Where Is the Male G-Spot and How Should You Touch It?

As adults, it’s up to us to explore and learn about our sexuality and discover what turns us on, even if that means moving beyond some unconsciously ingrained stigma. Most of us grew up in households that, while maybe not prudish, weren’t the most sex-positive. 

For many people (and predominantly heterosexual people assigned male at birth), those stigmas revolve around anything butt-related. 

Let’s break down those walls and discuss the male G-spot, an area of the body that anyone with a prostate can enjoy.

Is the P-Spot the Male G-Spot?

If you’ve only heard of the G-spot discussed around female bodies, you’re not alone! Although the female G-spot is by far the most well-known erogenous zone in human anatomy, it’s not the only one. But what’s with all the terminology?

When we talk about the male P-spot, we’re talking about a small, walnut-sized gland between the base of the penis and the rectum. The “P” in P-spot refers to its official anatomical name, the prostate. 

The prostate performs a whole bunch of crucial jobs in the body, but for our purposes, we’re going to focus on its pleasure potential. Forget what you think you know about anal play. The truth is that the anus (and the surrounding area) is jam-packed with nerve endings, similar to the clitoris or penis. 

Anyone who tells you that anal sex doesn’t feel good or that it’s only for gay cisgender men is just being homophobic or jealous. Sexual pleasure is for every consenting adult, and straight men can and should branch out and try male G-spot stimulation for themselves before judging. 

For the record, people have described prostate orgasms as some of the most full-body orgasms they’ve ever experienced. It’s worth a shot!

How To Find the Male G-Spot

So, where is the male G-spot? Instead of just blindly poking around back there, having at least some idea of where to start can help make your search a “hole” lot easier (see what we did there?). While you’ll still have to feel around, we’ve got some tips to help narrow it down. 

  • The prostate is about two to four inches inside the anus/rectum. It’s closer to the belly button than the backside of the body.
  • The texture of the prostate feels different than the tissue around it, usually harder and more spongy (if it feels too large, this can be a sign of a problem, and you should have it evaluated).
  • The prostate engorges when people are aroused, so if you’re having trouble finding it take a break and work on turning on your partner! 
  • Even if you can’t feel it yourself, if your partner suddenly feels the urge to pee, it’s a good sign you’re in the right place! It can take a few times to find and stimulate the prostate, so don’t give up

Tips on How To Stimulate the P-Spot

“Where is the male G-spot?” may be the first question you ask, but how to stimulate it is a much more fun discussion. Here are tips on P-spot stimulation that even beginners can use to blow their partner’s mind.

Discuss Anal Play With Your Partner

Whether you’re with a new partner or in a long-term monogamous relationship, all sexual encounters start with consent and communication. Anyone who thinks otherwise does not deserve to get into your pants — that’s a huge red flag! 

Before the clothes come off and the lube comes out, discuss anal play with your partner. They may not be comfortable with it or want to set hard boundaries (like external stimulation only). Remember, consent is sexy!

Wash Your Hands

We’re all adults here, but it should go without saying that washing your hands is essential. No, the anus isn’t the most naturally clean part of the body, but that doesn’t mean you can go straight from making dinner or working on your car to prostate play. 

Washing your hands before and after prostate massage and ensuring your nails are short, trimmed, and filed keeps everything far more comfortable and safe. Why take the risk?

Use Your Fingers

If you’ve discussed prostate stimulation with your partner, your hands are clean, and you’re both good to go with exploring further, it’s go-time! Don’t just go right for full penetration; find their P-spot manually using your fingers first (with their consent). 

Some people, especially first-timers, prefer to wear gloves which is totally okay! Just make sure your partner doesn’t have any allergies and avoid latex, if possible. 

Add the Lube

Lubrication is a non-negotiable for anal stimulation, no matter the body. The anus and rectum can not self-lubricate, so it’s up to you to provide the lube

It’s not only that non-lubricated P-spot stimulation is uncomfortable (although it can be); not using lube can also increase the risk of tearing and even infection. Lube keeps everything slippery and significantly reduces friction, so all that’s left is exploration and enjoyment!

Start Slow

Think of prostate stimulation like any other form of sexual activity — foreplay is crucial. Start with the tip of your finger, and use more once your partner is comfortable. Intimacy Melts can help relax the anus to make things easier, but they will need to be inserted at least 30 minutes before playtime. 

Listen to your partner and go at their speed, especially if this is their first time. It can make people, especially straight, cisgender men, feel vulnerable, so it’s crucial to make sure they know they’re in charge of the speed. 

Focus on Massaging Techniques

While finding the male G-spot is half the battle, you also have to know what to do with it when you find it! A few prostate massaging techniques tend to work well for people. Try them for yourself and see what feels best!

  • Apply gentle pressure with your fingertips in a “come here” motion, with your palm facing downward.
  • Make tiny circles with your fingertips, first clockwise and then counterclockwise.
  • Press on the prostate with moderate pressure like you’re ringing a doorbell.

If you or your partner feels more comfortable with external P-spot stimulation, you can also stimulate the prostate through the perineum (the bit of skin between the testicles and the base of the penis). Just a little pressure here, especially while giving them a hand job or blow job, will really blow their mind. 

Enhance Pleasure With Prostate Massagers

If sex toys are more your speed, there are plenty on the market made specifically for next-level prostate stimulation. While a butt plug can help loosen up the area for future anal penetration (if you decide to go there), they’re not great for stimulating the prostate. 

If you don’t have a prostate massager, vibrators and dildos will do in a pinch. Just make sure not to skimp on the lube and wash them after use!


Where is the male G-spot? If you take the time to explore with your partner, this small gland with so much potential will reveal itself to you in no time. Just make sure you have clean, trimmed fingernails, lots of lube, and an open mind. 

And remember, Foria is always here to guide you to the right spot to enhance your pleasure and level up your sex life every time. 



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