in the U.S., the federal government is still dragging its feet. 

And since THC products are only legal in some states, they must be sourced and manufactured entirely within those states. You can’t make a THC-infused product in California and ship it to Oregon, for example, even though cannabis is legal in both places. 

So if we wanted to provide our THC line to a wider area than just California and Colorado, we would need to set up manufacturing facilities and supply chains in each state where we planned to sell – an extremely inefficient use of time, capital and logistical effort.

And even if we were to do that, our groundbreaking formulas would only be accessible to some.

“Only accessible to some” is not how Foria rolls.

We firmly believe that plant-powered pleasure is for everyone – regardless of where you happen to live. 

After we released our THC sex oil called Foria Pleasure, the first-ever “weed lube”, way back in 2013, the response from our new and growing community was overwhelming. Fans reported next-level orgasms with Pleasure – and also relief from discomfort, sometimes life-changing.

Inspired by their feedback, we developed and released our Relief and Explore formulas. The good news kept rolling in – and it became clear to us that we were on the right track with this “plants invented sex” thing.

So, we spent a few years working with herbalists to re-engineer our beloved products using unrestricted hemp-derived cannabinoids, supported by specific plant botanicals that offered similar pleasure-enhancing, comfort-promoting benefits as THC. We did this so that everyone could enjoy the same amazing results as our THC customers.

We went to great lengths to ensure that these new formulas were providing the same spectrum of benefits – and the results have been pretty profound.

Never deviating from our stringent product sourcing and manufacturing standards, we set out to create the cleanest intimacy products not just in the cannabis/hemp industry, but anywhere. 

And according to our community’s testimonials, we’ve succeeded beyond our wildest expectations.

Who knows? When the laws finally catch up with the times, you might just see those sexy black bottles again, on dispensary shelves near you.

Thank you for your patience, your feedback, and your love for Mother Nature’s bounty. There’s so much more in store, so watch this space.

Yours in health and pleasure,


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