You’re not alone

Endometriosis affects an estimated 1 in 10 women of reproductive age worldwide.

That’s 176 million people – equal to the 8th largest country on earth.

But it can take 3-11 years of symptoms before most people get a definitive diagnosis.

Testimonials for CBD suppositories


I have severe endometriosis that has taken over so many aspects of my life. I bought these out of desperation, when I used the first one and actually got relief I honestly cried (happy tears, of course) because I was finally able to get relief without being extremely medicated.


I have endometriosis and spent years taking pain pills to relieve my pelvic pain. I had surgery to have my endometriosis removed and my surgeon recommended these as an alternative. They’re literally life changing.


Foria suppositories have changed my life! I no longer have to dread and worry about getting my period. I take one before cramps start and then one on the first day and it’s like I don’t have my period! That’s a miracle considering I was about to get surgery for endometriosis. Thank you!!

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