Your First Time Using Intimacy Sex Oil With CBD

We wrote this guide for customers who are using Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD for the first time. When your order arrives, you'll probably be excited to enjoy it ASAP, but take a moment to read the information below.

Condoms & Barriers? Use Non-Latex Only

Because this lubricant is oil-based and can degrade latex and poly-isoprene, we recommend choosing oil-safe barriers like polyurethane or nitrile condoms for protection from STIs and pregnancy (or lambskin for prevention of pregnancy but not STIs).

Several major condom brands offer polyurethane condoms. Just be sure they're "poly-urethane" NOT "poly-isoprene." For convenience, we're providing the following links:

Toys & Vibrators

Sex Oil is happily compatible with silicone, glass, and other non-latex toys. Read our blog on the subject for more information. 

Coconut Allergies?

Coconut allergies aren't as common as typical nut allergies (mostly because coconuts are really drupes, aka "stone fruit" like peaches) but make sure you or your partner aren't allergic to coconut before use.


To ease penetration, enhance tactile sensation, soothe discomfort, or moisturize and lubricate anywhere, pour as much Sex Oil as you like into your palm and apply wherever you desire – or drizzle directly.

Reapply anytime for extra glide.

This lubricant was formulated to be a whole-body experience. Use it liberally on breasts, thighs, penises, anuses, or anywhere you want a silky massage.

It also works well as a light moisturizer for skin, owing to the fast-absorbing qualities of MCT coconut oil. The sky's the limit! 

It may soak into sheets, however. If you're using a lot and don't like naturally-fragrant coconut where you sleep, we recommend laying down a towel or an extra layer of sheets for sexy times. 

Do not use in bathtubs or showers, to avoid risk of slip-and-fall injuries.

Pairing With Your Foria Favorites

Though it isn't mandatory, and it's great on its own, this lubricant was designed to work in concert with the rest of our Intimacy line. 

For increased erotic pleasure, use in combination with Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD (enhanced with multi-botanical aphrodisiacs) or Intimacy Suppositories with CBD (for deeper comfort during penetration).

If you choose to use our lube with Awaken Arousal Oil, be sure to apply Awaken first and allow 15-30 minutes for fullest absorption before using the Sex Oil — so Awaken's potent botanicals aren't diluted. 

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