Top 5 Favorite Female Sex Toys | Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for sex toys for yourself or your vulva-owning friends should be fun, and we have the buyer's guide to prove it. If you’re interested in learning about all the available options to keep your juices flowing, you’re in the right spot. 

We’ll break down our five favorites and give you a quick, dirty rundown of how they work and why we love them so much. Break out the body-safe lube, and let’s get started!

What Are Sex Toys for Women?

First, when we talk about female sex toys or sex toys for women, we’re really talking about toys designed for people with a vagina. Although you can use some of the penetrative options for anal play, the toys we’re featuring work best for those who want something for their clitoris, vulva, or vagina (no matter how you identify). 

If it's your first time thinking about sex toys or you crave more in your collection, read on for all of our tricks and tips (pun intended, baby).

1. Clitoral Vibrators

If we had to guess, we’d say clitoral vibrators are the most popular female sex toys due to the focus on external stimulation. Not everyone wants penetration when they pleasure themselves (or bring their toys into the bedroom to share with a partner). 

Plus, for the vast majority of people with vulvas, the clitoris is the easiest way to reach orgasm. After all, it does have more than 8,000 nerve endings! 

Modes and Patterns

Most sex toys designed for clitoral stimulation offer various vibration modes and patterns, allowing you to customize your experience. Generally, these include different types of vibration, pulsation, and multiple patterns.

Intensity Levels

In addition to modes and patterns, clitoral vibrators also allow you to vary the intensity of the vibration through different speeds. The vibration settings can usually be set anywhere on a scale between one and five (although some go higher). When combined with how and where you hold the stimulator, you can make your session as lengthy or intense as you want. 

Remote Control and Hands-Free

One of the most exciting ways to use a clitoral stimulator is by buying a remote control or hands-free option. Each of these options offers a little something special, like the ability to give your partner control while you’re out at dinner or giving you the power to lay back and enjoy a little solo time without having to hold onto it. 

One of our favorites is the wearable panty vibrator, which is excellent for foreplay (don’t worry, they’re whisper-quiet!). And these aren’t the only couples vibrators on the market — some can simultaneously stimulate both partners.

2. Oral-Sex Simulators

Are you a fan of oral sex? We are too — and we’ve got excellent news. There are female sex toys that can almost perfectly replicate the feeling you get when your partner offers up a little downstairs tongue magic. 

However, not every person likes their oral sex to feel the same, so not every oral sex simulator works and feels the same either. Some suction toys offer more sucking motion, while others gently rumble over your clit — not to mention that most oral-sex simulators are ergonomic! 

3. G-Spot Stimulators

While the existence of the G-spot has gotten a little more complicated in recent years, this tiny area is crucial to many people’s understanding of how their body experiences pleasure. Luckily, there are female sex toys that cater specifically to stimulating the G-spot. 

However, most of the best G-spot vibrators require vaginal penetration, so this might not be the right toy for you if that’s not your thing. These can be great for partner play as well; just make sure you use plenty of high-quality lube!

4. Dildos and Vaginal Vibrators

Dildos and vaginal vibrators are other popular options, especially for people who like penetration or want to use them for more than solo play. You can buy these female sex toys in different shapes and sizes or use them for anal play or dual stimulation if double penetration is your thing.

In this category, the famous rabbit vibrator is the most well-known. In addition to being used internally, it also has powerful vibrations that stimulate another of your crucial erogenous zones — the clitoris. It’s genuinely a full-body yum machine and can produce some incredibly satisfying orgasms. 

Use Lube

Although you’d benefit from using a lube like the Intimacy Sex Oil with any of these female sex toys, it’s most necessary to use with anything that requires penetration. Inserting anything vaginally without proper lube can lead to friction and even discomfort or pain. Try our Awaken Arousal Oil to increase the sensation even more!

5. Other Options

We discussed the conventional options, but let’s talk even bigger and better. If you’ve got the money and the room and want to invest, you may want to consider one of those larger, penetrative, or “saddle” rigs. They’re not subtle or for beginners, but they’re a full-body experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives. Just look out for that high price point!

You can also pick up one of those “personal massagers,” essentially vibrators with a long handle. Although they may be more expensive than traditional female sex toys, you can also use them to work out those pesky knots in your back! 

However, they’re not cordless, so you’ll have to enjoy yourself near an outlet. On the plus side, they are discreet if you’re concerned about your children or partner finding it. 

What To Consider Before Buying

In addition to how you want your sex toy to work and feel, there are a few other factors to consider before spending your hard-earned money. 

  • The material: Sex toys come in different materials, so make sure you’re not buying one you may be allergic to, or that will interact with your lube. For example, silicone lubes can more quickly degrade soft silicone sex toys.
  • The power source: Another factor to consider is how your sex toy is powered. You’ll find rechargeable options (usually USB rechargeable) and battery-powered female sex toys. Most prefer rechargeable because you won’t have to constantly replace the batteries (most don’t have a very long battery life).
  • How to clean it: Female sex toys must be cleaned after every use to avoid infection. Before purchasing one, read up on the proper way to clean them. Stainless steel is usually the easiest to clean but not the most comfortable. 
  • Where you plan to use it: Not everyone uses their sex toys for bedroom masturbation. Some people like to take it into the bathtub (pro tip: make your bathtime even sexier with our Intimacy Bath Salts), so check to verify your new purchase is water-resistant if that’s your vibe. Also, if you share your space with roommates or children, you may want to find a quiet vibrator to keep your sex life private.
  • How tech-savvy you are: You won’t need to work in IT to understand how to work most female sex toys, but some out there operate through a smartphone sync or Bluetooth. Primarily, the included app can help learn your body and offer different vibration patterns to change it up and keep your orgasms as intense as you deserve. They’re well worth the extra money!


From the bullet vibrator to massage wands like the magic wand vibrator, female sex toys have something for everyone. Whether you’ve found your new favorite on your list or you’re still looking for that perfect pleasure device, Foria is here for you! 

The best sex toys for people with vulvas are the ones that stimulate you where and how you like it — because your sexual wellness is just as crucial as every other part of your health.



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