Every Day Is Earth Day: Our Commitment to Sustainability

“In nature nothing exists alone.” 

— Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

Environmental consciousness isn’t solely a matter of buying the right things. It isn’t a matter of selling the right things, either. It’s a holistic discipline that touches every aspect of our lives. The work is ongoing. It’s never finished, and it never will be finished. That’s the way it ought to be.

And we believe it can also be a pleasure.

The modern era involves serious challenges that will reverberate for generations, & the choices we make, as creators, consumers and advocates, matter. Here at Foria, we believe that treading lightly upon the earth – with sustainable practices & dedicated environmental stewardship – is a crucial responsibility, and also an opportunity for joyful creativity. 

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin, but often, committing to that beginning is the most important thing in the world — the crack that lets the light into the darkness.

Beyond Organic: Radical Regeneration

In nature, we are all interconnected. It’s easy to forget in these isolated, atomized, computerized modern times, but we are part of the world, the world is part of us, and we all need one another to thrive.

That’s true intimacy.

From our very beginnings as a hemp and cannabis brand, we knew that our first responsibility was towards our beautiful Mother Earth – and that taking care of her would be key to taking the best care of you, and your most intimate needs.

Hemp is a powerful plant ally that can be used to create all kinds of useful things for humanity, from food to fuel to industrial materials, with minimal negative environmental impact. It also produces CBD, the natural compound that’s the backbone of many of your favorite Foria formulas.

And we source all of our hemp from farms that go beyond organic by utilizing regenerative practices, designed not only to preserve the land, but return it to a healthier state than before it was planted.

Regenerative agricultural systems build and maintain the soil’s ability to recycle nutrients, to capture and hold water, and minimize the farm’s dependence on outside inputs. 

Ideally, a regenerative farm is a whole world of intertwined natural networks, operating the way the earth itself does —  through interconnectedness and holistic management of resources.

That idea is essential to our core philosophy as a brand – now and always.

Responsible Ingredients, Clean Formulas

 Since our products go some very intimate places, we knew from the beginning that we had to be fanatical about purity. We use the most pristine, sustainably-grown and carefully-processed ingredients available to us, and maintaining that standard – for the earth and for your body – is core to Foria’s ethos. 

Our Intimacy and Relief Melts are made with organic-certified cocoa butter, and our silky, never sticky Awaken, Awaken Botanical and Sex Oil are made with MCT oil pressed exclusively from sustainably-grown young coconuts. And all our botanicals are grown to organic standards, so you can be sure there are no harmful chemicals in any of our products

Here at Foria, the only unpronounceable thing we like to see on labels are the Latin names of plants. Plants invented sex – why mess with nature?

Responsible Packaging – A Practice and a Process

We’re proud to say that our latest generation of packaging reflects our unwavering commitment to people, plants and the planet, from seed to shelf and all the way to your bedroom.

We’ve considered every aspect of how to get our formulas to you with the least waste and the least environmental impact, while retaining ease of use for our community.

When we designed our packaging we worked in-depth with Brown and Wilmanns Environmental, LLC, a group of sustainability consultants who sharpened their supply chain skills in Patagonia’s industry-leading sustainability department.

The result was the most recyclable, sustainable, and low-impact packaging we can provide – and it’ll still look great on your nightstand.

No Time Like The Present

In an age of total media saturation, we’re constantly confronted with news of environmental devastation and the unintended consequences of our industrial consumer civilization. It can be overwhelming, and hard to know what steps to take, as a consumer or as a brand.

Enlightened personal consumption choices alone aren’t sufficient to effect large-scale change, and perfection isn’t possible. But when we do our best to act as responsibly as we can and be role models — as individuals and as conscientious companies — the effects ripple throughout our communities, both local and global. 

We’re all a part of this massive, unfathomably complex living system we call Earth — every one of us, intimately interconnected and interrelated. That awareness drives us every day, as we continue to grow, learn, and honor our responsibilities towards Mother Nature, and towards your intimate pleasure and vibrant wellbeing.

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