Discover How Mariana Uses CBD Arousal Oil to Ease Painful Sex

It's a difficult "fact of life" that even in the best of relationships, many women have experienced discomfort — even severe pain — during intercourse. There are so...

Magnetic Magazine Reviews Foria Awaken

Writing for Magneticmag.com, Esra Green shares her experience with Awaken, which helped decrease pain and enhance pleasure.  The latest from Foria Pleasure provides an experience that lives up to...

Read How CBD & THC Provides Relief From Endometriosis Pain

We get so many messages from people all over the world sharing their stories about how Foria products have enhanced their lives. Endometriosis is one of the many challenging conditions that...

Broadly Reviews Foria Awaken

This journalist for Broadly experimented with cannabis products designed for sexual health. Many were gimmicky, but she had a very positive experience with FORIA...

Shape Magazine Compares Foria Awaken vs Pleasure

Writing for Shape.com, Lauren Mazzo investigates both of Foria's sensual enhancement oils, Awaken and Pleasure.

Bri, A Natural Health & Fertility Coach, Shares How Foria Relief Helps Her

Bri Braggs — a natural health and fertility coach in Texas — speaks with us about her supplementation with CBD and how FORIA has improved her life.

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Jessica — a mother, pre-school teacher, and photographer — shares her story of how CBD has made a difference in her journey with stress and anxiety.

Ashley Shares How THC Arousal Oil Eases Pain From Endometriosis and Interstitial Cystitis

Ashley discusses her 11-year healing journey with endometriosis and the help she got from FORIA "...I was in so much pain I didn't want to have sex. And this...

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