Beyond the G-Spot

In case you missed the headlines: a group of sex researchers have announced that the “G-spot” is only one part of a whole network of connected pleasure systems in the vagina.

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What difference does this news make in your life?

Well, if you’re looking to increase your capacity for pleasure — and the healing and vitality it brings — it's helpful to have an accurate map for vaginal exploration and therapeutic touch.

This got us thinking about other sources of pleasure and orgasm, so we delved a little deeper to explore two erogenous zones that often get overlooked...

The A-Spot

Also known as the “Anterior Fornix Erogenous zone,” this spot is located much deeper in the vagina, tucked up against the front of the cervix and resting just above the bladder.

Research suggests that stroking the A-spot can stimulate increased vaginal lubrication. This zone is harder to reach on your own, but is usually easy to find with a toy like a gently-curved glass wand.

The Cervix

While each body is different, some women experience pleasure, and even orgasm, from pressure against the cervix. Cervical orgasms are often described as having an entirely different feeling than clitoral, G-spot, or vaginal orgasms.

If you’ve never felt your own cervix before, you can usually reach it with a single finger by feeling for the firm circular or oval shaped tissue.

Word to the wise: when you are highly aroused, the blood flow can increase cervical sensitivity. As usual, go slow and gentle, and if you encounter any pain, slow down or take a break.

Combining Sensations

Every part of the vagina is a potential erogenous zone, and every experience can reveal a new combination — a symphony of pleasure.

It's best to approach these explorations with curiosity, playfulness, and compassion. Think of them as a re-membering or re-discovering of your body’s own pleasure signature — the mix of mood, touch, and imagination that gets your juices flowing.

If you'd like more guidance, check out our series on the best way to approach therapeutic vaginal massage

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