Our New Lower Prices: What They Mean for You – and the Planet

We fervently believe that wellness is for everybody. Nobody can be truly well until we all are. And in chaotic and stressful times, intimacy and wellness are more important than ever.

Unfortunately, many people seeking to improve their mental and physical wellbeing have been priced out of the “wellness space”. Natural products with ethical sourcing aren’t cheap to manufacture, and the necessity of making a profit means that many companies’ prices don’t fit the average person’s budget. Wellness products can often feel exclusive, just because of the price tag – but they shouldn’t be.

Quality is of paramount importance to us and to our community, especially owing to the intimate nature of our formulas. This means that we never compromise, always choose organic, plant-based ingredients, and never cut corners by using cheap, synthetic versions of anything we can source naturally. Historically, our commitment to clean, organic and sustainable products has meant that our prices could represent a barrier to entry for many.

We’re so proud to announce that we’ve lowered the prices on the majority of our Intimacy, Relief and Wellness formulas – passing the cost-saving benefits of some recent collaborations to our community. And we’ve done it while improving quality, and taking another step towards realizing our sustainability goals. 

Here’s how we pulled this off.

A new partnership – for people, plants and the planet

We are now cultivating our hemp – the source of our broad-spectrum CBD – with Hudson Hemp, a remarkable farm in New York State. Hudson Hemp is at the vanguard of regenerative farming practices that use both cutting-edge technology and ancient agricultural knowledge, with a focus on soil and water health, carbon capture, and interdependent biological systems that nurture biodiversity. They understand that people are a vital part of the ecosystem as well, so they employ progressive labor practices that ensure their workers are well-provided for. And all their hemp is USDA organic-certified. Read more about Hudson Hemp here.

CBD is historically one of our most expensive ingredients, and it’s in all of our formulas. Since our hemp is now grown, processed, extracted, and bottled on the same site, we’ve eliminated many extra steps that added costs. And by consolidating our supply chain, with less need for shipping, we’ve even reduced our carbon footprint. 

Sustainable packaging – for less

Competing in the wellness space often demands a “luxury aesthetic”. Our bottles and boxes used to be processed with white paint, gold foil, and soft-touch coating – which were very pretty, but not as sustainable or recyclable as they could have been, and actually drove up costs. Since we’ve simplified to 100% recyclable amber bottles and removed all coating from boxes, we were able to reduce our packaging budget.

In addition to changing the type of packaging, we reduced the number of total components – which also supported lower pricing. For example, moving to dropper tops on all products eliminated another piece of plastic needed for a spray top. It may not seem like much, but it adds up.

And we think it’ll still look great on your nightstand. Read more about our new packaging here.

People or profit?

The realities of capitalism, and the expectation of unlimited growth, mean that companies often have no choice but to maximize profits at all costs. The “smart business move” may have been to roll our new savings into our quarterly profits, and leave our prices the way they were. But that wouldn’t have reflected our values as a company.

The plants we work with have been used for millennia to help people thrive in any number of ways. We’re committed to improving access to our CBD & plant-based formulas because we know the incredible range of benefits and applications cannabinoids have to offer – to everyone.

We take pride in our ability to support our community in living fuller, more pleasurable lives, and we don’t want anyone who could benefit from these products to miss out. This is a step in the direction of accessibility for all.

We’re in the middle of a unique cultural moment, with stress at an all-time high. To nourish ourselves, in body and mind alike, we need all the tools we can get, as we seek ways to assist ourselves and one another through these times. In passing our savings on to our community, it is our hope that more people will be able to enjoy the benefits of the timeless wisdom of Mother Earth – as we look towards a more balanced future, for us and for our planet.

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