8 Sensual Ways To Celebrate Your Partner on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is when we celebrate the maternal figures in our lives and show them our appreciation for everything they do. While traditional gifts are always appreciated, there are so many more ways to make this day truly unforgettable for the mamas in your life.

We’ve all heard about the classics — jewelry, flowers, spa treatments, and the old reliable breakfast in bed, but there are plenty of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in bed that don’t involve breakfast. Whatever your preferences, making it personal and meaningful is the key to a truly memorable gesture.

Because ultimately, the goal is to show your partner how much you appreciate them and all that they do and to show them that you’re thinking of them even when it may seem like you take all of their hard work for granted when life gets hectic. 

So let’s explore some ways to show your loved one you care that is less predictable and more sexy and meaningful.

How Can I Celebrate My Partner on Mother’s Day?

We get it — planning a truly unique celebration can be daunting. It’s what makes it so easy to default to the classic go-to's: homemade cards, flowers, and so on. Especially when it comes to Mother’s Day, the whole thing can feel a bit rote. 

But Mother’s Day only happens once a year, and much like birthdays, designating a day to make someone feel special really can make them feel more loved. Additionally, it’s worth noting that women tend to feel as though their actual identity and how others perceive them go through a substantial change after having children.

And while often these changes are good, it can be difficult to feel like you’re only seen as a mother rather than an individual — so while Mother’s Day is about celebrating motherhood, it’s also important to keep in mind that you’re celebrating your partner and best friend, too. 

With all that said, are you thinking what we’re thinking? That’s right: Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse for a date night. 

While Valentine’s Day tends to be the go-to heart-shaped holiday that launches you into a frantic spiral of googling Valentine’s Day Ideas for dates or Valentine’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day is also the perfect occasion to plan something personal and romantic for your significant other.

Maybe your partner loves board games, and you can plan a game night. Maybe a Mother’s Day mixology or cooking class is in order if the mother in your life loves learning new skills in the kitchen. Maybe a getaway splurge is in your budget! 

But if your bank account looks a little more like a staycation, something as simple as pulling up a romantic movie on Netflix and cuddling on the couch or laying out a blanket in the yard for some sweet stargazing can show the mother in your life that you care.

Which date ideas work best for your partner will depend on what they like best. And if you know your partner doesn’t have a lot of time and would prefer their Mother’s Day celebration on the go, an old-fashioned playlist of your favorite love songs or a thoughtful love letter may be the perfect way to show your appreciation.

Ditch the Classics

Now, if you were thinking of something a little more sensual than a love note or a movie marathon, we’ve got you covered on that front, too. 

Leave behind your preconceptions of what Mother’s Day is all about, and express your love and appreciation for your partner the fun way: by ticking off anything they have left on their sexual bucket list.

1. Spice It Up With New Toys and Tools

If you’re looking for gift ideas to pass to your partner after a romantic dinner as a lead into dessert, exploring your options for new sensations in the bedroom can be a unique and exciting way to celebrate sensuality and enhance sexual pleasure overall. – for both of you. 

Does your partner have a favorite toy that’s remained a solo pleasure until now? Suggest incorporating it into your lovemaking together. Often our private orgasmic delights stay that way, because we’re worried our partner will feel inadequate or intimidated. Show that you’re neither, and bring on those orgasms – plus intimate trust.

As for bedroom tools that don’t need batteries, consider trying an arousal oil, like our bestselling Awaken. Arousal oils are designed to be applied as part of foreplay, to enhance sensation and support access to orgasm – and many people haven’t heard of them yet, so your gift may come as a delicious surprise. (Yes, it’s always oral-friendly.) 

As with anything new you introduce into the bedroom, it’s important to consider your partner’s preferences before buying a new toy and to communicate what they like and want during and after play, too. Establishing clear boundaries and consent before experimenting with new toys will help keep things safe and consensual, which are the prerequisites for fun and lots of orgasms.

2. Try Edging

If you haven’t heard of edging before, this section has been a long time coming. It’s a technique used to enhance sexual pleasure and increase feelings of intimacy with your partner by getting your partner as close as possible to orgasm — right to the edge — as long as possible before finally allowing release.

In some ways, edging has a toe in the water of BDSM because it’s all about control. Edging your partner is a great way to build up tension and prolong pleasure, and it gives you the perfect excuse to explore all of your partner’s erogenous zones as you try to keep them on that delicious edge as long as possible. 

Asking your partner to leave their orgasm entirely in your hands can be an extremely freeing and relaxing experience for some people, especially people like mothers who are often used to being in charge of everything in their day-to-day lives. As with anything, it’s important to be clear with your intentions and get your partner’s consent before practicing edging.

3. Play With the Senses

Engaging all of your partner’s senses can increase their feelings of arousal and make any sensual encounter more intense. This can be as simple as incorporating blindfolds or new sheets or textiles that change the feeling of your bed. 

Playing with ice and heat is also a simple and popular option for increasing your blood flow and intensifying every sensation. Other senses can be intensified by removing or manipulating your partner’s senses. 

If you think your partner’s touch is electric, just imagine what it’s like if you’re blindfolded and can’t see when or where they will touch you next. Playing with the senses like this can bring a new level of intimacy and connection to your sexual experiences with your partner. Focusing on your partner’s experience will make them feel appreciated, as they should on Mother’s Day.

Our Quickie Kit makes a great addition to any sense-oriented play. Complete with two different arousal oils intended to get your juices flowing and two Intimacy Melts, these products are designed to help support arousal, pleasure, and access to orgasm while easing any discomfort.

4. Try CBD Lube

Another way to add some excitement and novelty to Mother’s Day is to experiment with CBD lube. No, CBD and cannabis aren’t the same things — it won’t make you or your partner feel stoned. 

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s known for its relaxing and discomfort-soothing properties.

By combining CBD with an intimate lubricant, you get the best of everything: pleasure-enhancing lube and uber-relaxing CBD come together to help your partner relax into the moment and fully enjoy it.

Our Intimacy Oil with CBD is made with two clean ingredients: broad-spectrum CBD and organic coconut oil. It’s designed to provide all-natural lubrication, soothe any discomfort, support natural arousal, and assist with penetration. 

If you want to give your partner the royal treatment on their holiday, CBD can help.

6. Play With Yourselves, Together

Masturbating with your partner can be an incredibly intimate and erotic experience! It allows you both to see each other in a very personal, vulnerable light — and it’s a great excuse to remind yourself of exactly what your partner likes.

There are many ways to play with yourselves together, whether you’d like to simply be in the same room while masturbating or take turns stimulating yourself while the other watches.

7. Read Erotica to Each Other

Reading erotica to each other can be a fun and stimulating way to explore new fantasies and desires. It’s sort of like sharing your favorite porn with your partner — it gives you a window into what they’re interested in, and may even be a safe and comfortable way to expose some secret kinks or fantasies that your partner may be too shy to share outright.

Don’t be afraid to pause and discuss what you’re reading or act out certain scenes together. Bonus points for writing your partner a personalized story describing what you’d like to do with them later that evening.

8. Mix Up Your Role Play

Speaking of acting out scenes, role-playing is another amazing option for spicing up your sex life. You can show your partner that you’re willing to go above and beyond to celebrate them. Not only that, but it lets the mother in your life step out of their usual role of mother and into a new one can be liberating, not to mention stimulating. 

Whether you’re interested in exploring dominant and submissive dynamics or know your partner’s been harboring a sexy firefighter fantasy, roleplay is a great way to explore and experiment.

9. Tease and Don’t Finish

Teasing can be an incredibly erotic experience, and especially if your partner loves foreplay, really leaning into teasing each other is a super sexy way to show them your appreciation. Make your intentions known early on in the day, whether you want to leave a sexy note or start (but don’t finish!) something in the bedroom first thing in the morning.

Continue to tease your partner throughout the day with notes, texts, whispers, or touches, and refuse to follow through until the last moment. This build of anticipation can really increase the tension of the eventual release and will ensure your partner knows you’re thinking about them all day long.


When celebrating your partner on Mother’s Day, it’s important to remember that the occasion isn’t just about motherhood: it’s about celebrating and showing appreciation for your loved one. Whether it’s a game night, cooking class, romantic getaway, or spending a little extra time ensuring your partner is satisfied in the bedroom, the goal is to make them feel special and loved.

Adding a sensual touch to your Mother’s Day celebrations and exploring new experiences with your partner can be a fun and exciting way to express your love and appreciation. It can let your partner know that you see them for the whole person they are, not just the role they play in your (and your children’s) life. 

From experimenting with tantra to trying CBD lube to exploring erotic literature together, there are endless ways to mix things up and reignite the spark in your relationship.


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