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“...It starts with self-compassion… and with acknowledging that we were born into an extractive system, and that extractive system lives inside of us. And we can only heal it by self-compassion. The seed is inside of us. And it's a seed that we were born into. So radical self-compassion, compassion for others, is the fertile foundation for our gardens to thrive.”

Marysia Miernowska, formulator, Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD 

In recent years, it’s become clear that humanity’s relationship with our planet has become severely unbalanced. Without a healthy earth, we have nothing at all — but fossil fuel emissions, extractive industries, and industrial agriculture have depleted and polluted our watersheds, our soil, and our atmosphere, bringing us to a tipping point. 

Here at Foria, we’ve always kept Mother Nature close to our hearts. Human wellbeing is intimately intertwined with the health of our environment; we’re all as close to the earth as lovers, even though modern life often keeps us separated from that awareness.

What Is Sustainability?

It’s a hot buzzword all over the commercial landscape, as concerns about the future of our planet become more widespread and drive more of our decisions about what we buy and use.

But we believe “sustainability” is a concept that must be reconsidered, and maybe even discarded. 

Sustaining our current trajectory is not enough. We have the ability to remove the poisons we have released, to renew and expand the ecosystems that have been degraded – to go beyond organic.

This is work of critical importance to humankind, and to all the plants and animals whose world we share. 

It starts with the land.

What Is Regenerative Agriculture?

Although Foria’s product offerings have expanded to include a whole bouquet of potent organic botanicals, specially selected to work with your body and support intimate connection and overall wellness, our backbone has always been the marvelous and versatile hemp plant. 

Since it became legal to farm hemp in the US (again, finally), Cannabis sativa has become an important cash crop – with many of the same problems that come with conventional commercial agriculture. 

Conventional agriculture is responsible for 25% of the world’s carbon emissions, not to mention depleting topsoil and polluting soil and watersheds with chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

That’s why Foria sources all of our hemp from farms that go beyond organic by utilizing regenerative practices, designed not only to preserve the land, but return it to a healthier state than before it was planted.

Regenerative farming seeks to promote the earth’s wellbeing by emulating natural systems and embracing biodiversity. Instead of imposing one or two crops on an entire property, regenerative farms create rich, interlinked ecosystems that build on and feed one another, fostering an ever-greater cycle of abundance that returns as much value to the earth as it does to the farmer. 

The principal goal of a regenerative agricultural system is to build and maintain the soil’s ability to recycle nutrients, to capture and hold water, and minimize the farm’s dependence on outside inputs. 

Ideally, a regenerative farm is a whole world of intertwined natural networks, operating the way the earth itself does —  through interconnectedness and holistic management of resources.

People: A Pillar of Sustainability and Accountability

Human beings are part of the ecosystem, not only at the consumer end, but in all the places where crops are planted, tended and grown. Unfortunately, in many instances conventional agriculture is exploitative of the people who work the land, as well as the land itself.

That’s why we do the best we can to ensure that the people who grow and harvest our botanicals are well-treated and compensated fairly for their work. All our cacao is fair-trade, and our suppliers for Kava Kava – our other favorite plant – travel regularly to the South Pacific, where Kava is a revered part of the local culture, to build strong partnerships and give back to the local communities. 

And then there’s you.

Since we design our collections for the most intimate human needs, we know our community trusts us to provide the cleanest, safest formulas we can. All our ingredients are always all-natural, organic, and straight from Mother Earth, with no added chemicals, fragrances, or anything you can’t pronounce – because you and your body deserve the very best.

The Future of Sustainability – For People, Plants and the Planet

So when we designed our groundbreaking Intimacy formulas, we were on a mission to help you have great sex and more of it – to feel juicy, nourished and fully alive. And we didn’t want to break the ground, we wanted to help heal it – for people, plants and the planet.

Our formulas are sustainably made from seed to shelf, with a commitment to organic and regeneratively farmed ingredients and low-impact packaging. Every product is made domestically in the USA, with Mother Nature in mind every step of the way. 

We’re proud to say that since 2014, we’ve evaluated and re-evaluated our sourcing, our packaging, the practices used by the farms that grow our botanicals, even the materials we ship your order in, with the aim of improving every day and in every way we can.

Since the earth takes care of us, we feel a responsibility to take care of the earth – while we help you take care of yourself in body, heart, mind, and spirit.

We believe that nature knows best – and if we let the wisdom of the earth guide us, bringing us back to what’s most important, we can begin to heal the world and ourselves.

Caring for our precious ecosystem is an ongoing process. Nature’s work is never done, and neither is ours. Perfection is not possible, but if we tend to our intimate relationships with the land, the water, the soil, and the living creatures who depend on all those essential elements to thrive, we’ll feed the vital forces of renewal.

It’s needed so badly, and it’s about time. 

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