Libido Pills for Women — Do They Really Work?

“When the right person comes, you’ll be ready.” That’s solid advice, and it’s what people often hear when discussing having sex for the first time. 

However, some people may encounter a different problem: even if they know it’s the right person, they might not have enough sexual desire to do anything about it.

Low sexual desire is synonymous with “low libido” or “low sex drive.”

What turns us on and gets us off is different for everybody. Our desire for intimacy and sexual activity will naturally ebb and flow throughout our lives, depending on what is happening around and inside of us — which is totally normal!

If having low sexual desire doesn’t cause any issues in your life or relationship, you have nothing to be concerned about. However, many libido pills promise to boost sexual desire for those looking for a solution.

But are they really the answer to boosting sex drive? Can they do what they claim to do? Let’s find out.

Possible Causes of Low Libido

The ancient holistic healing system, Ayurveda, lists human needs in a way that’s difficult to argue with: food, sleep, and healthy sex life. These three “pillars” form a part of the bedrock upon which Ayurveda is built. 

Many people are content with occasional sex, while others are content with having none. But read on if your sexual desire has recently declined or downright vanished. 

Arming yourself with information about why you’re experiencing a change in your interest in having sex can narrow down your options and help you know where to start.

There are plenty of possible causes of low libido, many of them outside of your control. In truth, there’s nothing wrong with having low libido. Everyone is different, and not all humans have a rampant sex drive.

Medical Conditions or Medication

Low libido can often result from a medical condition or medication you may be taking. Sexuality is a part of who we are, just like any other biological function, so something that impacts one part of the body can also affect the others. 

Because of this possibility, you must speak with your healthcare provider before taking libido pills or other oral supplements to help with sexual function. In addition to medical conditions that can negatively impact sex drive, there is one that directly affects the libido. 

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or HSDD, is a type of sexual dysfunction that impacts up to one-third of women.

But even though one example finally has a name, the medical establishment still neglects low libido in people with vulvas. The jury is still out on whether prescription libido pills work much better than placebos — and many people are reluctant to start a prescription drug regimen with no guarantee of a real result.

Before you consider starting medication for low libido, consider some whole-life holistic factors that may be dimming your flame.


Stress can be a major vibe killer. While there are ways to still be intimate during times of stress, it often falls to the very bottom of your priority list.

Your mental well-being plays a significant role in your sex life. Chronic stress may be one of THE biggest libido-killers out there. If you’re super-stressed out, having penetrative sex could be the last thing on your mind.

Taking a closer look at your life can help you identify potential causes, such as work, personal, and financial stress. Address these stressors (and lower that high blood pressure), and your libido can sometimes naturally improve once you take your body out of that constant fight-or-flight cycle

Hormonal Issues

Hormones drive sexual arousal, so it makes sense that hormonal changes can negatively impact your libido. The amount and types of hormones in the body frequently fluctuate, especially during major events, like pregnancy and menopause.

Along with these fluctuations comes changes in how much and how often you want to have sex, although you may not put those two things together.

Hormonal issues are especially common during menopause, where a lack of sexual interest paired with hot flashes and weight gain are potential side effects. 

But, in smaller doses, low libido can also impact premenopausal women — especially those who use hormonal birth control, are in the postpartum period, or are breastfeeding.

Hormonal imbalances are too common among younger women for many reasons, both obvious and not. And if your hormones are saying “no” to sex, you probably will too. 

Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues can also contribute to lowered sexual desire. Although there’s much more to mental health than just feeling bummed out, when you’re sad, you may not feel like getting naked and being vulnerable — even with your partner.

And that’s even more true if you’re suffering from anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders that can severely impact your whole life, in and out of the bedroom. Unfortunately, antidepressant medications that can be very helpful to restore overall functioning can also tank your sex drive.

Addressing mental health issues effectively often requires multiple approaches. Lifestyle changes like a good diet, regular exercise, and finding the right professional and social support can be key to getting your life back and your sex life. 

Pharmaceutical support for anxiety and depression can be a lifesaver. But what about those libido pills? It’d be nice to pop a pill and be ready for anything, but unfortunately, the evidence isn’t too promising.

What Are Libido Pills?

When we talk about libido pills for women, we’re talking about a large category of drugs, such as over-the-counter prescription medicine that a doctor prescribes. Libido pills claim to work as a female libido booster, helping to improve your interest in sex.

How Do Libido Pills Work?

How libido pills for women work depend on which option you’re considering. They claim to work by increasing your arousal and desire for sex when taken before intimacy with your partner. 

Some pills claim they can boost blood flow to the genitals and promote lubrication, while others aim to help you get your head in the game.

Are Libido Pills Effective?

Those claims are impressive, but are libido pills for women actually effective? Unfortunately, that’s not so clear. 

Some prescription female enhancement pills, like Addyi® (flibanserin) and Vyleesi® (bremelanotide), aren’t exactly the female version of sildenafil (Viagra®), but they have been the focus of targeted studies

Both pills are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), though for fairly vague outcomes, including an “increased number of satisfying sexual encounters compared to the placebo.”

However, over-the-counter libido enhancers (including pills, creams, and gels) haven’t undergone that same research with placebos to see if women experience an actual change in sexual enhancement and haven’t officially been proven effective.

Don’t believe all of the hype. Remember, there are many causes of low sexual desire, and not all are strictly physical.

What Are the Potential Risks and Side Effects?

Like all medications, prescription and over-the-counter libido pills for women have potential risks and side effects. Luckily, many are relatively mild, such as dizziness, nausea, low blood pressure, and GI upset. However, an allergic reaction is always a risk when taking any new drug. 

Libido pills can also potentially interact with other medicines you may be taking, so talk to your healthcare provider before starting any regime.

Are There Better Alternatives to Libido Pills?

The main goal of libido pills for women is to counteract low sex drive. But if you’re not ready to turn to pharmaceuticals, we’ve got a few alternatives to help your sexual performance.

Instead of taking unproven and potentially dangerous OTC options, address the symptoms head-on. If you’re aroused, but the juices don’t seem to be flowing, try using aphrodisiacs or a supportive lube (like our Intimacy Sex Oil).

Lube helps to counteract vaginal dryness so you can get to business without worrying about embarrassment, discomfort, or even pain. 

Try our Awaken Arousal Oil to enhance your sexual pleasure and increase sensation if you need more spark and oomph. A little bit goes a long way, so even a few drops applied directly to the clitoris, inner labia, and vagina can help pump up the sexual arousal. 

Many members of our community report that Awaken has startling effects on their libidos – knowing they can count on all-natural enhanced sensation provides a confidence boost, and Confidence Is Sexy.

And don’t be surprised by the fireworks that may come when you cum.

It’s also good to take a holistic approach to your sexual health (and your health in general). Don’t just pull out the lube and call it a day. 

Look at other factors that may be tanking your sex drive, too. Factors like stress, your relationship with your body, your partner, your sleep schedule, and a lack of free time can all impact your libido.


If you’re experiencing a sudden lack of sexual desire, don’t just throw your money at libido pills and hope for a quick fix. Your sexual health impacts your entire body, so finding a solution that addresses your desire should be the first step to boosting your sexual wellness.

At Foria, we aim to help improve sexual wellness because we believe a healthy sex life is just as important as a healthy body and mind. We’d love to help you conjure up the sex life of your dreams, so don’t hesitate to reach out.



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