Better Sex...Naturally

How CBD Can Help Women Reclaim Their Sexual Pleasure

Women are having the best sex of their lives at the age of 46, according to a recent study. Women in their 40s are also at the top of their game professionally, financially, and in their families & relationships. They're feeling sexier, stronger,  and more powerful than ever. Then, menopause sets in.

64% of menopausal women report experiencing increased pain during sex.

The Challenge

Peri-menopause & menopause are universal rites of passage for women. Unfortunately this time is marked by challenging - even devastating - symptoms including vaginal dryness & low libido. Yet most menopausal women go untreated.

While the market is flooded with products for men’s erectile dysfunction (ED), there are few natural products to optimize women’s sexual health — and women's symptoms are frequently ignored or minimized by the medical community.

The Solution

Foria aims to address this imbalance with a botanical arousal oil — Awaken — formulated to help women enhance & reclaim their sexual pleasure.

At Foria, we believe life can be more pleasurable at any age. With our CBD-infused arousal oil, Awaken, we’re empowering women over 40 to reclaim their sensuality and access deeper pleasure as they mature… whether with a partner or on their own.

Expert Opinion

“Foria is invested in enhancing sexual pleasure throughout a woman’s journey. During the often overlooked and underserved chapter of menopause, we are addressing the challenges so the joyful parts can be felt more deeply.”

—Kiana Reeves: Doula, Sex Expert, Foria Director of Education

How Awaken Works

Formulated by women for women, Awaken has the dual sexual benefit of enhancing pleasure while reducing discomfort.

The spray creates a potent therapeutic aphrodisiac effect and works with your body’s natural systems (cannabinoids) to:

•promote natural lubrication, alleviating dryness and discomfortincrease blood flow and relax tension

•heighten pleasure & tactile sensations, increasing arousal and enhancing orgasm

•awaken the senses with tantalizing natural aromas and flavors

The Natural Difference

For most women, Awaken heightens pleasure, enhances access to orgasm, and decreases discomfort. But how?

Unlike typical arousal lubes commonly sold in adult stores, Awaken is 100% natural, with organic-certified ingredients. And while most arousal products use synthetic chemicals to create a warming sensation, Awaken works holistically on skin, blood vessels, nerves and muscles to stimulate & activate a woman’s sexual response while soothing the discomfort & tension that can interfere with arousal.

Awaken’s 9 sustainably-sourced ingredients are all familiar from our kitchen cupboards & tea shelves:

•Broad-Spectrum CBD

•Kava Kava


•Coconut Oil






Expert Opinion

CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation and muscle tension, when applied genitally this can help support the blood flow to the erectile tissue that is the physiological basis for arousal. Less tension and less inflammation equals heightened capacity for arousal, which organically leads to increased sensation and lubrication.”

—Kiana Reeves: Doula, Sex Expert, Foria Director of Education

 Testimonials: Awaken is transforming sex lives for menopausal women

Awaken has a cult following because it works. From five-star reviews to raving testimonials, Foria is helping women over 40 rediscover and intensify sexual pleasure — naturally and effectively.

Renewal & Relief

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to try Awaken. I’m post-menopausal and have been experiencing a lot of pain from intercourse for the last 4 or 5 years. I was feeling no feelings of arousal and had become non-orgasmic. I tried Premarin cream which did provide relief but the cost was prohibitive (over $200) and came with health risks. I’ve also tried numerous moisturizers and lubricants. Awaken created a warm tingling kind of feeling...basically I almost immediately felt the physical sensation of arousal. Even more amazing there was no pain. I’m even having orgasms again. I did find that as a lubricant, Awaken alone was not sufficient but the good news is that using a commercial lube after Awaken did not dilute the effectiveness.  This product is the answer to my prayers. Btw, my husband also says thank you." - Donna M

Soothe & Revive

"I'm 3 months from turning 50, but more than 4 years ago my menstrual period disappeared! Three months ago things started to get complicated: heats, inflammation, infections in the urinary tract, vaginal dryness ... I was sad and really worried about my feelings about sexual pleasure and this week I tested Foria, alone and with my partner..... All I can say is that I have had intense and prolonged orgasms, sensations that take you like a wave, definitely my libido raised up. I recommend it for sure! It’s the best complement for your sex life" - Lilah T.

Arousal & Pleasure

"I LOVED the experience of this product... whatever Foria is doing... KEEP doing it! Without getting overly graphic, you don’t need a lot of it to achieve the results you are looking for! I will continue to use and also tell my girlfriends about it!" — Lisa B

Ready to experience Awaken for yourself?

At around $1 per serving, Awaken is a decadent way to enhance your pleasure.

How Awaken Works

Foria’s "Pre-Lube" formula prepares you for sex or self-pleasure, creating deep relaxation & increased blood flow in intimate areas, allowing for enhanced sensation, while also stimulating natural lubrication to help relieve tension, discomfort and dryness. 

Wherever you might find yourself on the pleasure spectrum, Awaken works with your body’s natural systems to create potent “therapeutic aphrodisiac” effects. For some women, Awaken can increase arousal, promote natural lubrication, and heighten tactile sensation — making orgasms fuller, more intense, or easier to access. For others, Awaken can help reduce physical tension and discomfort, creating the relaxation & enjoyment necessary for sensual experience, release, and restorative rest.

100% Natural & Organic Ingredients

• 8 plant-based aphrodisiacs...and nothing else 

• All-natural ingredients in 100% Organic coconut oil 

• Rich natural chocolate & mint aroma 

• Vegan, gluten-free 

• 100% edible & tasty

• 30-50 servings per bottle

INGREDIENTS: Organic MCT Coconut oil, Full spectrum Hemp Oil, Whole-Plant Extracts (Kava Root, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger); Proprietary Oil Blend of Organic Cardamom, Organic Peppermint, Organic Vanilla & Cacao Oil.

What  They’re  Saying

I’m grinning ear to ear just talking about it. I can’t tell you the appreciation I have for everyone at Foria. Honestly these are very special products. 


The first lubricant to completely mute my pain during sex, foreplay, everything. Not to mention it tastes the best! Gave me hope again. 


Pretty divine… Since using this it’s actually made it enjoyable for me again, as well as increased my libido. I also really love the smell of it. 


It’s delicious. Awaken has a quick onset. Every usual sensation I get with regular orgasms seemed amplified. 


With Awaken, everything felt incredible… I felt each sensation and touch was intensified, and I was more relaxed then I have been in a long time… Wow! 10/10. 


When I used Awaken with a partner, that often elusive orgasm was suddenly not so hard to achieve. 


I’ve been hooked on this stuff ever since I first gave it a try, and have been recommending it to pretty much anyone who will listen.