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 The world’s first all natural sensual enhancement oil formulated with Cannabinoids blended with the most revered botanical of the South Pacific: Kava Kava root along with other beneficial organic plants and herbs known for their unique intimacy enhancing properties.


100% All Natural Ingredients Including USDA Certified, Organically Grown CBD 


Liquid Coconut Oil; Organic Whole-Plant Extracts (Kava Root, Hemp, Cinnamon, Ginger); Proprietary Oil Blend of Organic Cardamom & Peppermint, Vanilla & Cacao



The Secret?
Awaken’s synergistic blend of 8 all natural aphrodisiacs including  Kava Kava, Cacao, Hemp, Vanilla and Cinnamon.
FORIA Awaken was created to benefit women's health and well-being by opening the door to natural, euphoric pleasure. Wherever you might find yourself on the pleasure spectrum, Awaken works with your body’s natural systems to promote relaxation and increase blood flow, for a potent “therapeutic aphrodisiac” effect.
For some women, Awaken may increase arousal, promote natural lubrication, and heighten sensation, making orgasms fuller, more intense, or easier to access. For others, Awaken may help reduce physical tension and discomfort, creating the relaxation necessary for sensual experience or restorative rest.
Designed to be used topically for sensual enhancement
Apply liberally directly to the clitoris, inner and outer labia and inside the vagina
Pleasure yourself alone or with a partner as you desire
Each bottle contains 20-30 servings
FORIA Awaken is edible, vegan and gluten free
Not compatible with latex condoms


The Verdict...

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"Would I try Awaken again? You bet. I'm not sure whether or not you can get addicted to a lube... but I've been pretty hooked on this stuff ever since I first gave it a try, and have been recommending it to pretty much anyone who will listen."

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 *Use Caution

FORIA Awaken should not be used by anyone with a known hypersensitivity or allergy to any of the ingredients. While Awaken does not contain any synthetic compounds, petrochemicals, parabens, fragrances or additives, it does contain potent all-natural botanical extractions and oils.  Women with active yeast infections or other irritating skin conditions of the genitals, including razor burns, should refrain from using Awaken until the condition is resolved. If you are aware of any existing skin conditions, including STI’s, please consult with your healthcare practitioners before using Awaken. If you experience any discomfort while using Awaken, then please discontinue use and consult with your healthcare practitioners.


This product is not intended for use as a contraceptive.  Avoid contact with eyes and keep out of reach of children.



User Experiences Include:

 enhanced sensation

deeper orgasm

increased desire

improved lubrication

heightened awareness

full body relaxation





Kava (Piper methysticum)

Kava Kava is one of Mother Nature’s greatest healing herbs,  which have been treasured throughout the South Pacific for millennia for it's intimacy enhancing properties.

Traditionally consumed in community at the end of a hard day, Kava creates a deeply nourishing state of bliss, unwinding both physical tension, social anxiety, and creative blocks. Kava is often added to topical preparations for releasing muscle spasms, soothing pain, and even protecting against fungal imbalance.

Kava is full of compounds called kavalactones; one kavalactone called yangonin interacts directly with the CB1 receptor which is predominant in the central nervous system. 

Our respect for Kava’s many traditional uses led us to explore its powers in this synergistic  blend, and the delightful results prove Mother Nature’s genius at creating healing and pleasure.

 We use only noble varietals of Kava, primarily from Vanuatu, where it is carefully cultivated and strictly monitored to ensure quality and safety.

Cacao (Theobroma cacao)

Theobroma cacao, literally translated as “cacao, food of the gods,” is a superfood that contains many therapeutic properties. Cacao contains several of different “happy brain” chemicals such as theobromine, phenylethylamine, tryptophan, and anandamide.

Cacao is rich in anandamide (uh-non-da-mide), an endocannabinoid that is naturally produced in the human brain; it regulates mood, memory, appetite, and pain perception. Anandamide is known as the “bliss” neurotransmitter because it causes a euphoric “high” when released — it is often called the body’s natural version of THC.

Plant-derived anandamide (as found in cacao) lingers in the body, drawing out the joyful feeling longer than your average runner’s high. Cacao and cannabis are the only known plants containing compounds that connect into certain receptor sites in the human brain in a “lock & key” system.


HEMP : The Foundation

Cannabinoids  from the Hemp plant have remarkable balancing effects in nearly every system of the body, with an overall effect that’s both soothing and energizing. Both clinical research and reports from Medical Cannabis patients show that cannabinoids are effective for everything from unwinding muscle tension to relieving social anxiety. In addition to helping neutralize physical discomfort, many patients report that cannabinoids are superb for enhancing sensation and uplifting mood.

All of this makes for a delightful partner in sexual pleasure & healing. Thousands of women (and quite a few men) have used Foria’s Medical Cannabis formulas, reporting enhanced pleasure and heightened orgasmic experience, as well as profound relief from menstrual discomfort and even sex-induced pain.

Research continues to show that the healing and mood-enhancing properties of Cannabis come from the whole plant, particularly its terpenes: the fragrant oils found in everything from lemons and lavender to pine and peppermint.


Botanical Essences: Natural Synergy

Your first time trying Awaken, the enticing aromas of real Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Peppermint, Vanilla, and Cacao will enliven your senses.

But they do more than excite.

This fragrant formulation contains tried-and-true natural remedies with a perfect balance of soothing and stimulating effects: the ideal combinations of essential oils & botanical extracts to enhance your body’s natural relaxation response while stimulating blood flow and heightened sensation. 






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