Shape Magazine Reviews Foria Pleasure & Awaken

Writing for Shape Magazine, Rachel Khona tried both of Foria’s famous arousal oils — Pleasure (our flagship “weed lube” with THC) and Awaken (our multi-botanical CBD arousal oil, available worldwide).

Despite not being a cannabis user, Rachel was delighted with both products, describing miraculously heightened sensation, with orgasms that were easier to access and longer-lasting. Even her partner mused that if she kept it up he might have a heart attack.

See what she experienced, in her own words...

The brand's lubricants promise to enhance "tactile sensations" in the female nether regions—in other words, give you better orgasms. I was slightly skeptical, but since it's always been significantly easier for me to get off with a vibrator than with a partner, I decided to give it a go.

Both CBD and THC can enhance arousal by increasing blood flow to the tissue. This can result in increased sensation and less discomfort which equals, as you may have surmised, an easier orgasm. (If you're hoping to get high, sorry to dash your dreams, but the heightened experienced is local to your naughty bits.) In addition to more easily achieved orgasms, both lubes promise enhanced sensation, diminished pain and discomfort, and increased desire.

Lying around half-naked while your partner (we'll call him J) sprays your nether regions with a lube feels only slightly more exciting than a gynecological exam. "Make sure you get it everywhere," I said with the seriousness of someone about to embark on a major scientific study.

We recommend applying Pleasure and Awaken manually, to avoid feeling like a test-subject... unless that's your thing, of course. And although we recommend taking some time for your body to absorb the product, that doesn't mean you have to sit around reading poetry — feel free to enjoy extended foreplay and manual stimulation, or you can introduce your partner to the fine art of "canna-lingus."

The bad news is waiting for the entire 15 minutes proved more difficult than we anticipated. We were ready to go and trying to hold back like racehorses champing at the bit. The good news is holy mother of God! This lube might be the greatest contribution to my sex life since the invention of the vibrator. Within minutes, I felt warm and tingly down below. And that was before J even touched me.

Once he went south, I thought I was going to explode. Every touch was amplified, and every sensation intensified. It was like my entire lady area was having its own personal fireworks show. The big O came quickly and seemingly lasted longer than any other orgasm I could remember. It was like the dial had been turned up from 10 to 15. On a scale of 1-10.

We kept the party going and let's just say Pleasure did not let me down. Even during regular sex, everything felt considerably deeper and more intense than normal. So much so I almost wanted him to stop. Keyword being almost. He kept going and so did I. Hello orgasm number two!

We're often asked how the CBD alternative — Awaken, available online & worldwide — compares to the legendary Pleasure... well, here's your answer.

For the sake of science (and to make sure the effects weren't just psychosomatic), we repeated the experiment for a few days to make sure it wasn't just a one-time incident, alternating between Pleasure and Awaken. Suffice it to say, it was not.

Though Awaken wasn't as intense as Pleasure, it still managed to do the trick. Given how mind-blowingly crazy Pleasure felt, I'd be happy sticking to Awaken most of the time.

Both Pleasure and Awaken feature sun-grown cannabis extract in pristine organic coconut MCT oil, always independently tested for purity. Pleasure is available for purchase at licensed dispensaries in CA & CO, and Awaken ships to all 50 states and worldwide. 

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