Sex Therapists Talk Aging, Sex & Cannabis

It used to be that senior sex wasn't discussed much. Older folks, especially older women, were often assumed to have replaced the pleasures of the flesh with gardening and holding hands in rocking chairs...

...not that gardening and holding hands in rocking chairs aren't awesome ways to spend your time, but there is more to life — even after we're eligible for discounts at the movie theater.

There's no denying that some things do change as we get older – maintaining good health becomes more of a full-time job, and we may suffer from aches, pains and anxiety about our changing bodies. Menopause can throw a temporary wrench in the works, and our once-raging libidos are no longer our constant companions.

And yet, we still crave intimacy & touch.

Fortunately, changing attitudes surrounding sexuality & body positivity have led to a renewed public conversation about aging and sex. It's not just an amusing pastime for the bright young things.

With care, and a little help from the natural world – including CBD oil – we can often maintain vibrantly sensual lives for years longer than we ever thought possible.

A recent article on features Ashley Manta (a ground-breaking sexuality coach and long-time friend of Foria) explaining how older folks are incorporating cannabis into their erotic lives to keep that zing! going into their golden years.

“Cannabis is so useful for seniors, because it addresses the common things that get in the way of intimacy. For folks whose bodies are aging, one of the more common things is pain. Whether from arthritis, stiffness or an injury, pain can be very distracting when it comes to pleasure."

"For folks who have pain, cannabis-infused topicals are useful because they don’t cause the head high, and they don’t make you feel like a zombie like opioids can. You can apply them directly to the places that hurt – elbows, knees or hips – and that can take a lot of the edge off. Then you can feel more embodied and present with your partner.”

Even with legalization catching on, and the social stigma against cannabis decreasing daily, some may be apprehensive. Though cannabinoids' beneficial effects on pain, anxiety, stress and tension are well-documented by now, many aren't too keen on the idea of getting high and losing control... but with the right mode of delivery – like topicals, which don't affect the mind at all – this need not be a concern. 

" A lot of folks I speak to do not want to get high. And I tell them you don’t have to. You can, if you want, but you absolutely don’t have to.  If you want to use cannabis for the rest of your life and never get high, there are so many ways to do that – and benefit sexually."

Especially for post-menopausal women experiencing vaginal dryness and pain, Manta recommends using a cannabis-infused intimate oil, like Foria Pleasure.

“I consider the cannabis oil as a “marinade” that you apply 25 minutes before the fun begins, whether you are solo or partnered. And once it’s ‘go time’ then I add an actual lubrication that doesn’t have any cannabinoids whatsoever – and is just good for keeping things slick.”

In New York, which doesn't yet have legalized cannabis, sex therapist Rachel Hoffman recommends using CBD-infused intimate oil (like nationally-available Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD) for her post-menopausal clients.

“I have them rub the oil into their vulva every single night for several weeks and then see if they feel a difference. I always warn them that CBD doesn’t work for everyone, and they have to give it time to see how their body responds.” 


Manta also emphasizes exploring cannabis on your own, before trying it with a partner — so you know how your body and mind will react.

"You have to try it solo so that you know how it interacts with your body before using it with a partner, so you can make an informed choice."

And, as always, consent is paramount.

"Especially from a consent perspective, I always tell people 'negotiate before you medicate.' Before you put anything into your body that is going to cause intoxicating effects, whether cannabis or a prescription medication, have a conversation with your partner about what is on the table, what would feel good, and how you can support each other if you feel disconnected with your body or overwhelmed in some way. Having that conversation upfront is really crucial."

By the time we begin to feel our age, we might think we know it all about sex & intimacy... but carefully introducing the right cannabis-based products may add a whole new dimension to healthy, happy erotic exploration... for life. 

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