The Foria Guide To a Dreamy At-Home V-Day

There’s no set-in-stone blueprint for the perfect Valentine’s Day. It’s all about you and your partner – your needs, your oh yesss desires, the feelings you want and the feelings you inspire in each other. 

It can be an opportunity for fun, creativity, and creating an intimate, sexy getaway from everyday life, for just the two of you to indulge and explore – all day long and deep into the night, whether you’re spending V-Day at home or in the perfect getaway rental.

Creating an unforgettable V-Day experience means uniquely delicious treats, sensuous surroundings, and long, lazy lovemaking, whether you’re just discovering each other or want to discover more. 

Foria is proud to partner with some of our favorite sustainably-sexy brands to help make your V-Day the dreamiest sanctuary yet, with comfort, luxury, and plenty of inspiration for dreamy memories to come. 

Make sure you have a good lube on hand, and read on – to dream together, or plan the perfect seductive surprise. 

In the realm of the senses.

When you’re crafting the set for your theater of love, start by getting back to basics — and by “basics,” we mean your five senses. Sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste are the roots of how we perceive our reality. 

Always talk to your partner about the scents, sounds, textures and visuals that turn them on and inspire that “mmm” feeling – and share yours! Embark on that conversation in the spirit of curiosity, and if talking feels uncomfortable, consider passing notes. 

Need some sensational inspiration? (We happen to think our Intimacy Massage Oil covers almost all the bases, with the same aphrodisiac scent profile as our legendary Awaken Arousal Oil – but we also believe you and your love deserve more.)

Smell and taste.

These are primal, mysterious senses and deeply connected with memory. Smell and taste are also profoundly grounding; if you’ve ever cooked a great meal for someone and watched them fall silent, you know what we mean.

Delicious aromas and flavors can get you into your body like nothing else, and watching someone eat something that melts their mind with deliciousness can be super hot to watch.

For your cozy-dreamy Valentine, make sure you have plenty of nibbles on hand to fuel your bodies without getting overstuffed. An even better idea is to stock up on snacks that will have you both getting in the mood more than ever. alice's Happy Ending mushrooms are the perfect dessert for sweet seduction. These sensual bites of chocolate support intimate moments and long term sexual wellness. We recommend savoring one square (each) with your Valentine, then applying Awaken for a double-dose of natural aphrodisiacs that you’ll start feeling in about 15-30 minutes.

You can get both aphrodisiacs in our limited-edition Sweet Seduction bundle. But hurry, this bundle is only available for a limited-time!


“How do you like to be touched?” is such a hot phrase. And most of us know how we like to be touched, and how our partner does – especially if we’ve been together for a long time. But do we really? 

Why not take this opportunity to forget what you think you know about touch, throw away your preconceived notions and routines, and start over from scratch? 

Start with a slow, sensual massage, and remember that your hands are chock-full of nerve endings. Touching our lover’s body can be a true pleasure for you, as well as for them. Communicate as you go – by asking questions or describing your sensations if you’re more verbal, or just making sounds and moving your body in inviting ways when what they’re doing feels so good.


When we think about the romance of sound, we might imagine Tchaikovsky’s “Romeo and Juliet,” smooth jazz, or seductive R&B – the music that plays under sexy scenes in movies, and for good reason! But what if other music turns you on, even if it doesn’t fit the “romantic” mold? Guess what – it’s romantic. If it feels sexy to you, it is.

Or maybe it isn’t music that rings your bell, but sounds. Heavy rain, wordless whispering, pounding surf — if it turns you on, it counts. And if you’ve never tried audio erotica, we’re huge fans. Put something spicy on the stereo, and don’t be surprised if you never make it to the bedroom.


Just because you’re having an at-home date night doesn’t mean you have to do things the same way you always do. Why not consider changing up your usual environment so it becomes unusual? If you’re not going the surprise route, this also allows you an excellent opportunity for romantic collaboration. 

This is where compelling visuals really come into play. The bed strewn with rose petals is a classic, but why not take it up a notch by playing with lighting as well? The combination of magenta and blacklight is famous in “red-light districts” worldwide, because it’s a simple shortcut to a slightly surreal, dreamlike erotic ambience.

Talk about what you like and what you find romantic, and construct your “theater set” accordingly. Guess what: this is foreplay. An environment that turns you and your partner on will be the best for connecting on an even deeper level (emotionally and sexually).

Bringing it all home.

If you really take your time to communicate, indulge all your senses, and celebrate each other in splendid comfort, hot (or warm, or spicy) sex is sure to follow.

But we suggest continuing to explore what makes you feel happy and adored, even if the sex part is over for now. 

Try reading to each other – maybe something funny. Build a blanket fort in the living room. (If the kiddos are out with a sitter, they’ll be delighted when they get home.) Break out your favorite board games and have a sexy game night. The sky (and your imagination) is the limit.

And maybe a little rest is all you need for a quickie later on – even if you thought you were spent.

Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, but you can bring this year’s dreams along with you for a long, long, time.

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