5 Ways To Make Your Bath Sexier Than Ever Before

While showering has become the norm for a quick and convenient wash, a warm bath offers an environment for grounding, recentering, reflection, and relaxation. Plus, it’s easy to kick things up a notch and set a steamy scene in the tub, if you know what we mean.

Baths have deep cultural roots in many parts of the world and have served as a social hub — as well as the backdrop for many a’ intimate scenes. 

If you’re not already sold on the wonders and wow factor of the bath, read on, friends. And if you’re already a firm believer in bathtime, follow along for our tips and tricks to spice up this self-care activity and make your next soak in the tub your sexiest one yet.

Why Should You Take a Bath?

Humans have been bathing for thousands of years, and our ancestors certainly were onto something. But with the invention of the hot bath we know and love, the act of bathing has had a major glow-up. 

When we are feeling stressed, tense, or overwhelmed, submerging ourselves in the gentle and warm waters of the tub can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which refers to the network of nerves responsible for relaxing the body and shifting us back to a calmer state of being after periods of stress.

A warm bath can encourage blood flow and boost serotonin levels by raising the body's temperature slightly. Along with helping to ease muscle tension and promote relaxation, these physiological changes can also help set the mood for sex by priming the brain for pleasure and increasing blood circulation to the vagina, allowing for greater arousal and deeper orgasms.

How Often Should You Take Baths?

While baths can help decrease stress levels and boost intimacy, taking one daily may dry out the skin. With that in mind, it’s best to spread out your baths and aim for one to three times a week. 

The time between each bath may make the moment even sweeter!

How Can You Turn Up the Heat in Your Bath?

The tub is an objectively good place to get wet — we’re just stating the facts here. The warm water already has our blood flowing and our heart pumping — both physiological aspects that bode well for arousal and support a good orgasm. 

And there’s something undeniably romantic about a bath. The warm waters, the gentle sounds as your movements shift the water around you, the intimate feeling of the small and private space. Not to mention, the tub provides an easy-to-clean environment ready for the possibility of a surprise squirt. 

If you’re ready to get the tap running right this second, we are right there with you. We just have a few tips to make your bath experience as romantic as can be.

1. Light Some Candles

For some all-out sexy bath fun, you first want to set the mood. Turn off those overhead lights and let the soft glow of the flickering flames settle your mind and guide you toward intimacy. 

Our brain chemicals respond to changes in lighting, so a dimmer and more natural-feeling light can help promote feelings of serenity and even boost arousal. 

And, as important as the sultry glow is the candle’s scent. By triggering the olfactory nerves responsible for our sense of smell, scent molecules from our favorite candles can impact the brain’s emotional center and take the atmosphere to a whole new level. 

Certain scents such as lavender, rose, sandalwood, and vanilla can affect brain chemicals when smelled and ultimately help reduce stress levels, boost pleasure, and promote arousal. Explore which scents you respond to, and let those sparks fly. 

2. Use Arousing Bath Salts

If you usually find baths boring, Intimacy Bath Salts can provide the perfect splash of excitement to turn up the heat. Our CBD Bath Salts here at Foria contain organic hemp-derived CBD to help boost pleasure and arousal during your steamy soak. 

This nourishing phytocannabinoid can work with the body’s endocannabinoid system (or ECS) to help maintain homeostasis. By supporting our naturally produced endocannabinoids in binding with cannabinoid receptors (CB receptors), CBD can help support a positive mood, soothe tension and discomfort, and calm stress levels. 

By helping relax the muscles and support feelings of pleasure, CBD-infused Epsom and Himalayan salts can help lead to deeper pleasure and arousal as it is absorbed into the body. Bath salts can also provide added aromatherapy to help boost desire and intimacy. 

With botanicals like cacao and rose, our Intimacy Bath Salts can awaken the senses while also relaxing the muscles to get you hot and ready for a little underwater fun. Talk about an ultimate de-stressor — this is sure to be the bath of all baths. 

3. Add Flowers and Herbs

Sprinkling dried flowers or herbs into your bath water or creating a bath tea can not only add a pop of color to enjoy with your partner (or on your own) but can also play a role in enhancing intimacy through aromatherapy. As you bask in the scent of the mineral and botanical-rich waters, you may experience the intoxicating feeling of calm and pleasure filling you from the outside in. 

Try a pinch of rose petals to promote blood flow, lavender to lower stress, or clary sage to elevate desire. If you’re bringing a partner to join in on the fun, try starting off with slow and gentle touches across your erogenous zones, letting the touch fill you with anticipation. Mix in the soothing scents and warm waters to create an intoxicating mix of pleasures from all fronts. 

And if you’re enjoying this sexy bath on your own, be your own best lover and explore your own touch with your fingers or a vibrator as you soak (pro tip: our Awaken Arousal Oil is waterproof to boost sensitivity and intensify orgasms even further, no matter how deep you are into a romp in the tub). 

4. Play a Sexy Playlist

Creating the right ambiance can help set the mood for your perfect bath. Consider tidying up the space, having a warm towel ready, and getting your phone and speaker set up before stepping into the tub. 

With your playlist cued to your favorite slow jams or getting-busy tunes, let the good times roll on like the waves you’ll be creating during your ultimate bath experience. 

5. Bring a Decadent Snack

Nothing says luxury like a glass of red wine, hot tea, or a decadent snack like chocolate or a mini cheese platter. Relax into the waters with a bath caddy set to keep your snacks dry and within reach when you need to refuel between orgasms. Don’t forget a glass of water to stay hydrated! 

The Bottom Line

With just a few additions to your tub, you can experience the rejuvenating and stress-busting benefits of a warm bath, aromatherapy, CBD, and maybe an orgasm or two, all in one luxurious bath. 

So go ahead and get that water running; we’ll be here at Foria with more pleasure-boosting tips when you return.


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