Why Awaken Works - Meet our Herbalist

Everyone loves the effects — and the aroma — of Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD. But have you ever wondered why Awaken works?

Meet master herbalist Marysia Miernowska. Not only is she the founder of a permaculture and herbalism school, she is also the formulator of our Awaken recipe.

In this video, Marysia discusses the origins of Awaken, and the synergy of its 8 all-natural ingredients in creating heightened pleasure, wetness, and diminished discomfort...

Every ingredient in the formula for Awaken has a purpose, and all 8 ingredients have long histories as traditional aphrodisiacs across cultures.

Awaken’s star ingredient is the revered South Pacific herb Kava Kava (which stimulates the same pleasure-enhancing receptors as the THC in our other formula, Foria Pleasure). Similar to Cannabis, Kava is an anti-anxiety herb that creates feelings of relaxation & bliss. Used topically on the genitals, Kava absorbs rapidly to create soothing aphrodisiac effects.

Awaken also includes full-spectrum CBD from sun-grown Colorado hemp. CBD has numerous beneficial effects — including a decrease in muscular tension, enhanced blood flow and decreased pain signaling.

But these potent herbal ingredients aren't the only things in Awaken. 

The formula is rounded out with a variety of essential oils & botanical extracts, chosen not only for their aroma & flavor but for their synergy with the phyto-cannabinoids in Hemp and Kava. Scientists call this synergy "the entourage effect."

Polarity is another important quality of Foria Awaken. Ingredients like Ginger & Cinnamon warm and support heightened blood flow, while Peppermint creates a cooling effect. This combination stimulates nerve endings — gently heightening somatic awareness and sensation in the genitals.

Click the video above for the whole interview. If you're interested in using Awaken for sexual healing — and the powerful link between plant aromas and your nervous system — check out this followup interview.

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