Foria heightens my sensation & deepens my orgasms... plus it smells amazing & makes oral extra tasty...

Foria Awaken is the first intimate massage oil made with CBD & Kava Kava — plus a bunch of tingly, fragrant herbs & essential oils that really get my juices flowing. I use Awaken for everything: enhancing sex & masturbation, soothing pain & tension, and even relieving anxiety!

From the Creators of GQ’s “Sex Product of the Year”

Foria Awaken was inspired by Foria Pleasure.

Pleasure earned rave reviews for its revolutionary effects, and was featured in GQ, Cosmo, Pop Sugar and more. Pleasure  developed a following among thousands of women, and inspired countless imitators. 

The key ingredient? Pure medical-grade cannabis sativa. That's why it's only available in California, Colorado and Canada

Women around the world kept asking how they could experience the benefits of Pleasure, so Foria developed an entirely new formula that’s legal across the US and around the world.

100% Natural & Organic Ingredients

• 8 plant-based aphrodisiacs...and nothing else 

• All-natural ingredients in 100% Organic coconut oil 

• Rich natural chocolate & mint aroma 

• Vegan, gluten-free 

• 100% edible & tasty

• 30-50 servings per bottle

INGREDIENTS: Organic MCT Coconut oil, Full spectrum Hemp Oil, Whole-Plant Extracts (Kava Root, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger); Proprietary Oil Blend of Organic Cardamom, Organic Peppermint, Organic Vanilla & Cacao Oil.

What  They’re  Saying

I’m grinning ear to ear just talking about it. I can’t tell you the appreciation I have for everyone at Foria. Honestly these are very special products. 


The first lubricant to completely mute my pain during sex, foreplay, everything. Not to mention it tastes the best! Gave me hope again. 


Pretty divine… Since using this it’s actually made it enjoyable for me again, as well as increased my libido. I also really love the smell of it. 


It’s delicious. Awaken has a quick onset. Every usual sensation I get with regular orgasms seemed amplified. 


With Awaken, everything felt incredible… I felt each sensation and touch was intensified, and I was more relaxed then I have been in a long time… Wow! 10/10. 


When I used Awaken with a partner, that often elusive orgasm was suddenly not so hard to achieve. 


I’ve been hooked on this stuff ever since I first gave it a try, and have been recommending it to pretty much anyone who will listen. 


Give Foria Awaken a Try

Only $1/serving · Free Shipping for Domestic Orders · International Shipping Available

What Can Awaken Do For Me?

Increase Orgasmic Release & Pleasure

Increased intensity of my orgasms and it took way less time to get there than usual. Sleek, pretty bottle that doesn’t look out of place on my nightstand. Plant based ingredients. Thank you to the team at FORIA! I feel lucky to have something else to help me in continuing to explore the divine feminine and self-love.“ 

 Janice A. 

"I was absolutely insatiable. I reached high climax and had a magnanimous ejaculation! Very satisfying with and without a partner. I’ve recommended the product to friends without reservation. I want the California/Colorado-only version so desperately — just because I can’t imagine any further euphoria!!!” 

Zenia M. 

"I love the intoxicating blend of vanilla and cocoa. Within seconds of applying it to my sensual regions, it started to warm up, increasing circulation and sensitivity. I enjoyed an overall more relaxed, blissful feeling and found applying more added to the experience. I love the subtle, yet powerful effect this adds to my pleasure.” 

Sara C. 

“I was skeptical at first. But I’m a believer and SO is my partner! don’t really have issues with arousal or lubrication, but this stuff intensifies *everything*. I will be purchasing again and hopefully get to a state that sells Pleasure so I can try that too.” 

Cathy B.

"Definitely increased my libido. I love the sensation it gives me: super tingly I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is jealous about that - LOVE Awaken!!! Thanks, Foria!” 

Jill P. 

"I really like the ingredients and the wonderful aroma! Pairs well with my rose-quartz crystal-wand. It's truly been a divine experience. As a Women’s Health nurse practitioner I have talked about Foria with colleagues and clients. I love this product so much and am a huge fan of your brand. Thank you!” 

Eileen M.

“I never review products. Never. Ever. Ever. This one deserves to be the exception to the rule: amazing! I don’t know how you came up with the formula. All I can say is, it works. Congratulations.” 

Bethany C.

"Magic. Smells amazing, starts warming right away, and a little goes a long way. This stuff is magical and the packaging is so beautiful! I will forever have some on my night table and in my bag of cosmetic essentials. Absolutely love Awaken." 

Jenna J.

“I've used my Foria Awaken...with a partner and alone. It definitely works. The smell is so lovely. I have not ran out yet, but I’m jumping on the opportunity for a discount for my next bottle, because I know I will buy again, for sure.” 

Mikaela B.

See Why Natural Matters For Your Health

• No parabens, alcohol, petroleum, fragrances or dyes 

• Made in the USA with all-natural & organic ingredients 

• Essential oils & herbal extracts in 100% Organic Coconut MCT oil

• Vegan, gluten-free 

Like all of our formulas, Awaken’s ingredients are all-natural and either 100% organic or grown without pesticides. The final product is independently tested for purity, ensuring that it's free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbes and other toxins. 

We're particularly careful to only use US-sourced full-spectrum hemp. Ours is sun-grown on an award-winning organic Colorado farm that developed sustainable practices for enhancement of soil & protection of the local watersheds. 

What Else Can Awaken Do?

Menopause Relief

"My wife and I had the pleasure of trying this product as soon as it arrived last week. We both thought it lived up to our expectations and then some. It is not only an enhancement for her but I too experienced increased pleasure using it... and as an added bonus it is also flavorful. She has gone through menopause and as a result the natural lubrication is not always there, and this stuff not only provides that but it is a true delight to experience. The only regret we have is that living in Ohio we cannot purchase the THC-infused product. Thank you!” 

Gordon K.

“Bought it for my wife. She's in her late 50's and was having more dryness. Tried it and wow! She could not believe what was happening. She thanked me endlessly. You've woken a sleeping beauty, and can't wait to use it again soon. Thank you, Foria.” 

Leisa M.

Revive Romance

“Without hesitation, I say to every woman I know: please try this Elixir of Love at least one time. It might just change your life. Before Foria, there was really no romantic personal relationship happening: Completely all encompassing “mom-ing” and “dad-ing.” NO mental space to be intimate. Then I discovered Foria. Foria completely overrides my stress and anxiety about the kids and house. It Awakens me to my desperate need for intimate connection. And it relaxes me enough to receive the love that I need. Foria has given me and my husband a “date-night” again, and changed our life for the better. This is a product that could save the mental health of so many mamas out there. It could save a marriage. It can save your sanity, and restore your sexuality. I love you Foria, and the angels who created it. Thank you so much.” 

Cassie C. 

"Your product was referred by a friend. I was doubtful but gave it a shot...Wow! It’s fantastic! It’s stimulating to both women and men, increasing pleasure & intimacy. I’ve purchased bottles for 5 friends who all love it! Great product. Thanks!” 

Katie L. 

"Last night was quite extraordinary: first time we had used Foria Awaken. Within two minutes she was in the place that it normally takes her 15 minutes to get to. Within five minutes she was demanding the vibrator to finish with, which she is normally too shy to use or even mention. I have never seen her so turned on, so quickly.” 

Paul G. 

“I have to tell you my wife and I were somewhat skeptical when reading about your product, but I have to say we are completely satisfied. The Foria gets my wife to climax so fast we almost don't have time to enjoy ourselves. We will definitely be keeping this beside the bed for years to come.” 


Jason L. 

"Love it. Wife loves it. Amazing product. Although we aren’t that patient when applied. I know you’re supposed to wait a bit to let it get absorbed but we get right to it. So awesome. Can’t wait till the THC version is legal in Maryland, as I would love to see the difference. The fact that it’s for women and enhancing pleasure etc is extremely exciting for me as I want her to experience max results.” 

Mathew C.

Pain-Relief & Increased Wetness 

Within a few minutes, lubrication and sensation was noticeably increased. There is no crazy stinging tingle like some other “arousal” products I’ve tried. A “serving” is 4 sprays but I found that I liked to reapply throughout the session. One warning though- it will make your hands (and elsewhere!) slippery. I kept a small hand towel nearby for clean up. A medication I’m on has kept my libido the same but has (unfortunately) made PIV intercourse painful and challenging- so much so that I stopped having sex for weeks earlier this year because I was so anxious it would hurt, but after incorporating Awaken, the discomfort is gone.” 

Gladys P. 

"I have endometriosis, ovarian hemorrhagic cysts, and uterine tumors...so sex is usually uncomfortable and painful. But both Foria Pleasure & Foria Awaken have given me much relief and replaced my pain with deliciously addicting **pleasure!** My boyfriend and I love the smell of Awaken: fresh & delicious. You can really smell the cocoa, vanilla and mint, which reminded me of chocolate mint desserts. Awaken also ""feels"" AMAZING too, I don't usually like the feel of lube, which often feels too sticky/oily/unnatural. Awaken is absolutely PERFECT. The texture feels soft and natural and has the perfect slippery-smooth balance. As for the product itself, it's absolutely magical. I felt all my senses awaken. I felt alive and and I felt seduced by overwhelming pleasure. I started off feeling so relaxed and this warm tingly sensation started building up. I felt so turned on, I was definitely wetter, and all sensations heightened, everything felt so much more intense. My boyfriend definitely noticed. He was so turned on by how sensitive and wet I was. Foria products are complete game changers, and are a must for the bedroom! Thanks for making yet again an amazing product ! I look forward to your next creations.” 

Anne B. 

Reduce Pelvic Tension

"I adore all the Foria products! Awaken gave me the ability to finally relax my pelvic floor enough to enjoy penetration... and have the most *intimate moments* with my partner.” 

Summer M. 

Decrease Pain, Enhance Pleasure

"I suffer from endometriosis and MS, so in the rare chance my partner and I engage in anything it can be pretty painful for me. But since using Foria Awaken, it's actually made it enjoyable for me again...as well as increased my libido. I also really love the smell of it, I'm not even a chocolate fan but the minty chocolate smell is pretty divine LOL! Love Awaken.” 

Mary B. 

“With so much going on, it can be hard to relax these days. You might want to be intimate, but your body feels differently. There's aches, pains, tenseness, stress, what have you. Foria created Awaken. A Plant Based product, with amazing ingredients. I mean, there's Cacao in this. AMAZING! This product helped me relax a little quicker, it helped take my mind off my busy days, and the world around me. Why is it so hard to relax these days and not feel tensed? Pain that sometimes occurs, was all gone with the help of a few sprays. I am so grateful. I love Foria for all it represents, and think everyone should try their products. My first experience with a Foria product, was with their Relief(suppository) ladies with bad cramps, lower back or leg pains, IT'S A MUST HAVE PRODUCT! Thank you for all you do Foria!” 

Tiffany H.

Enjoy Sex Again

"This product definitely brought my sex to the next level...especially because sex can be painful sometimes. When I first opened Awaken, the sweet fragrances of cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla made me feel feminine and relaxed. When I put on the smooth oil, my lady parts felt an immediate warm and light sensation that helped to put me 'in the mood.' The best part? The moments leading up to the orgasm!! The final bliss is like standing under a warm waterfall.” 

Gretchen D.